Monday, July 24, 2017

Presidential Debates

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Hillary is taking another day off to rest, but what Donald said about her time off was one of his most brilliant Tweets this election.

Donald and his campaign has not attacked Hillary for being sick. Instead they have only wished her well and hope she is ready for the debate. Donald sure seems like he is ready.

Hillary is struggling though and it is obvious. She is now taking another day off.

This is how Donald Trump feels about it.

On the surface, Donald is wishing that Hillary recovers soon and offers his well wishes and encouragement before the debate.

Donald is also trying to get into Hillary’s head about the debates, and is doing a good job.

Hillary is reportedly working on a strategy for the debate, but no strategy has worked against Donald Trump so far in other debates.

Donald’s subtle message shows how confident he is right now in the race, and why shouldn’t he be confident? Donald Trump has caught up in every major poll and is leading in some major battleground states like Florida and Ohio.

At the same time, Hillary is passing out, falling down and taking days off for illnesses. Donald should be confident.

That confidence is what has lead him to this point in the campaign, and now his supporters, detractors and the media are starting to realize that he has a real chance to win.

On the other hand, Hillary’s camp is losing confidence.

Bill Clinton and Tim Kaine had to fill in at different fundraisers and stressed to Hillary’s supporters that she is ok. Even president Obama has had to fill in some of the holes on the campaign trail for Hillary.

The confidence on the left is diminishing though, and even top DNC officials are saying that they should have a backup plan if Hillary was to get really sick and drop out.

Right now, it all comes down to the debate on Monday night.

The debate will really show who is ready for the White House and who isn’t, and the one thing that all people need more than anything else in a debate is confidence.

Right now, Trump is winning that category and it could mean that he walks away with a huge win at the debate. Trump’s ready, we’re ready, but Hillary is resting for the debate; we just have to wait and see what happens. It is surely going to fun to watch.

Do you think Donald is in Hillary’s head and will out perform her at the first debate? Let us know in the comments below.

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We can’t wait for Trump and Hillary to debate, but now we are expecting a slight change in the show. Debate planners are now planning to add a third podium.

Donald Trump and Hillary are not the two most popular candidates in history, actually quite the opposite, so it is expected that a third party candidate will qualify for the debates.

Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate and two term Republican governor of New Mexico is polling in some places around the country in double digits.

Gary will need to have over 15% in at least five national polls before the first debate kicks off September 28th. If he can reach that 15% mark, then he will make it to the stage.

The Commission on Presidential Debates is trying to make sure that venues and potential moderators are not surprised if Gary makes it to the stage.

Since his own party pushed Bernie Sanders out of the race and the establishment Republicans loathes Donald Trump, there are a lot of Republicans and Democrats that are looking for other options.

Gary Johnson is likely to some attention this year and CNN has already given the Libertarian Party a prime time Town Hall. Something they did not do in 2008 or 2012.

Gary has a real chance this year and he is starting to rise in the polls. Right now the third party candidate who is on the ballot in all 50 states is polling around 9%.

He has some ground to make up over the next month, but as more undecided voters start looking away from the GOP and the Democratic Party, then Johnson could see a steady rise leading up to the debates.

The Libertarian Party has stances that appeal to both Republicans and Democrats and there is a great chance that we will see Gary Johnson on the debate stages this fall.

Want to know more about Gary Johnson, here he is talking about Black Lives Matter on the CNN Town Hall.

Do you think that Gary Johnson will be invited to participate in the debates?


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