Saturday, June 24, 2017


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Trump Numbers

Last week Donald Trump was officially nominated by the Republican Party to become president and the entire Trump team delivered a great convention and the polls prove it.

Aside from the Ted Cruz scene and the Melania speech controversy, the convention went off without a hitch and even the protesters were calm compared to other ones we have seen this year.

Donald delivered a good speech, not great, but good enough and his four children that spoke were fantastic character witnesses. Ivanka was the shining star, and even Trump’s most ardent haters respect the poise and character of Donald’s oldest daughter.

In a CNN/ORC Poll released this morning has Donald Trump beating Hillary Clinton 44% to 39% with Gary Johnson and Jill Stein getting 9% and 3% respectively.

When looking at a two-way race, it is closer, 48% to 45% with Trump in the lead.

What do these numbers tell us? They say two things.

1. It is clear that Trump still has the potential to gain new voters that didn’t consider him until the convention.

2. It is also clear that Bernie Sanders’ voters are not all going to Clinton, but most are shifting to Gary Johnson or Jill Stein.

The convention added a big boost for Donald Trump and has taken a 5-point lead over Hillary and gained six points.

The question now is can Hillary get a boost from her convention?

With the new DNC email scandal and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz resigning as head of the party, Hillary may not get the boost she needs. Especially since she just hired the corrupt party leader that was forced to resign. That doesn’t show good leadership.

The Democrats are in a panic, because if Bernie’s fans go to Gary Johnson, there will be no stopping Trump.

What do you think, is Trump really going to win this election? Let us know in the comments below.

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Last week should have been a good week for Hillary Clinton. She was cleared and will not face indictment over her email scandal and President Obama campaigned with her, but it didn’t help.

This week new polls that are coming out show that Hillary is slipping. Big time.

For the first time in over a year, Hillary has fallen below 50% in the national polls.

Hillary’s, despite being cleared of charges last week, the Director of the FBI testified that Hillary did lie to the American public about her email server. It seems as if her lying ways are catching up with her.

At one point she was leading Trump by over double digits, but now the lead has crumbled to only three percentage points. This race is now officially too close to call.

The McClatchy-Marist poll has Hillary up 42 to 39 over Donald Trump in a head-to-head matchup.

When Gary Johnson from the Libertarian Party and Jill Stein from the Green Party were added to the polling, Hillary did a little better. The results of the four way poll gave 40% to Hillary, 35% to Trump and 10% and 5% to Gary Johnson and Jill Stein respectively.

The scary thing is, after all the lying, deceit and email scrubbing, Hillary still has a lead over Donald Trump.

The GOP Convention starts next week and having Donald Trump narrowing the gap will decrease the likelihood of any rouge delegates finding a way to stop Trump.

Trump will get the nomination and is in a better position than ever to take down Hillary Clinton this fall.

Who are you voting for? Let us know in the comments below.

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Trump Surges

It is a new day in America politics, but Hillary is having flashbacks of 2008 and is starting to panic.

In an amazing turnaround, Donald Trump has closed the gap between he and Hillary. The polling shows that they are almost in a dead heat right now. The most recent poll has 40% supporting Trump and 41% supporting Clinton.

Granted we are six months away from the elections, and a lot could happen between now and then.

Trump could say something like, “we should ban all gay people” and his numbers would most likely go down. But that scenario doesn’t seem too probable since Trump is working behind the scenes to get a strong team together to not make simple mistakes.

On the other hand, Hillary could be indicted by the DOJ and go to prison. Ironically this is a much more realistic scenario than the one above.

At some point America and Hillary are going to have to deal with her FBI criminal investigation. Her staffers are being interviewed currently and Hillary is going in for an interview soon.

The numbers say it is statistically a tie, but Hillary isn’t even done with her primaries to win the nomination. Bernie Sanders keeps winning states and he isn’t going away. She can’t put him away either.

Hillary has received fewer votes this year than she did when she lost in 2008.

Hillary lost to Bernie Sanders among women in West Virginia on Tuesday. WOMEN! Hillary is a woman and all women should vote for Hillary, right? They’re not, and it is really starting to worry the Clinton campaign.

Hillary is now only doing scheduled events where she can control the crowd. Her crew is working late nights to try and find ways to both stop Bernie and focus on Trump as well.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has all but officially secured the nomination and is starting to take shots at Hillary. Just this week he called out Bill Clinton for his extramarital affairs and called Hillary an enabler. Bernie might criticize Hillary’s decision to attack Iraq, but Trump is going for the jugular and we are still six months out.

The billionaire businessman and reality star is unlike anything we have seen in American politics and he is taking this election by story. There is no denying that he is running an unprecedented campaign and things seem to be looking up for him.

Hillary is watching Bernie do something similar that Barack did back in 2008, and if she can some how escape Bernie and avoid being arrested in the criminal FBI investigation, she still has to face Trump.

All the pundits are saying this is an easy win for Hillary, but the reality is, she is the one with the uphill battle from here on out.

Who would you rather vote for, Hillary or Donald? Let us know in the comments.


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