Sunday, June 25, 2017

New York Primary

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Hillary Wins

The socialist Bernie Sanders and the woman under a criminal investigation by the FBI have been going blow for blow and it all came to a head on Tuesday. Before the results even came in though, something wasn’t right.

Somehow there were some “irregularities” in one area of New York where 125,000 registered Democrats were purged from the voter roll. That’s right, just before the primary it is discovered that 125,000 people could not vote.

What makes this a unique case is that all of them happened in one area, Brooklyn. It just happens to be the birthplace of Bernie Sanders where was expected to do very, very well there.

The Bernie Sanders campaign is calling the irregularities a “disgrace”, but that isn’t all that happened.

There are reports about machines breaking down.

There are rules in place that were not broken, but disproportionately hurt Bernie Sanders. Bernie is getting a surprising amount of young people to get involved in politics and many came out to vote for him but they were not registered.

There are some reports of up to 10% of the people that came to vote were turned away because they were not registered or registered with a different party than Democrat.

Hillary got the win in New York and Bernie’s campaign is in critical condition now. They needed this win to keep the momentum but it didn’t work out that way.

Hillary won and she is on a solid path to victory. That is unless the FBI decides to indict her, which is a real possibility.

What do you think about the purge in Brooklyn?

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New York

The news has been dominated with delegate talk and Ted Cruz winning voterless races because of his ground game. Apparently that ground game wasn’t strong in New York where Donald Trump won in a major landslide.

New York GOP Primary Results:
Donald Trump – 61% – 88 Delegates
John Kasich – 25% – 3 Delegates
Ted Cruz – 15% – 0 Delegates

It has been two weeks since the last primary with actual voters and Donald Trump needed a huge win in New York. He got it.

The GOP frontrunner is the only one that has a path to the nomination through the primary season and the win last night was a monstrous step forward, winning 88 of the 95 delegates. A few delegates are still undecided as of publishing.

The former Apprentice star still has a lot of work to do, but the win in the Empire State proves that his message is resonating stronger than ever and the GOP establishment should be even very, very nervous.

Everyone from Mitt Romney to Carly Fiorina to Neil and Jeb Bush in the establishment has rallied around Cruz in order to stop Trump, but it’s not working.

Cruz ended with only 15% of the vote in New York. He gained the support of just over a 100,000 people. The remarkably low number should scare a candidate that is seen as the one to beat Trump and steal the convention.

One thing to keep in mind when looking at the results in New York is that the state is a closed primary. You have to vote for the party you are registered with. That doesn’t affect Ted Cruz too much because he is pulling votes almost exclusively from the Republican party even in open primaries.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, has been bringing in Democrats and Independents in other open primaries to win their vote, but not the case in New York.

With that in mind, the margin of victory could have been higher if New York was an open primary. Also if a New Yorker wanted to change their party affiliation because of what Hillary said about “super predators” last month then you would be out of luck. You would have had to change it back in October.

What does it all mean? It means that Donald Trump’s blowout could have been even larger and that his chance of winning the nomination just increased. And any chance of stopping him is drastically decreasing.

We are 89 days away from convention and it is going to be a wild race to the finish.

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Hot Sauce

Hillary Clinton is slipping in the New York primary polls and Bernie is on fire right now. She has started to panic and is now she is going all in to win New York.

On Monday morning, Hillary sat down with the New York’s iconic Hip Hop radio show, The Breakfast Club. It turned out not to be the best interview she has ever done.

After another coughing fit, something that she cannot shake, she was asked what is one thing that she always carries around with her, and her answer was stunning.

“Hot Sauce”, was the answer. Hot Sauce is what Hillary carries around with her wherever she goes? Come on! Even the black hosts didn’t fall for it. One even mentioned that people might call it pandering.

Hillary, with an honest question asked, “Is it working?” Wow. Just wow. Watch for yourself.

Hillary may like hot sauce and it may make her immune system work better, but this is still pandering and it did not go over well in the black communities in NY.

Even Donald Trump came out this morning to say that Hillary was pandering.

It didn’t stop there. She continued to pander to other minority groups while in New York.

If you are looking for evidence that she actually has the hot sauce in her bag, look at this very realistic picture.

In the end, what advice is there for the former Secretary of State?

What do you think? Was Hillary pandering or just doing a good interview?

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Last night Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton had a very important debate leading up to the New York primary next Tuesday.

New Yorkers will decide if they feel the Bern and keep up the democratic socialist’s incredible momentum or select Hillary Clinton. Clinton, as you may know, is the candidate under criminal investigation by the FBI and leading in all polls.

It is crunch time and we have not seen fireworks like this from the Democrats in quite some time. Bernie and Hillary go at it and Hillary looks to get very mad. Very, very mad.

Take a look and watch it for yourself and then let us know how mad she got!

How mad do you think Hillary Clinton got during last night’s debate?


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