Thursday, July 20, 2017

Preferential Treatment

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This but not THAT!

A high school in Pennsylvania is under the spotlight, for banning a pro-life club, since it is supposedly too controversial and political, but continued to allow pro-gay clubs.

Liz Castro, a senior in the high school spoke to Fox News about the school’s decision, “They told me that we couldn’t have our club because it was too controversial and too political at the time.”

“So just anything that other people disagree with is not allowed, do you think you were singled out for that?” Carlson asked.

“I think they were definitely discriminating against us because we were pro-life,” Castro said.

Sources stated that Parkland High School has allowed a gay-straight alliance club, a political science club, a fashion club, a chess club, and other groups necessary.

“That kind of club, an anti-abortion club,” Carlson asked, “is singularly offensive to the kind of people that run the schools isn’t it?”

“Yeah, you would think that public institutions and free speech would be a no-brainer,” said Kristin Hawkins, the president for Students for Life. “These are taxpayer-funded institutions and yet this is what we see time and time again in high schools and colleges across the country.”

“So do you suppose, Liz, if there was a club,” Carlson asked, “I dunno, a feminist club or women’s rights club, women’s empowerment club that supported legal abortion would they be allowed to organize on campus?”

“I feel like they may be able, they may allowed them to have their club,” Castro responded.

“So what are you going to do, have you given up?” he asked.

“No, not at all,” Castro said. “I’m a senior so this is kinda it for me, but my friend Grace who is also trying to start the club with me is definitely not giving up and she’s gonna try to start the club again.”

“We met all the requirements (but) were denied simply because we are pro-life,” Castro said, according to Life Site News. “As a club, our purpose is to create a life-affirming culture at our school, educate our peers on the issue of life, hold diaper drives to support pregnant and parenting students, and become a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.”

“The school is not only denying my right to start a group but denying the opportunity for others at my school to learn about the greatest human rights social injustice of our time,” Castro concluded.

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Sorry white girl. You're outta luck.

The American University in Washington, D.C., has agreed to allow black students an extension on their final exams all while preserving a “sanctuary for people of color.” All of this, came following an alleged racially charged incident that led to student protests.

Last week, it was reported that the campus was decorated with bananas hung in nooses with the letters “AKA” and the word “Harambe” written on them. “AKA,” the acronym for the black sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha.

The student group organized a protest in response to this incident, as a scheduled meeting between black leaders of campus and the school’s administration was rescheduled. The students blocked the traffic and set certain demands for school administrators.

The protestors laid out three major demands, as mentioned by Campus Reform:

“ ‘For the remaining [sic] of the semester, the Bridge will become a sanctuary for people of color,’ the ultimatum begins, referring to a student café and lounge on campus.Students also demanded that ‘all POC [persons of color] students get extensions, and should not be penalized for already scheduled finals after the incident,’ arguing that the racist incident on campus has distressed many students to the point that they are unable to focus on exams.The final demand calls for a ‘separate investigation team based out of the university (composed of a group of non-biased expert contractors) that can investigate cases of racism and discrimination brought against the institution of American University.’”

Freshman Jaha Knight stated, “These are the things that we have demanded from the university because of the oppression and discrimination and the hate we have faced, not just in these current events, but every day on this campus.”

American University Provost Scott Bass reportedly arrived at the scene and verbally agreed to the demands. “There’s nothing more important, in terms of my administration, than being a multicultural campus,” Bass said to the protesters.

“We are interested in getting to the bottom of the issue, and the sooner we can do that, the better,” he continued. “But I will also say that that doesn’t stop our commitment to do more. This is just a minimum. … This is not just one incident. It’s a deeper issue in our community.”


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