Tuesday, June 27, 2017

New York Post

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Democrats would like you to believe the anti-Trump protests around the country represent a grassroots movement, but who is really behind it all?

Paul Sperry, an author and columnist for the New York Post thinks that Obama and his nonprofit, Organizing for America, is working behind the scenes to undermine Trump at every turn. In fact, the organization was named Obama for America until he won his second election. Then they changed the name to Organizing for America.

Sperry suggests that Obama is using the Organizing For America group to orchestrate the protests and disruptions at town halls.

In an interview with Fox & Friends, Sperry explains how the Jason Chaffetz town hall was sabotaged by the OFA.

Here is a clip of the Chaffetz twon hall and the dramatic feedback he got from the crowd.

Generally when a President leaves office after his eight years are up, they go back home and relax. Not Obama.

The former president is taking a little time off, but then returning back to Washington to live, just two miles from the White House. Obama will be in the center of all the action, and Sperry claims with Obama’s legacy on the line, he seems to be taking an active part in undermining Donald Trump.

With an organization like OFA and the funding that Obama has available, Sperry suggests that Obama is forming a shadow government to uphold his legacy and restore the progressives to power.

At no time in history has something like this happened. Obama does not plan on sitting around and enjoying retirement. He even promised with his first Tweet after Trump took office that he would be back to work soon.

Back to work? He needs a new job. Unfortunately if Sperry is correct, then his new job will to ruin the Trump presidency.

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Melania Trump

Melania Trump is a beautiful woman and spent many years of her life modeling, but has the New York Post gone too far by publishing nude exclusive photos on two front page editions?

Over the years, the New York Post has sold a lot of papers with Trump on the cover. They wrote about his divorces, business dealings and love life and even endorsed Donald in the election.

Despite the “endorsement” the Rupert Murdoch-owned tabloid paper ran two nude photos of Melania Trump.

The photos were on the Sunday and Monday editions and one ran with stars covering her woman parts with a headline that read, “The Ogle Office”.

Monday morning, the Post ran another front page attack with a picture of Melania being held by another naked woman with the headline, “Ménage a Trump”.

The New York Post is embarking down the same road that liberals have fought for years.

Ironically in the same year that the first woman was nominated by a major political party, the wife of the other political party is being “shamed” on the front page of papers.

The pictures were taken 22 years ago when Melania was 25 and working as a professional model.

A spokesman for the Trump campaign said there was “nothing to be embarrassed about with the pictures. She’s a beautiful woman.”

The campaign is brushing the pictures aside and moving on, but the question still remains, did the New York Post go too far by publishing nude pictures of Donald Trump’s wife?

Some people think so.

Some are angry, but now some are demanding for fairness and want the Post to publish photos of Bill.

Despite fierce disagreements during this election, I think we all can agree we don’t want to see nude Bill Clinton photos on the cover of any magazine.

What do you think; did the New York Post go to far in publishing the naked pictures of Melania? Let us know in the comments below.


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