Friday, June 23, 2017


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Obama Mad

Ouch. In a recent Fox News poll, just 3% of Americans listed Obama’s favorite issue, “climate change,” as the most important issue facing the country.

That means, despite Obama’s efforts to make global warming a major wedge issue, 97% of Americans really just don’t care all that much.

In fact, even among Democrats, only 6% listed global warming as their biggest concern. Just 1% of Republicans did.

And, worse for liberals, the issue is quickly faded from consciousness altogether. The Fox News poll shows a considerable dropoff in support from August. In August, people who cared about climate change was at 5%–nearly double to what it is now.

Almost since the day Obama was elected–infamously vowing to stop the rise of the seas–he tried to make global warming a major issue, but so far, he’s failed on almost every front.

One of the first major fights of his presidency centered around cap-and-trade–essentially, a surtax on companies that pollute–which failed to pass, even with Obama’s then-overwhelming supermajority in the Senate.

And, since then, the so-called “consensus” in the United States has lost even its lukewarm appetite for global warming regulation.

The bad news comes as Obama plans to meet world leaders in Paris for a United Nations summit on climate change. Obama’s plan is to force through a global agreement to reduce carbon dioxide emissions–but if other countries think like America, it may not stand a chance.

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ISIS in America

After the devastating attacks on Paris, Beirut, and the expanding threat of ISIS, many state governors are demanding that the U.S. not accept refugees from Syria. Their stances are the the threat is just too great of accepting potential terrorists onto American soil.

Governor Robert Bentley of Alabama, as well as Governor Greg Abbott of Texas, have been among the most vocal.

Bentley’s statement claims he will stand in direct opposition to the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program relocating any Syrian refugees to Alabama, “After full consideration of this weekend’s attacks of terror in the innocent citizens of Paris,”. Neighboring states have already processed a number of refugees.

Gov. Abbott sent a letter directly to President Obama to declare that the state of Texas will not accept Syrian refugees and imploring him to deny access of the rest of the U.S. as well for any refugees. He makes note: “—any one of whom could be connected to terrorism—being resettled in Texas,”

Other states have begun following suit and citing national security as being too important.

The following is a complete list of the states hoping to deny access to Syrian refugees:
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
North Carolina
South Carolina

This is the list of states where Governors are accepting refugees

Are you happy about your state’s decision? Comment below.

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French President Francois Hollande promised a “pitiless” war against ISIS, after they killed upwards of 140 people in Paris on Friday.

Looks like he’s making good on that promise.

On Sunday, ten French fighter jets took off from allied bases in Jordan and the United Arab Emirates. They dropped twenty bombs and decimated key terrorist targets in Raqqa, Syria, the de facto capital city of the Islamic State.

Since the targets were located in crowded downtown neighborhoods, it’s not entirely clear how much of Raqqa has been destroyed. Civilian casualties were not reported.

France had been an ally and a major player in the war against ISIS, but had so far largely confined its bombing to ISIS forces in Iraq, rather than Syria. They were apparently concerned that, by bombing Syria, they risked strengthening the hand of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, a vicious dictator who is also at war with ISIS.

After the attacks that shook the world, however, Hollande and France have decided to go for the kill. The United States was more than happy to oblige: the American military shared its plans and targets in advance of France’s air strikes.

The Paris attacks—where gunman with assault rifles popped up across the city, including in a crowded nightclub—is the first major terrorist attack outside the Middle East to be confirmed by ISIS. It’s raised concerns that the brutal terrorist organization, which has since been content to conquer land in Iraq and Syria, may have global ambitions. And it’s clear that the West isn’t ready.

The attacks have also shaken up the United States presidential race. The second Democratic Party debate, which aired in a graveyard slot on Saturday night, was hastily changed to include a focus on foreign affairs and terrorism.


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