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New York

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Internet Rage
Take a deep breath, and count to 10 - in this day and age, a rant could get you fired!

Hate filled comments posted by a city employee in New York against a Muslim teenager on Facebook, has cost him to be suspended and may even cost him his job.

Yamin Zohny, a 17-year-old Muslim and an honor student at the Lindenhurst High School was praised in a video posted on Facebook. However, things took a bad turn, when Andy Vita, posted comments criticizing Zohny of the traditional head scarf that she was wearing in the video.

“F**k you take it to f******* trash bag off your f***** head,” and the second read, “F**k this mutt,” read one of the comment(s).

Town Supervisor Rich Schaffer was fast to condemn Vita’s action. “This is one really sick person that needs to be held accountable for his actions,” Rich Schaeffer told CBS New York. “There is going to be consequences to what you say. People have to realize when you’re posting something on Facebook of social media, it’s like putting it on a billboard on the LIE.”

“Mandated to apologize in-person to this impressive young woman and go through sensitivity training so that we can determine the cause of the hate-driven anger he displayed in his posting,” he added.

“Vita — an equipment operator — now has no comment, and there was no response at his home or from his union. He’s been suspended for a month without pay, and the town is seeking his termination for conduct unbecoming of a public employee. If he remains he will be sent to sensitivity training,” CBS reported.

Zohny, on the other hand, has been offered a paid internship with the city, before she heads off to The University of Texas at Austin for college.

She had expressed that Vita’s remarks helped her become an even better person.  “We can’t all save the world obviously, but we can help it, even the people who have not been kind to me have taught me something I’m going to take with me,” she stated.

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Tuesday afternoon, a man carrying a two-gallon gasoline can with fuel and matches was arrested after making terroristic threats near the famous Rockefeller Plaza Christmas Tree in New York City.

A Fox News employee noticed a man yelling hateful things towards the police and throwing a bottle.

After notifying the police, officers followed the man as he approached Rockefeller Plaza. He was apprehended before reaching the crowds surrounding the famed Christmas tree.

The police identified the man as Yuriy Alterman, 38, of Bronx New York.

According to the NYPD, the man was found with a gas can, matches and a book called “Sons of Hama”.

The book is an autobiography by the son of the founder of the Palestinian militant group named Hamas.

There are no reports of criminal intent or terrorism connections, but a source that spoke to the New York Daily News said he didn’t have a car.

“He said he has no car and he was just walking around the city.”

A man with no car was carrying gas and matches around one of the busiest tourist attraction during the holidays; no wonder the police arrested him.

This isn’t Alterman’s first run in with the law. He has prior arrests for criminal mischief, assault, fare evasion and obstructing governmental administration.

What do you think were the intentions of the man arrested? Let us know in the comments below.

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Anthony Weiner, the infamous former New York Congressman that likes to expose himself through text is in big trouble for this one.

A fifteen-year old girl has now gone public about Anthony’s wiener pictures, and he could be looking at some serious charges.

Up until now, Anthony Weiner has been classified as an idiot. He has been caught sending lewd photos and comments to women at least four different times and he has admitted to more.

The last shoe to drop was the picture of Anthony’s bulging underwear while he was laying next to his sleeping son. It was weird, but not illegal.

Because of the underwear shot, the 15-year-old went public with the information.

Now the NYPD Special Victims Unit is looking into the latest scandal for soon to be divorced husband of Hillary Clinton’s top aides.

Anthony has been an embarrassment for a long time, but if the allegations are true then Weiner could spend some time in jail.

The investigation is just starting and there is going to be a lot of texts and emails while they look into the underage case.

Thinking about what investigators will find is scarier than what we already know what Anthony Weiner and even that is too much.

Anthony’s fall from grace happened quick and after his last failed attempt to win as the Mayor of New York, it is almost certain that he will never be in politics again.

What do you think about Anthony Weiner? Let us know in the comments below.

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Since the Democratic Party and voters decided to go with Barrack Obama in 2008 there has been an overwhelming feeling on both the right and the left that Hillary Clinton would be the president in 2016.

Last spring she had commanding leads over all her competitors and she was making more money than all of them combined. Everyone thought that she had it wrapped up and just had to go through the motions to get the nomination.

That wasn’t the case. First it was the email scandal, then Bernie Sanders, the democratic socialist from Vermont, started to gain a little traction with his attacks on Wall Street. We started to see a little smoke.

Then the Democratic debates finally started and Bernie started captivating America and raising money from more people than Hillary. We started to see people “feeling the Bern”.

As the elections rolled around, Bernie was raising more than the Clinton machine and the youth of America started to get behind Bernie. Suddenly thousands of people were coming to hear Bernie speak and the crowds for Hillary started dwindling.

When the primary voting started, Hillary won most of the early states but Bernie’s wasn’t too far behind and even won some. Then something happened and Bernie has gone on a tear lately. He has won 10 of the last 12 states and New York is up next.

New York could shift the entire momentum of the race and go down in history as one of the most amazing political turnarounds in history.

Hillary was sitting with a nice comfortable lead of around 11% in the state where she was Senator, but people forget that this is Bernie’s home state. Bernie was born and raised in Brooklyn, home of Anne Hathaway, Michael Jordan and Norman Rockwell.

That 11% lead looks to be diminishing ahead of the primary coming up on Tuesday and the momentum is behind Bernie right now. 27,000 packed into Washington Square park in Manhattan on a Wednesday night to hear Sanders speak.

The park was filled with thousands of cheering fans and many holding signs that carry the word “revolution” which is a symbol of what is happening.

First it was the word “change” that haunted Hillary in the 2008 primary, but now it “revolution” and maybe “email” that is making her panic now.

Bernie is coming from an authentic place while Hillary is just saying whatever she can to be elected, and people are seeing through it. Bernie has been in the political trenches fighting for what he believes almost his entire adult life. Voters appreciate his honesty.

Democrats are starting to think he could actually win and that scares Hillary the most. Hollywood stars are coming out in support of Bernie and if this keeps up, we could see Hillary lose again.

Most of the attention has been on the right this political season with Donald Trump, but now the focus is shifting to the left with the possible revolution going on.

For most people though, especially on the right, it doesn’t matter if it is prison or Bernie Sanders that stops Hillary, something needs to.

Do you think Bernie will win NY? Let us know in the comments.

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Hillary’s Jokes

Hillary, wearing something you may see out of “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon”, went on stage with New York Mayor de Blasio to have some fun. They had fun all right, but at whose expense?

Watch the video as Hillary and the mayor joke about being late, or on “CP Time”, ie, “Colored Peoples’” time. Then, at the last minute, Hillary tries to cover it up like it meant something else.

The clip is meant to be funny, but it goes deeper. Why would Hillary even make a joke like that? If she were the woman that fights for the rights of minorities, then why would she make fun of black people, while dressed as an Asian person on a stage in front of a bunch of rich white people?

The skit was part of a charity event that Hillary and many New York big wigs were part of, and they were offering a parody of the controversial musical “Hamilton”.

Hillary is not doing well right now. Not only are her jokes falling flat, but her message is too. Bernie has won 7 of the last 8 states and is gaining momentum. Hillary is starting to attack Bernie more and is losing steam.

Hillary is just happy that people are talking about her bad jokes instead of her criminal investigation and interview with the FBI. Hillary finds a silver lining in everything.

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Hillary Clinton

Last year there wasn’t a doubt in anyone’s mind that Hillary Clinton would be the Democratic nominee for president, but the Bernie revolution and her eroding honesty is making her a target.

Hillary is meeting with the FBI in their criminal investigation into her email, and she has lost the last seven primary states to the democratic socialist Bernie Sanders.

She is in a bad spot and it is feeling like 2007 all over again, but this time with a FBI investigation.

What did Hillary do to respond? The former Secretary of State went on live TV to speak directly to the New York voters to make sure her “home state” isn’t number eight on her losing streak.

What better platform to speak from than Saturday Night Live?

Yes, we know that this isn’t Hillary, but if you are the front-runner for the Democratic Party and Saturday Night Live is attacking you, then you have a serious problem.

Hillary doesn’t do many interviews and she hardly ever has a press conference. Compare that to Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders who will do almost any interview requested.

There are big problems in the Hillary campaign and the last seven states seem to think that Bernie would make a better president. Next we look to New Yorkers to see who they want.

Will New York pick its former Senator Clinton, or Bernie, the boy from Brooklyn? If her “home state” goes with Bernie, you will see Hilary and her campaign in full panic mode, and it is going to be a beautiful sight.

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Donald Trump

Donald has taken a few hits in the past two weeks and the talking heads have started saying Donald Trump is losing ground.

Donald took a big loss in Wisconsin and suffered the largest margin of defeat so far this primary season. He got cornered into a discussion on abortion and his comments were twisted and used against him, generating a huge amount of backlash.

Many were saying that Ted Cruz’s time has come and Donald is on the way out, but that is not true. They said Trump tried to be more presidential and it didn’t work.

Yesterday Donald was in his home state of New York and he went back to his natural self and it looked great. He hit Ted Cruz hard and the case he made is going to make it tough for Cruz to even beat Kasich.

Watch Donald attack Cruz.

New York ‘s primary couldn’t come at a better time for Donald Trump. The self-professed fan of winning needs to win. He needs a big win in the the winner-take-all delegates states. And the next few states favor him.

If Trump can avoid any big missteps and win New York, we are going to hear the talking heads singing a different tune.

We are already seeing him establish a very respectable foreign policy team and he is now working to reorganize his campaign and get serious. He is making some new hires, while others could be hearing “you’re fired”.

The Donald camp has also just hired veteran Republican strategist Paul J. Manafort to lead his delegate-corralling efforts, which is a serious move to win regardless of how many delegates Trump has going into Cleveland.

Donald also cleared his public schedule this week and is spending some time reorganizing his campaign and really getting a strategy down to win the nomination and not let the GOP steal it from him.

Just when people thought Trump might be out, he is starting to really get serious about forming the right campaign heading into a contested convention. He is seeing the writing on the wall and making plans to win no matter what the establishment throws at him.

Ted Cruz better enjoy the Wisconsin victory because he may not see another one for a while!

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gay dentist

Dr. John Wolf, a well-respected Manhattan dentist, has been arrested by federal officials–for a long list of shocking and disgusting crimes.

First, Wolf was charged with having a massive trove of child pornography.

But Wolf’s brand of child pornography was even more horrifying than usual. Not only did he use his dental practice to distribute kiddy porn, but the age of his victims raises even more eyebrows. Police say that he “provided the undercover agent with a flash drive containing files depicting child pornography, including videos of children as young as toddlers being raped by adult men.”

According an informant, Wolf’s favorite video–the one that made him particularly “excited”–was one “depicting an 8-year-old ‘retarded’ girl engaged in sex.” Police found 246 videos in all, and Wolf has apparently admitted to possessing the videos, but maintains he never had sex with a child.

But Wolf’s shocking sex crimes didn’t stop there.

Wolf was also charged with being part of an underground sex club, which didn’t have sex with children–but, rather, they did something equally disgusting. The federal informant said that Wolf “was actively involved in underground sex parties at various locations in New York City, including in Brooklyn, where participants would engage in sexual intercourse with animals.”

Even when Wolf did have sex with adult humans, he couldn’t help but commit a crime.

Feds claim the dentist, who is HIV-positive and has been a noted AIDS activist for decades, poked holes in condoms “in an intentional attempt to spread the HIV to his sexual partners.”

The investigation into Wolf started in March, when his drug dealer was arrested at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York. The dealer agreed to become an informant and, while police were investigating Wolf over drug crimes, soon realized they had a real sicko on their hands.

People who knew Wolf were absolutely stunned that the kind and friendly dentist could be capable of such horrific crimes.

“I never suspected this,” one of his employees said. “He’s an amazing guy, a very giving person. He helped a lot of people in the community.”

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Drones are everywhere. President Obama talks about them bombing Syria, and the good that the unmanned aircrafts can do, but nobody is talking about the damage they are doing here in America.

The remote controlled aerial drones are barely regulated and are now wreaking havoc on the American people.

In LA, an 11-month-old girl was hit in the head by a crashing drone and was sent to the hospital. She was in a stroller hit in the middle of the day.

A New York teacher was charged with reckless endangerment after crashing his drone during the US Open tennis tournament.

In Louisiana, a man shot down a drone being flown by his neighbor because he said it was spying on his wife.

During a nice day in the Hamptons, several people strolling down the street dodged a drone that hit the sidewalk and burst into flames.

In a Sunnyvale California park, a fire spread to over an acre before local fire department was able to put it out. How did it start? You guessed it, a drone.

Adam Rupeka in New York got mad when the State Police confiscated his drone after flying it into the State Capitol in Albany.

Then there is this. A giant brick of marijuana falling from the sky crushed an Arizona couple’s doghouse. Apparently the package fell from a drone.

These stories all happened since September 1st and are just a few of the many that are out there.

Drones are becoming more popular, and now are becoming more dangerous. It is just a matter of time before lawmakers start restricting drone use to every third Thursday from 6:00am to 7:00am.

In the meantime, keep your head up when walking your baby or watching a tennis match. And whatever you do, don’t let your dog get crushed by a ton of weed. Also remember that if you neighbor is spying on your wife with a drone, it is illegal to shoot it down.

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New York City lawmakers, led by far-left Mayor Bill de Blasio, are going over legislation that would give voting rights to non-citizens and illegal aliens in local elections.

According to a report in The Guardian, the legislation being discussed would give, “legally documented residents who have lived in New York City for at least six months (the ability) to vote in municipal elections…” and that “a bill might be introduced as soon as this spring.”

An earlier effort by city councilman Daniel Dromm to give illegals the right to vote, he garnered a veto proof majority of 35 out 51 votes on the city council but was stopped by then council speaker Christine Quinn and stiff opposition by Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Upon taking office, DeBlasio signaled his willingness to reopen the question of non-citizen voting. Dromm estimates that illegals “make up as much as half the population” in areas that he represents and that more than 1 million illegal immigrants citywide could vote if the legislation that Dromm envisions become law.

It is the next step in watering down what it means to be a citizen following the launch of a newly instituted IDNYC card that according to the city’s website is an:

“…accessible and secure document that enables residents (including illegals) to access City services and grant admission to City buildings, such as schools. In addition, the card can be presented as proof of identification for interacting with the police and is an accepted form of identification for opening a banking account at select financial institutions.”

“…additional benefits are available to IDNYC cardholders including the opportunity to sign up for free one-year memberships at 33 of the city’s leading museums, zoos, concert halls, and botanical gardens”…”discounts on movie tickets, prescription drugs, fitness and health centers, supermarkets and New York City attractions…”

The Guardian was quick to point out that “many Americans find the idea of non-citizen voting entirely unpalatable and fear that it undermines the sanctity and privilege of citizenship.” Eric Ulrich, one of three Republicans on the city council, recently told Newsday:

“The right to vote is a privilege and a sacred obligation that citizens have enjoyed. It should only be for United States citizens. It’s also a reason for people who are on a path to citizenship to aspire to citizenship. It’s something for them to look forward to.”

Left unanswered is the role that DeBlaiso’s newly minted illegal immigrant voters will have in state and federal elections. In an editorial piece penned by former Congressman Alan West for his group “Steadfast and Loyal” he proffers an answer:

“…if these non-citizens are allowed to vote in the elections of the nation’s largest city – then why not also in the state elections? Then, why not in national elections? After all, apparently liberal progressives believe if you’re here in America, you should have representation.”

“This just goes to show the left believes it cannot afford to trust the sanctity of the American electoral system…”

“At what point does America acknowledge that for the liberal progressive left, it is not about the privilege and honor of being an American – it is about their power. It’s not about winning elections on the merit of their ideas but rather seeking any manipulative means by which they can outmaneuver the system and deceive the people.”


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