Thursday, June 29, 2017


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A transgender 6-year-old is the latest reality TV star—after appearing on her family’s new online reality show.

The show, The Keswanis: A Most Modern Family, airs on, one of the first web series outings for the online arm of People Magazine.

The show features Nik, a 17-year old son with a rare form of dwarfism; Sarina, 15, the middle daughter who is training to be in beauty pageants, and Devina, 6, who was born a male but is now being raised as a female. It also features their “momager” Vaishali, and “doctor dad” Anil, according to People.

“We’re all a little different and a little dysfunctional,” explains Nik, who apparently also earns nearly $10,000 a month from his show on social media site, Vine. “But I think that’s the recipe for a happy family.”

Happy or not, it’s 6-year-old Devina who’s raising eyebrows—largely due to the young age of her transition.

The third episode in the series, which has just been released, focuses on Devina’s transition from little boy to little girl, which started last year. reports:

“The day Dev could walk, the walk was feminine,” Vaishali says in the third episode of The Keswanis: A Most Modern Family. “The day Dev could talk, it was really feminine.”

“We had this perfect kid,” Anil says. “But it wasn’t easy. There was something that was not clicking.”

These signals may have been increasingly hard to ignore, but it wasn’t until a sit-down with Devina’s kindergarten teacher, where she expressed her concern over an assignment Devina – then Dev – had turned in, that Vaishali and Anil realized the seriousness of the situation. After an emotional heart-to-heart, the family realized they couldn’t deny Devina’s true self any longer.

On the show, however, Devina’s transition isn’t without controversy—she was bullied at school, and now plans to give “a speech to her school about being transgender” in order to help clear the record.

Remember, Devina is a first-grader—just six-years-old.

As transgender acceptance continues to grow in America, children are changing their genders at increasingly young ages—but that’s also become increasingly controversial, as many argue over whether or not a small child can make such a life-altering decision. And it’s controversial as to whether that decision is still fluid—for instance, how many girls who identify as “tomboys” at a young age grow up to be more traditionally feminine.

Regardless, Devina’s transition is now live on—ready for the world to see.


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