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North Carolina

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project veritas action

There is a major donor in North Carolina and a Senate candidate who are going to be in a lot of trouble when people see this new Project Veritas Action Video.

Benjamin Barber is a lot of things. He is a Democratic theorist, and a “Distinguished” Senior Fellow at Fordham University. He writes for the Huffington Post, does TED Talks and does CNN interviews, writes books… and happens to be a racist.

Watch the shocking video to see what this Democratic strategist has to say about black people who disagree with him, and see the reactions from leaders in North Carolina.

The politician in the video is Deborah Ross who running for Senate in North Carolina against Richard Burr.

Currently, Burr is only up .08% according to Real Clear Politics average.

Ross’s comments deeply offended the black Republicans who viewed the videos and her condescending nature is going to be something that hurts her campaign.

On the other hand, the big issue for Benjamin Barber is if he will lose his airtime on CNN? Will he be able to continue to write for the Huffington Post?

Will Benjamin Barber be given back the money he donated to Hillary Clinton?

Barber also donated to Democracy for America (DFA), a left-wing political action committee founded by former DNC chair Howard Dean.

Coincidentally, DFA also endorses Deborah Ross as a candidate for Senate.

This video shows more than just racist comments; it highlights yet another instance of Democrats showing they only care about the black vote and not actual black people.

The same man who compared black Republicans to Jews working for Nazis is also a globalist who wants to remove borders and let mayors rule the world.

No wonder he is fan of Hillary, they both don’t want borders. Apparently he also doesn’t want any black Republicans, but he is proud of the black Democrats.

How do you feel about the racism heard in the new Project Veritas Action video? Let us know in the comments below.

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Hillary Clinton spoke at Wake Forest University in North Carolina on Thursday to her biggest crowd in a long time, but they weren’t there to see her.

Most of Hillary’s crowds at rallies have been around the 1000 person mark. That is when she decides to actually get out and do a rally herself.

On Thursday, Hillary managed to get 11,000 people out in North Carolina to a rally, but they were not coming to see her. Fans were coming out to see Michelle Obama.

For the first time on the campaign, Hillary and Michelle Obama campaigned together, and both spoke at a rally.

The event was held at Wake Forest University, and students and staff were encouraged to go. The schools at Wake have about 10,000 students and another roughly 1,000 staff and educators. That is a nice built in crowd.

Hillary’s rally was public and it was crowded, but most of the people that went were excited to see Michelle, not Hillary.

Hillary even admitted, “Seriously! Is there anyone more inspiring than Michelle Obama?”

Normally that would be a line used to describe the candidate running for office, not the guest speaker.

Luckily, Hillary doesn’t have to run against Michelle, because that might not work out to well for the former Secretary of State.

Hillary can’t draw crowds like this on her own anymore, but Michelle’s popularity is soaring and she might run for office soon.

Do you think people came to see Hillary or Michelle? Let us know in the comments below.

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black vote

Hillary Clinton and almost every other Democrat have called trump a racist, so is it possible black voters are starting to like Trump?

According to a Rasmussen Poll that tracks the black voters, Trump started October with only 9% of likely black voter supporting the GOP candidate.

That number has almost doubled in three weeks. See the numbers below.

Black Likely Voters for Trump
Oct. 3 – 9%
Oct. 6 – 12%
Oct. 10 – 14%
Oct. 12 – 19%
Oct. 17 – 17%
Oct. 20 – 15%
Oct. 25 – 16%

The numbers show a strong growth so far this month, and it isn’t over. This election isn’t over either.

If Trump could get just 25% of black voters to support him, he would win in a landslide.

The Democratic Party is made up of 22% black voters. Shaving off 25% of the black vote would cost the Democratic Party 5% of their voters. That is enough for Trump to win in the battleground states where the black vote is the strongest.

States like Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, and Ohio and could really drive home wins in states like Texas.

The other scenario that isn’t being monitored by the corporate media is the lack of enthusiasm in this election compared to the last two.

In 2008 and 2012 we saw the black people in America come out in their biggest numbers ever to support a president.

They don’t feel as strongly about Hillary as they did Barack Obama, and rightfully so. There is a huge enthusiasm gap and black voters are not expected to come out in the numbers they did in the two previous elections.

With lower turnout, the black Trump supporters are even more important to this election and could be group that pushes Trump over the top in most battleground states.

This election is truly historic and we still have two weeks, this isn’t over yet.

Do you think Trump will get 25% of the black vote in America? Let us know in the comments below.

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Transgenders make up just a tiny percentage of Americans but the conversation about them is dominating the media and minds of people all over this great nation.

You may remember the Faith & Freedom Coalition’s campaign to rally support for the law to keep bathrooms safe in North Carolina, and now there is another pushback on the incredible progressive force that is the LBGT community.

The American Family Association started a petition to boycott the retail giant Target after its new sweeping transgender bathroom policy.

The petition quickly became the most popular action the group has taken.

Over 500,000 people have signed the pledge to boycott Target and that is in less than a week.

The progressive community has been protesting and boycotting, mostly lead by corporations not doing business in North Carolina or artists like Bruce Springsteen who decide not to perform in the state.

Progressives were able to get a couple hundred protestors to DC for the Democracy Spring protest two weeks ago, but this is different. This boycott pledge is signed by 500,000 people who say that are against people going to the bathroom of the gender they identify with.

The issue is not going away. North Carolina is just one of the first states to deal with the issue and Target is one of the first companies to make this new policy.

There will be more boycotts and more protests, but the field is pretty even. The right has been pushed around long enough and the feeling is overwhelming that the bar of our social morality has sunk too low.

People are really starting to voice their opinions and stand up for what they believe in. This time they are protesting with their wallets. There is no word on how Target’s sales have been affected, but if it is anything like the hit that Macy’s took after dropping Trump, then there could be some changes coming to the leadership of the retail chain.

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North Carolina

When the North Carolina government passed legislation that would require people to use the bathroom of their birth gender, they didn’t expect to see the backlash they are seeing now.

Companies like American Airlines, Apple and the NBA are threatening to pull their business from the state. The All-Star game won’t be in Charlotte next year, PayPal won’t build its new business center in the state, and even Bruce Springsteen decided to cancel a show there this weekend.

This is all over trying to make people with male genitals go into a male bathroom in public facilities, and vice versa for women.

Corporations are threatening to pull millions of dollars out of North Carolina because of this obscure law that affects a tiny portion of a small minority of the population.

The question is why now? Why would the NBA do this to North Carolina but still do business in other states and even other countries. The NBA visits China and has business partnerships with them but doesn’t require the same from them.

PayPal works in and transfers money from some of the worst places on Earth like Saudi Arabia when it comes to gender discrimination, and yet NC is not worthy of their business.

Many of the companies themselves do not even allow their own employees and customers the ability to use the bathroom of their chosen identity in their stores and buildings, but will pull out of a state that doesn’t allow it in public facilities.

This is corporate hypocrisy at its worst.

Most people in North Carolina don’t want to have a grown man who identifies as a woman (yet may look nothing like a woman) to go to the women’s bathroom with their children in a public playground or elementary school. Nobody is saying that people can’t be who they want to be, but why should that interfere with the privacy of everyone else, particularly women and children?

Big, international companies are using North Carolina as a battleground but some people are standing up to them. The Faith & Freedom Coalition has organized a major push to send letters to the companies singling out North Carolina to tell them the radical gay lobby doesn’t speak for them and they support this privacy legislation.

You can sign the letter here.

What do you think? Do you support the NC bathroom privacy law or do you stand with Bruce Springsteen?

Let us know in the comments.

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Legislators in North Carolina put their foot down over the encroachment of the LGBTQ community and their cries for preferential treatment.

Moving forward in the Tar Heel State, people using public restrooms will . . . gasp . . . be required to use the genetically correct bathroom. If a man is born a man, he must use the proper restroom designated for men, regardless if he chooses to wear a bra and panties.

The new law also makes it clear that sexual orientation does not result in a higher minimum wage or demand for pay.

Any complaints regarding workplace discrimination based on race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age or hairstyle will not be allowed in courts and must be brought before a state commission.

Now that men are forced to use men’s restrooms and women no longer have to worry about sharing a stall with a bearded lady, gay activists are outright furious over the new law.

That state’s Attorney General Roy Cooper, joined in the cries by the LGBTQ mafia by telling the media the new law is a “national embarrassment.”

“Not only is the new law a national embarrassment, it will set North Carolina’s economy back if we don’t repeal it,” continued Cooper.

Later yesterday, 80 CEO’s and business leaders demanded that the bill be repealed, citing “discrimination.”

A portion of the letter read, “We are disappointed in your decision to sign this discriminatory legislation into law . . . Discrimination is wrong and we believe it has no place in North Carolina or anywhere in our country. As companies that pride ourselves on being inclusive and welcoming to all, we strongly urge you and the leadership of North Carolina’s legislature to repeal this law in the upcoming legislative session.”

Here are a few of the CEO’s who signed a letter:

Chip Bergh, Levi Strauss & Co.
Brian Chesky, Airbnb
Tim Cook, Apple
Jack Dorsey, Twitter
Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn
Drew Houston, Dropbox
Chad Hurley, YouTube
Brian Krzanich, Intel
Sundar Pichai, Google
Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook

Notably, few of the signers were North Carolina residents. The “coalition letter” was organized as a scare tactic by gay activists to threaten the economy of the state.

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Two shark attacks a little more than one hour apart struck North Carolina beaches catching local officials off balance before a warning was issued asking swimmers to stay in shallow water to avoid similar injuries.

Oak Island Mayor Betty Wallace told the Wilmington Star-News that the second attack “happened so quickly” that there was little time to alert other swimmers and that there wasn’t enough time to get everyone out of the water.

It was not known if the same shark was responsible for both attacks.

Oak Island Mayor Betty Wallace told the Wilmington Star-News the second attack “happened so quickly” that there was little time to alert swimmers.

Both attacks happened on Sunday leaving two children – a 12-year-old girl visiting from Asheboro, North Carolina and a 16-year-old boy visiting from Colorado Springs, Colorado – severely injured.

The girl, who was not identified, lost part of her left arm and remained in danger of losing her left leg in the attack which occurred at about 4:40 p.m., officials said. About an hour later, medics were called in response to a second attack about two miles away. The teen lost his left arm in the attack.

Both victims were in fair condition Monday at a Wilmington hospital.

Tim Holloman, Oak Island town manager wanted to reassure beachgoers that “Oak Island is still a safe place. We’re monitoring the situation. This is highly unusual.”

“Our local police ATVs and the sheriff’s boat and helicopter patrolled immediately after the second (attack) getting everyone out of the water,” Mayor Wallace said in an email to The Associated Press. Wallace said even if the beach had closed after the first attack, the order might not have covered swimmers farther up the beach.

“I don’t know if it would have extended between the two (locations),” she wrote.

Both victims were in waist-deep water, about 20 yards from shore when they were attacked in an area where another girl was badly bitten last week.

Officials opened the beaches on Monday as officials encouraging people to stay in shallow water, Holloman said. Brunswick County dispatched a boat and helicopter to patrol the water.

Brian Watts, Brunswick County’s emergency management director, told the press late Sunday that both victims were out of surgery after being attack near the Ocean Crest Fishing Pier, a popular tourist attraction according Fox 8 reports. Some speculate that the sharks may have been attracted to bait tossed in the water by dockside fishermen.

According to a report in the Wilmington Star-News, George Burgess, director of the Florida Program for Shark Research at the University of Florida’s Florida Museum of Natural History said sharks seen along Carolina coasts are mostly blacktip and spinner sharks which can grow to 6 to 7 feet long.

Burgess said sharks do bite people in “mistaken identity situations,” in which the sharks think a human’s splashing arms or legs are activities of normal prey.


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