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Pope Francis

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The Pope

Pope Francis has not been a stranger to flexing his massive Catholic muscles over the American political process.

In September of 2015, Francis spoke to a joint session of Congress and, by all accounts, appeared as a “liberal activist” rather than the religious leader of the world’s largest church.

In this latest attack on presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, and anyone who supports border security, Pope Francis lodged a particularly hurtful accusation that anyone who supports building walls is not a Christian.

Thankfully, even Catholics can agree that the Pope is not infallible.

However, Francis’ political meddling does far greater damage to the Catholic Church than it does to any particular candidate or party.

As Jerry Fallwell Jr. pointed out, JFK is “rolling in his Grave” over the Pope’s statements.

Kennedy fought hard to overcome the suspicions protestants held for Catholic political leaders and opened the door to normalcy in selecting candidates who are members of the Catholic Church.

Presenting Catholic ideology as a mix of liberalism, statism, and gospel is a major turn off for Americans who stand by the independence of the nation.

Assuming the Pope was correctly quoted, closing the door on a massive swath of believers as “not Christian” based on a policy stance is not only ignorant, but undue political pressure at its greatest.

But some political leaders choose to sit back and not take on the Pope on this matter.

Ted Cruz, who believes he is running on the evangelical ticket (although they largely support Trump), has amazingly remained silent on the issue while Trump has stood his ground.

Along with Trump, Pope Francis is saying that Ted Cruz is also not a Christian . . . a swing that not even The Donald is willing to throw.

While it is unwise for anyone to go blow-for-blow with the Papal Throne, standing up to bullying, no matter how strong your opponent it, is a sign of unwavering strength.

While Pope Francis may not like the new direction of the nation in standing up for itself, he is best served to keep matters of government policy behind the massive walls of Vatican City.

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That was fast: the very liberals that were urging everyone to shut up and listen to Pope Francis are now seething.

Apparently, Pope Francis met with Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis, who gained notoriety when she refused to issue marriage licenses after the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage decision. She ultimately spent five days in jail in contempt of court.

The Vatican did not deny that a meeting between Davis and the Pope took place while Francis was on his American tour last week. According to reports, he urged her to “stay strong” on her opposition to gay marriage.

The meeting lasted about 15 minutes, and Davis was given a rosary.

“I put my hand out and he reached and he grabbed it, and I hugged him and he hugged me,” Davis explained. “[He said,] ‘Thank you for your courage.'”

She added, “I’m just a nobody, so it was really humbling to think he would want to meet or know me.”

The Pope had been lauded by the liberal media in recent weeks for his attacks on capitalism and his dire warnings on climate change.

While the Pope is undoubtedly more vocal about some liberal issues than his predecessors–and has been praised from both sides of the aisle for breathing new energy back into the Catholic Church–the fact remains that little of the Church’s dogma and beliefs have actually changed. The Church has, and continues to be, more economically liberal and more socially conservative.

Pope Francis remains, both personally and publicly, strongly against gay marriage.

He also remains staunchly pro-life–just wait until the liberals find out about that one.

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You’ve got to almost feel bad for how spectacularly bad Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is falling apart.

Now, she can’t even get the Pope to play nice.

With the Clinton Global Initiative summit in New York, glitzy figures from around the globe were invited–including Pope Francis, who would be in the United States at the time, for his visit.

The Pope said no.

“They’ve had a lot of rejections from people–both from membership renewals and speaking roles this year…” admitted a CGI insider.

Clearly. The head of the Catholic Church wasn’t the only high-profile celebrity to snub Hillary Clinton this year. Singer Elton John, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, and even President Barack Obama also all turned down their invitations. As did Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen, whom Hillary wanted to personally deliver a presentation on income inequality.

Hillary had no better luck overseas, either: British Prime Minister David Cameron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel also declined.

The trouble for the Clinton Global Initiative comes after a bruising year of bad press.

Bill and Hillary Clinton have been suspected of using the Clinton Foundation (which puts on the Clinton Global Initiative summit each year) as a pay-to-play slush fund that traded cash for connections in Hillary’s State Department.

Hillary has also seen her favorability numbers collapse among the American people, largely do to the fallout from her email server scandal.

But it’s clear that more than just her campaign is sinking because of Hillary’s misdeeds–the Clinton brand, which until this year had commanded a large amount of respect from many, may also be falling apart.

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A Catholic needs two miracles to be considered for sainthood–and, if one family’s story checks out, he may be halfway there.

Lynn Cassidy claims her daughter, three-month-old Ave, was miraculously healed after an encounter with Pope Francis. Ave, who has Down syndrome, also had two holes in her heart–which were life-threatening.

The Cassidys planned a trip to Rome over Easter 2014, and they stood at the barricade on St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican in hopes that Pope Francis would come by.

When the Holy Father’s motorcade did come by, Lynn’s husband, Scott, held Ave up in the air. One of Pope Francis’s bodyguards took Ave and handed her to the Pope.

Scott told the Pope that Ave had two holes in her heart, as he held the sick baby.

What happened next? The Cassidys are calling that a miracle.

“When we got home in May, we went back to the cardiologist for a check-up,” Lynn said. “One of the holes was completely closed and one was half the size.”

While the story may be a case of coincidence, Lynn believes it’s divine intervention.

“When you see the picture that the professional photographer took [of Pope Francis and baby Ave], his hand is here and he’s a servant of God.”

Pope Francis has been a controversial figure since he was elected Pope. Whether or not he has actually committed a miracle remains to be seen–but it’s clear that the Pope is electrifying the Catholic Church in a way not seen for decades.

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Pope Francis has landed in the United States for the first time ever–but he would’ve been here a little bit sooner, had Obama not intervened.

According to reports from The Atlantic, President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden were running late to meet the pope. So they forced air traffic control to put the pope into a holding pattern over North Carolina.

It’s visible on the tracking for the papal jet–an Alitalia jet that’s been given the call sign Shepherd One: it made a few loops over southeastern North Carolina on its way from Havana, Cuba, where the pope’s previous stop had been, to Washington, D.C.

As if putting the pope into a holding pattern wasn’t insult enough, that still didn’t give Obama enough time: the pope was standing at the top of the air stairs for two minutes and eighteen seconds. According to reports, he could be seen hanging back near the plane’s bulkhead, waiting to get greeted by a White House official.

President Obama and the pope finally met for the first time on the tarmac shortly after.

Immediately, Obama’s lateness and lack of respect for the head of the Catholic Church was slammed on Twitter and in the media.

Radio host Brian Sussman summed it up succinctly: “Obama’s Papal diss? Even if you aren’t Catholic you don’t keep the Pope waiting.”

The White House, however, fired back on claims–saying that Obama’s meeting with the pope had been scheduled for 4pm–and that Obama had arrived at the airport at 3:31, before the papal jet. Other reports say that, because Pope Francis left early from Cuba, he had to circle in order to arrive on time in Washington, D.C.

But, if the pope really had been the victim of Obama’s schedule, it wouldn’t be the first snub Obama has planned for this week: his official reception with the Holy Father will include a number of Catholic dissidents, including transgender activists and pro-abortion nuns.

After his time in Washington, Pope Francis will continue his American tour with visits to Philadelphia and New York.

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Pope Francis had some touching words to say to a single mom, who decided not to abort her children–but Time magazine deleted some key passages that they thought were “too offensive.”

Here’s what the pope actually said:

“I know that people can sometimes look askance at you. But I’ll tell you one thing. You’re a brave woman because you were capable of bringing these two daughters into the world. You could have killed them inside your womb and you respected life, you respected the life you were carrying inside you and God will reward you for that and He does reward for you for that. Don’t be ashamed. Hold your head high. ‘I didn’t kill my daughters. I brought them into the world.’ I congratulate you.”

But, when Time released the transcript of the pope’s comments, well, key passages were missing. They deleted “You could have killed them inside your womb” and “I didn’t kill my daughters.”

Time, apparently, thought that the word “kill” to describe an abortion was too graphic.

Despite being hailed for liberalizing the Catholic Church in some ways, Pope Francis hasn’t wavered from his church’s firm pro-life stance–and it’s clear, on his tour of the United States, that he’s not going to kowtow to pro-choice sensibilities.

It’s unclear of who Time though the pope was offending, but clearly they would rather not have their readership see the word “kill” in the same passage that discusses abortion. Even if it’s coming from Pope Francis himself.

When the media is censoring the pope–the head of one of the largest religions in the world–over touching comments he made to cheer on a single mom who chose the more difficult route rather than abort her kids, it’s clear that the mainstream media won’t let anything stand in their way of their leftist, pro-abortion agenda.

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Catholics couldn’t have seen this coming: on Tuesday, Pope Francis has called on priests to pardon women who have had abortions.

That runs directly counter to decades of strong Catholic opposition to abortion.

“I have decided, notwithstanding anything to the contrary, to concede to all priests for the Jubilee Year the discretion to absolve of the sin of abortion those who have procured it and who, with contrite heart, seek forgiveness for it,” he said. “…[While] the tragedy of abortion is experienced by some with a superficial awareness… many… believe that they have no other option.”

He added, “I am well aware of the pressure that has led [women] to this decision,” he wrote in the announcement. “I know that it is an existential and moral ordeal.”

Francis’s new stance is much more akin to modern liberal ideals than it is to traditional Catholic teachings–basically accepting that, even though some women seek abortion just because they would rather not have a baby, many of them don’t see any other choice.

Currently, abortion is considered a grave sin–one for which a woman could be excommunicated. Forgiveness can only be granted by senior church figures.

In fact, as recently as 2004, the Catholic Church even sought to deny communion to Democratic presidential candidate, then-Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.), for his support of abortion rights.

But now, the tide might be changing–even for the Catholic Church–thanks to the reformist-minded Pope Francis.

For now, Francis’s relaxed rules on abortion will only be in effect between December 8, 2015, and November 20, 2016–but it’s without a doubt a sign of things to come for the quickly-liberalizing Catholic Church.

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Despite hysterical alarmist claims of man-made global warming and climate change, the data from the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) shows the US in a steady cooling trend.

NOAA typically releases data only after “adjusting” it, with the adjustments nearly always making the warming trend seem more pronounced. Previously they have been caught manipulating data from as far back as the 1930s to make it seem hotter in modern times.

The raw data, though, is available on NOAA’s website – and it paints a starkly different picture from the public narrative.

Meteorologist Anthony Watts, curator of the popular climate site Watts Up With That, compiled the raw data from NOAA’s US Climate Reference Network (USCRN) and graphed it. The trend is undeniable: The US has been cooling for the last ten years.

The USCRN data comes from a series of over 140 temperature stations scattered throughout the US. These stations are NOAA’s premier data collection method, with a mission of collecting data that doesn’t “need” adjustment to provide accurate information. According to NOAA boss Tom Karl:

“These stations were designed with climate science in mind. Three independent measurements of temperature and precipitation are made at each station, insuring continuity of record and maintenance of well-calibrated and highly accurate observations. The stations are placed in pristine environments expected to be free of development for many decades. Stations are monitored and maintained to high standards and are calibrated on an annual basis.”

In other words, the USCRN is the star in NOAA’s lineup, even though the agency never mentions the raw data from the network in their regular reports on the climate.

Despite the obvious and gaping holes in the climate change narrative, the true believers are still charging full speed ahead. The latest public figure to throw his hat into the ring on behalf of climate hysteria is Pope Francis, who issued an encyclical today calling for global action to end climate change.

The irony of the Pope coming down on the side of climate alarmism is particularly delicious, since the climate change pushers have long denied that their fervor resembles organized religion. Many on the left proudly proclaim that environmentalism is incompatible with religion, and now religion has officially joined them.

So here we are again, with more evidence that the “settled science” is in fact bogus science. That doesn’t seem to bother President Obama, who said on May 20th that global warming is a clear security threat to the United States, and on Tuesday promised a series of executive actions to promote “green” energy in an effort to combat climate change.

Like the rest of the climate alarmist crowd, the President refuses to learn the lessons of past failures like Solyndra, and insists we must continue to tilt at the global warming windmill – even though the government’s own data says the warming isn’t happening.

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Pope Francis is scared about the future of marriage.

When speaking to Catholic bishops from Puerto Rico in Rome, he talked about the wonderful things about marriage–and how it’s directly under attack by the new-age idea of “gender identity.”

“Let me draw your attention to the value and beauty of marriage,” Francis said. “The difference between men and women are not of the order of opposition or subordination, but rather communion and generation, always as the image and semblance of God.”

“The sacrament of marriage is a sign of God’s love for humanity and Christ’s commitment to His bride, the Church. Take care of this treasure…”

Over the last few weeks, issues of “gender identity” have risen to front page headlines. Inspired mostly by Caitlyn Jenner, the reality TV star formerly known as Olympian Bruce Jenner, who publicly came out with a spread in Vanity Fair magazine, it seems to be the topic of conversation all around the globe–even reaching its way to the Vatican, with Pope Francis.

Pope Francis has been both praised and criticized for his often-unorthodox beliefs when it comes to religious and economic issues. In many ways, he’s given substantial more left-leaning lip service for the Catholic Church on issues like gay marriage and poverty–and urging the Church to find ways of better including more liberal populations in Europe and the United States.

But despite all of the arguments made in support and opposition of transgender rights, Pope Francis remains opposed. And, because of his stature as the head of the largest singular religion in the world, he offers a unique perspective: that, because both men and women were created in the image of God, that’s something that can’t be replicated–especially by surgery that turns men into women and vice versa.

That’s a sentiment–a religious sentiment–that seems to be missing from a lot of the commonplace arguments about transgenders these days.

Pope Francis takes a longer term view of the often-trying controversial issues of the day.

As he told the bishops from Puerto Rico, “Know how to keep a distance from any form of ideological or political trend that may lead you to waste time and your true zeal for the Kingdom of God.”


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