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Oregon Protesters

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Oregon Protester

On January 26th, the spokesman for the protesters occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, Robert LaVoy Finicum was gunned down by government authorities.

At the time, the FBI had released drone footage of the incident that showed little of the event in detail, leaving speculation behind the murder and a storyline from the government that LaVoy had reached for his gun, posing a threat to authorities.

A new video that has been leaked shows that was a complete lie.

Footage from inside of the truck, taken by a passenger tells the true story . . . one which should outrage most Americans.

After leaving a traffic stop without posing a threat to the government, LaVoy drove down the highway until and veered off of the road when government agents opened fire on him and the other occupants of the vehicle.

The gunshots can be clearly heard as the truck approached the roadblock.

LaVoy immediately exited the truck as he was being fired upon.

In the drone footage (that had no sound), it appeared that Finicum had either stumbled in the snow or had reached for a firearm in his coat.

The new footage proves that he was being fired upon the entire time as his hands were in the air.

Earlier this week, the FBI announced that it was investigating its own agents for lying about the shooting then recruiting four others to cover up the murder.

Previously, the government stated that the one-sided shootout was conducted by Oregon State Police, however the FBI is now admitting that it was their own agents who murdered the father of eleven. The FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team is now known to be part of the killing.

After Finicum was murdered, the government continued to fire on the remaining occupants, including a young woman who could be heard praying and pleading for her life.

While the mainstream media has managed to avoid coverage of the incident, the new video is undeniable and clearly shows bloodlust on the part of the government.

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LaVoy Finicum

Two weeks ago, LaVoy Finicum was part of a protest group occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

The spokesman for the group at the time, LaVoy was headed to meet with the local sheriff when he and the occupants of his truck were ambushed during an elaborate roadblock.

LaVoy, who quickly exited the vehicle after it plowed into a snow bank, was gunned down by police as his hands were in the air.

Authorities say he reached for a 9mm handgun that was in his coat pocket . . . although the gun was only found after the man was gunned down and dead.

The dedicated family man, Robert “LaVoy” Finicum and his wife, Jeanette were foster parents to over 50 boys at their ranch in Arizona.

During the standoff, four of the family’s foster children were removed from their home. The boys historically came from mental hospitals, drug rehabs and other group homes to establish stability and find love with the Finicum family.

Now with LaVoy dead, local police from Oregon’s Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office is leading the investigation of Finicum’s death at the hands of the Oregon State Police, with FBI assistance.

It is exceedingly rare for investigations funded with government money to find wrongdoing of law enforcement officers.

A Cleveland cop who shot and killed an unarmed couple, Michael Brelo, was recently acquitted of murder.

Brelo stood on the hood of the victim’s vehicle and unloaded fifteen rounds through the windshield after the car backfired. The rounds shot “Rambo” style on the hood of the vehicle were part of the overall 49 rounds fired by Brelo.

After an investigation and trial, Brelo was found not guilty of manslaughter but he was eventually fired months later by the Cleveland Police Department.

The FBI has released their drone footage of the murder of LaVoy Finicum but the long-distance video, for the most part, does not show a threat existed before the man was shot in the face.

Investigators may release video from the dashboard cameras from the police vehicles at the scene.

Eyewitnesses of the shooting say that Finicum had his hands in the air and told police sarcastically to “Just shoot me.”

Law enforcement obliged.

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Oregon Shooting

A protester occupying a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon, Mark McConnell has gone to YouTube to defend the government in their shooting of LaVoy Finicum.

Finicum and several others were on their way to a town meeting on Tuesday night when they came upon a government roadblock intended to stop and arrest them.

LaVoy Finicum, who eyewitnesses say was shot in the face by law enforcement while his hands were in the air, was killed in the incident.

Finicum’s daughter, who was not present, says LaVoy, who was the spokesman for the group, claims her father was initially shot in the face and then shot another three times when his body hit the ground.

That account is challenged by Mark McConnell, who showed up at the refuge to serve as Ammon Bundy’s bodyguard.

Although McConnell was not a witness to the shooting, his car was stopped and he was detained at the start of the incident.

Mark published a video on YouTube saying that Finicum sped away from the roadblock and charged law enforcement, leading to his death.

While McConnell was one of the protesters occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon, he was released from custody and remains uncharged.

The release gave McConnell to go to social media with his version of the events.

Weeks ago, a local government official resigned in protest after he caught government agents posing as members of a militia.

McConnell somehow managed to keep his name out of media reports throughout his time in the refuge.

While there is no evidence to suggest that McConnell is a government employee, the strong claims made by other eyewitnesses give reason to doubt the motivations of Mark McConnell in his defense of the government.

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