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Is it good business for companies to make political statements? Since Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president over a year and a half ago, almost immediately stores started banning his products and making political statements with their businesses. How is it working for them?

Everyone from Macy’s, to the NFL to Starbucks have used their businesses to make a political statement, but is it helping them grow their business?

Macy’s was the first company to stop selling Trump products after he proposed the wall on the southern border during his campaign announcement speech.

Trump announced his candidacy on the 16th of July and on the 17th of July Macy’s stock was at a high of $72.31 per share. The stock was up since it hit a low of $5.73 in November of 2008.

By December of 2015, Macy’s stock dropped to $34.87 losing over half it’s value in the six months after announcing they will stop selling Trump products. The fifty percent drop in stock prices is not all of Trump’s fanbase refusing to shop at Macy’s. There are many factors that contribute to the fall of the stock, and as much as a Trump loyalists might claim, it wasn’t all about Trump.

Many businesses that have gone political have seen their buzz and viewerships decrease.

The NFL is another company that used Colin Kaepernick’s protest to grab headlines across the country and allowed anti-trump protests outside of the Superbowl. The league has a variety of challenges and they are not all political. The NFL has long game while people tend to have a shorter attention span than ever. The crackdown on safety is limiting some of the heard hitting action fans enjoy. Despite all the problems in the league, it doesn’t matter being political as well. It all leads to lower ratings.

The NFL has also seen a major drop in viewership. The ratings were down almost 8% this year.

Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz said his company would hire 10,000 refugees to combat Trump’s immigration plan. Although numbers have not been released yet to show the drop in sales, but if brand monitors YouGov is correct, Starbucks is taking a hit.

According to the brand perception tracking done by YouGov, Starbuck’s has seen a dramatic drop in the “buzz” category dropping from roughly 12% to below 5%.

The drop is significant since the Starbuck’s brand has maintained an average of around a 10 on the Buzz score for almost two years. Out of the above examples, Starbuck’s decision to oppose Trump’s immigration plan shows a direct decline in the brand’s “buzz”.

There is also a direct example of what happens if you support Trump. If you ask singer and songwriter Joy Villa, wonderful things happen.

The day after she wore a “Make America Great Again” gown to the Grammy awards, she went from virtual obscurity to the number one selling artist on Amazon and iTunes in 24 hours.

The Grammy Awards and the Oscars were two award shows filled with expected attacks on Trump, did that help get viewers?

The Grammy’s viewership was down almost 7% from last year in their target demo. Early numbers have the Oscars down over 4% this year.

As much as some people would like to claim, it isn’t all about Trump. The examples just show that there might be a risk at turning a business brand into a political statement.

Thoughts? Comment below.

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Normally it is NFL players that get in trouble with the law, but a former NBA MVP is now connected to possible rape and a dead officer.

Derrick Rose, point guard for the New York Knicks, is under criminal investigation for a claim of rape.

Nadine Hernandez was one of the two officers working the case and now she has been found dead.

Hernandez was found critically wounded after police responded to reports of a shooting in Whittier California.

The officer was rushed to the hospital where she ended up dying shortly after.

A weapon was recovered from the scene, but since this is an ongoing investigation, there is not a lot of information to report.

The investigation is considering a suicide, but Hernandez was shot at the home of a retired LAPD lieutenant and not her own house.

There is a lot to this story that we don’t know yet, but this case is far from over.

The start of the NBA season is less than two weeks away and one their biggest stars are under rape investigation.

In the NFL, court appearances are common for many of the players. Aaron Hernandez was convicted of murder and we saw Ray Rice beat his fiancé on an elevator in Vegas.

If Derrick Rose is somehow connected to the death of the LAPD officer then that would be tragic for all involved, including the NBA.

Do you watch the NBA? Let us know in the comments below.

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Police shot a black man on Tuesday and despite the facts being in dispute, one thing is for sure, Sunday may be the biggest protest yet.

Charlotte is mad at Cam Newton for not standing up for the protestors by not taking a knee like Colin Kaepernick.

The protestors feel like people like Cam Newton, black men and women with powerful voices, should be the one’s that are protesting.

Now the protestors are threatening to surround the stadium and keep Sunday’s NFL game away from the city.

The Carolina Panthers play the Minnesota Vikings this Sunday and the game is supposed to take place in Charlotte, but if the protestors don’t get what they want, the NFL is going to pay.

The protestors want to see the video of Keith Scott getting killed and they want to make sure it is as the cops said it would be.

Police in Charlotte say that Keith Scott was holding a gun, but some of the eyewitnesses said that the gun looks like one.

Now they have a new demand, they want Cam Newton to take a knee for them or they are going to block the game.

People are always criticizing rioters when they loot neighborhood businesses, but this protest is meant to be peaceful and is designed to have the maximum effect on the wallets of the rich.

Will they follow through? We’ll find out Sunday.

Do you think blocking an NFL game will help the cause or hurt it?

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San Francisco quarterback, Colin Kaepernick sat down during the national anthem to oppose oppression, but is he really making a stand by taking a seat?

First of all, I respect the right to protest and support Americans having the ability to stand up for what they think is right.

The stance that the quarterback is taking is one that should not be overlooked. There are real problems with how minorities are treated in some places and in some ways around our country. That can’t be denied.

My problem comes from the choice to sit during the national anthem and here is why.

People trying to escape religious persecution founded America, and we fought oppression from the British and won our freedom.

When slavery was allowed in America, men white and black fought for the freedom of all men.

When women and minorities were not allowed to vote, we learned from our mistakes and fought the system and won.

When the Civil Rights movement kicked off, all everyone wanted was equal rights. Again, white and black people fought and marched together to make sure equality was the law in America.

Now we see new injustices and some people are waking up for the first time. People like Colin have always stood up and made the injustices known, but the problem here is how he did it.

Not standing for the national anthem is a slap in the face to all those people that fought for the right for us to make a stand. America is not oppressive.

America is made up of the people, and our history proves that we always team up with the side of “what is right”. That is our history.

The corruption and oppression is coming from those in power. America is not oppressive, but different agencies and officials can be. We need to end the oppression, but it will take Americans to do it. The same people that Kaepernick is sitting against in protest are the same people that can help end this mess.

He didn’t direct his protest towards the government, but towards America. He said that America is oppressive, but it is literally quite the opposite. The problem is we look at things in such a small scale.

We remember back a couple of years or even to our childhood, but don’t consider that this country is still relatively new and we are building on our 238-year history. We can fix this problem too.

If we want to see what real oppression looks like, ask a Syrian Christian. There are real problems in this country, and we can fix them, but we can’t do it by blaming America. America is made up of real people that want change; we the people are not the oppressive ones.

The moral of the story, make sure you are fighting the right enemy.

Let me know your thoughts on what Kaepernick did in the comments below.

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Former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader Molly Shattuck pleaded guilty to fourth-degree statutory rape of a 15-year-old boy earlier this week after begin indicted last year on charges of rape, unlawful sexual contact and providing alcohol to minors.

Shattuck must register as a sex offender and may be ordered to serve up to 15 years in jail when she is sentenced in August.

Shattuck, 48, was accused in November of sexually abusing one of her son’s classmates, including performing oral sex on him in a rented vacation house in Bethany Beach.

She was seated at a trial table with her attorney, Eugene Maurer, and showed no obvious emotion as stood from her seat when Judge E. Scott Bradley entered the courtroom. The judge turned the pages of the plea agreement and then posed series of questions.

“Did you commit the offense you are pleading guilty to?” he asked.

“Yes,” Shattuck said.

A number of other charges, including more serious third-degree rape counts, were dropped as part of the plea agreement.

Michael W. Modica, a former Delaware prosecutor, said the deal was consistent with precedent saying the sentencing guidelines called for up to two years in prison – a recommended sentence not binding on the judge. Modica, now a defense attorney said:

“I don’t think she was treated any differently because she was a woman…” “She’s looking at a pretty serious potential sentence.”

As part of the plea, Shattuck agreed to no unsupervised contact with children, except her own, and to have DNA and HIV tests as well as a mental health evaluation that will include “sexual disorder counseling.”

Modica added that the most serious consequence of her plea is that she’ll have to register as a sex offender for 25 years in Delaware. And because she lives in Maryland, Delaware police will notify Maryland officials, who will consider whether she needs to register under Maryland law.

According to an affidavit for a search warrant filed in Baltimore County District Court, the illicit affair began in May 2014 when Shattuck began a flirtation with the boy on the social networking site Instagram. The boy’s identity was not disclosed in press reports about the case.

What began as flirting crossed the line into physical contact and then rape when Shattuck took the boy out of school to kiss him in the back seat of her Escalade.

Then, over Labor Day weekend while on vacation with her children at Bethany Beach, she performed oral sex on him twice according to investigators.

At the time of the assault, Shattuck was in the process of separation from her husband so she could forged “a new, independent identity” according to The Baltimore Sun. But rape charges “left Shattuck’s carefully crafted image as a devoted mother and charity worker in tatters.”

According to The Baltimore Sun:

“Shattucks’ divorce, which ended a 17-year marriage, was finalized days after a nine-count indictment against her was unsealed in November.

Custody arrangements for their three children have not been publicized, but Modica said her ex-husband could use the rape conviction as ammunition in any dispute.”

Shattuck, who was free on an $84,000 bond, pleaded guilty the day before a hearing that was to be the last pretrial hearing before the case headed to trial.

After the hearing, Shattuck stared at a half-dozen reporters seated in the benches before retiring to the trial table where she stood until one of her lawyers led her into the public gallery where she signed some paperwork before being led by her attorney to private room to talk.

Outside, some onlookers waited on the pavement in front of the courthouse eager to see who the news cameras were waiting for.

Shattuck, surrounded by a group of women supporters who had been with her all day, emerged from the building and crossed the street to a waiting SUV. Shattuck ignored questions as she entered the SUV and drove off.


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