Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Panama Papers

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deutsche bank

The world’s 11th largest bank paid the Clintons almost a million dollars while under investigation and now everything is falling apart.

The Deutsche Bank’s stocks hit an all time low on Friday before there were rumors that the bank had come to an agreement on a bailout. Then the stock shot up late Friday.

Now we are learning that things may be worse and how it could all be tied to the Clintons.

Over the weekend we learned that negotiations had not come to an agreement and did not even restart. This news is surely going to bring the stock back down on Monday.

We are also learning that the company is having a very coincidental “IT” problem that isn’t allowing people to get money from any ATMs.

Deutsche Bank is in a lot of trouble right now, and experts think it is because of the their derivatives exposure. A major exposure to spark a Lehman Brothers-like collapse and we could see a crash like 2008.

How is Hillary tied into all of this mess? Much like her husband’s housing policies during his time as president, it looks like Hillary might be involved in the fall of the Deutsche Bank.

Hillary received $225,000 and $260,000 for two speeches she gave to the Deutsche Bank. Bill Clinton was paid $200,000 and $270,000 for two speeches as well. All the speeches were given during October 2012 and October 2014.

They were paid just under a million for four speeches and this is while the bank was under federal investigation for “reporting inaccuracies” and self-regulation.

A former president and a future candidate for president were paid almost a million to speak to a foreign company that was under federal investigation. Why would they do such a dumb thing like that?

When somebody released the “Panama Papers”, a document dump showing the details of money laundering and tax evasion in Panama, they also released how Hillary is connected to the bank.

A free trade agreement was put into place in October of 2012 called the Panama-United States Trade Promotion Agreement. Hillary lobbied for this agreement despite being warned that it would make money laundering easier. Coincidentally, that is the first year and month that the Clinton’s started getting huge speaking fees.

The Panama papers prove that Deutsche Bank was skirting the laws and using loopholes to dodge taxes and potentially launder money.

Hillary made that a lot easier for them in 2012 and they gave her and her husband a lot of money, but that gravy train is about to run out.

Deutsche Bank is in real trouble and now that America knows about her connections to the failing bank, it is clear that she potentially helped cause this mess by making it easier for the banks to continue operating in such dangerous ways.

Deutsche Bank’s exposure could trigger the next major economic collapse and if that is the case, then Hillary is not beyond blame.

The irony is that Hillary attacked Donald for not paying any taxes, but she has helped the wealthiest in the world do a lot worse when she supported the Panama-United States Trade Promotion Agreement. Now we know why.

Do you think this will be her October surprise? Let us know in the comments below.

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Panama Papers

Hillary Clinton has done her best to divert attention of what happened in Benghazi and her email server and continues to lead the Democratic nomination for President, but her Panama connection could make it all crumble.

What are the Panama Papers? Last week, Mossak Fonseca were the victims of a major leak of confidential information that is larger than the Snowden leaks.

Mossak Fonseca is a law firm in Panama that offers “comprehensive legal and trust services” according to their website. A well-known newspaper in Germany got a call from someone with over 11.5 million documents and wanted to hand them over free of charge. The person simply said “I want to make these crimes public”, and they certainly did.

Basically the files contain secrets from some world leaders and people in high political places that have stashed money in “tax havens” around the world to avoid paying taxes in their own country, but that is just scratching there surface. What has happened so far?

Well, the Prime Minister of Iceland quit shortly after the release. David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, was on the list and his approval rating has dropped, and we are just starting to see the fallout in the UK.

People like Vladamir Putin were on the list, and some very interesting facts came out when looking closer to Russia in the Panama Papers and how it all relates to Hillary Clinton.

One of Russia’s biggest banks uses The Podesta Group to lobby for them inside the United States. Tony and John Podesta started the company, and you may remember John from being Bill Clinton’s chief of staff. The Podesta Group offers its clients access to the real Democratic decision makers. They have real access.

The unique access to the power structure of Democrats in Washington is exactly why the Russian bank used the lobbying firm. The people listed to handle the Russian Bank’s lobbying on behalf of The Podesta Group are Tony Podesta, Stephen Rademaker and David Adams.

Stephen and David were former assistant secretaries of state and Tony Podesta has organized a lot of those high dollar donations for Hillary Clinton that Bernie Sanders is always talking about.

Now here is the kicker. John Podesta has unique access to Hillary Clinton. Why? He is her campaign manager. He is the one building the strategy to get her in the White House. The same guy whose brother and company is lobbying for Russia to cut some of the sanctions after the country invaded Ukraine.
This is unparalleled access and it is just the tip of the iceberg. The person who is leading the Democratic nomination for president has her chief of staff also running a company that is working for Russia as a lobbyist.

The whole story is just starting to come out and Hillary’s future may not rest in the FBI with the email scandal, but in a bunch of leaked documents from Panama.


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