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Race Issues

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White People
Just look at them oppressing people

A Pennsylvanian college has reportedly said that black people are “screwed” because “white people are in charge.” Assistant professor at the communications department of University of Pittsburgh, Dr. Shanara Reid-Brinkley gave a special lecture at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, the school’s newspaper, badger Herald reported.

During the presentation, “Anti-Blackness and the Political: Millennials, Black Intellectuals, and the Re-shaping of American Politics,” Ms. Reid-Brinkley suggested that black people experience less freedom today than they did before Donald Trump took office, referring to the Trump administration.

“I think that we’re all screwed because white people are in charge,” Reid-Brinkley said, according to the Badger Herald.

Reid-Brinkley stated that black people will never experience the same freedom as whites because democracy itself was built on anti-blackness. She also accused white people for issues such as genocide, global warming, and colonization. Further saying that none of these problems will see any solution unless black people are in charge.

The University of Pittsburgh professor warned the Democratic National Committee that it could lose one of its largest voter demographics if it doesn’t focus on addressing issues that most black millennial voters care about.

“The DNC in the next 20 years is going to lose its voting bloc if it does not learn this lesson,” Reid-Brinkley said.

According to a report by FiveThirtyEight, a significantly lesser number of millenials consider themselves as Democrats than the previous generation. The report also stated that compared with only 35 percent of baby boomers identifying themselves as politically independent, over 48 percent black millenials now say the same.

Being more specific, FiveThirtyEight reported a “generational divergence from the overwhelming black loyalty to the Democratic Party.”

Regarding an observation about 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, FiverThirtyEight stated:

“Compared to older black Americans, millennials are more likely to see Clinton as not trustworthy in general, or not progressive enough on issues like decreasing the cost and debt load of a college education or reducing racial bias in policing and incarceration. Others are broadly cynical about the possibility for political change.”

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White People

There is a new website where white people can pay to ease their guilt for their ancestors owning slaves.

This is an actual thing.

There is a website that asks for “reparations” to be paid to black people by white people.

The site was created by a “conceptual artist” Natasha Marin. It is a way for white people to atone for slavery.

One “person of color” requested groceries, and a very generous and guilty feeling white person said they buy them. (With a $200 limit)

There was one request on the website for dinner because the “person of color” was too upset to make anything. We don’t know if the person was upset because their dog got run over or because of slavery. Just kidding, obviously slavery.

One of the more ridiculous requests was by a person that was angry and needed someone to yell at. One white person stepped up as “tribute”, and will take this one for team white.

Why are there no websites dedicated to thanking the white people that helped defeat slavery and make it so black people could vote?

As InfoWars pointed out when they broke the story, only 1.5% of white people in America even owned slaves, but it took a majority of white people to demand the end of slavery and many willing to die on the battlefield fighting for the freedoms that exist today for all Americans.

The problem with looking at slavery and blaming all white people and demanding they pay “reparations” is it totally undervalues the role white people in America played to end slavery.

Will you be paying reparations? Let us know in the comments below.

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Democrats are doing their best to try and include the Black Lives Matter movement and the mothers of black men who have been killed by police, but we are seeing a shocking result.

On the day that the mother’s of slain black children spoke at the Democratic National Convention, a protest march was planned outside.

The “Black DNC Resistance March” was about to start in Philadelphia when an organizer took to the mic to demand that the white people get in the back of the line and the black people get up front.

Didn’t Rosa Parks show the world that this is wrong?

Why isn’t Hillary condemning this kind of speech?

Watch the video as one of the organizers sets our country back a few decades.

The liberal media is largely ignoring the protests and marches happening at the DNC, but they are getting worse.

There are a lot of people angry. You have Bernie fans angry with the DNC and mad at Hillary. You have Hillary fans who are mad at Bernie and his fans. There are groups that hate police and groups that are self-proclaimed communists and everyone is angry. (They also all hate Trump)

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You may live with one or have at least interacted with one at the drive through window of McDonalds.

They’re the Millennial Generation. The young whipper-snappers that are coming into adulthood.

Within this generation, there are two significant groups – those born into social media and those who were able to play “pong” on an Atari.

The differences are stark.

Those who grew up with Facebook, Twitter and even the near defunct MySpace share a cultural difference than the Baby Boomers and Gen Xers.

The experts who have studied this generation call it being “civic-minded.”

In reality, this generation reflects the timeline of their Facebook page. They are rosy and optimistic while others, especially the college aged, share the outrage that they see among others.

So when Black Lives Matter goes viral with outrage over whatever has set them off for the day, many Millennials – regardless of race – join in.

An example of this is seen with the recent incident at a Trump rally. A college student, Thomas Dimassimo, rushed the staged and attempted to pull Trump from the podium.

Thomas was at least raised a Christian, is well spoken and completing his college education . . . and he’s white.

Thomas’ mother was the transportation director for Cobb County in Georgia and his father is a teacher.

It’s a bit of a mystery why this 23 year old would post on his Twitter account that, “Saturday, im [sic] going to check my people and spit on their false king.”

Here are a few more of his social outbursts:

And here’s the young man in action in Georgia:

But just as Bruce Jenner self identifies as a butt-ugly woman, Tommy Dimassimo self identifies as a black kid from Brooklyn.

And his Trump attack was all due to his thinking that Donald Trump is provoking “white supremacist thoughts.”

But little Tommy is not alone. If you troll through social media, and even Dimassimo’s own accounts, you’ll find that his fans and friends include many young white males who see themselves as the protectors of minorities.

In essence they are bringing back the Civil Rights movement but have a lack of issues to be outraged about.

There are no longer segregated schools (unless through government mandates and bussing), actual, hard-evidenced discrimination is few and far between, and there’s a black man occupying the White House.

So rather than find real issues to address and fight, they cast a “racist” label on their closest form of opposition and go absolutely nuts.

While little Tommy is not representative of all Millennials, his actions are indicative of many of them . . . and together, as a group fueled by ignorant Tweets and Facebook posts, they create an enemy where none exists.

If anything, they are bringing back racism.

Watch the CNN interview with Dimassimo here:

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Social media has blown up over the six high school girls who took a yearbook picture day and turned it into a nation-wide controversy over a single word . . . Ni**er.
Shirt The students, originally appearing in t-shirts with many others that spelled out “Best*You’ve*Ever*Seen*Class*of*2016” rearranged a few letters to spell out the taboo word as a not-very-well-thought-out prank.

Class of 2016

The students and their faces are now trending on Facebook resulting in millions of people fuming and branding them as racists over a single picture.

The racial slur, if uttered by a non-African American, has ended the careers and credibility of countless people.

Now the students of Desert Vista High School have been suspended for five days while 37,000 people have signed a petition calling for their expulsion.

An expulsion would strip them of their diplomas and literally kill their college careers before they began.

The word, which this writer dare not spell out of fear of our publication being labeled as a “hate site,” is used liberally by black Americans, especially those in the hip hop community.

Ironically, rappers Nas and Kelis, showed up at the Grammy awards three years ago with the word emblazoned on their attire.


The result of their statement . . . celebration.

The double standard goes against free speech, racist or not.

Living in a free society means you’re free to be a bigot, racist, or just plain dumb. And you can do it as much as you like as long as you don’t harm others.

The petition signers, who demand government apply a harsh punishment to the girls, are engaging in nothing more than politically correct induced mass hysteria.

Deconstructing the offense, these high school seniors made two mistakes: They had a silly moment they publicized and they were white.

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oscar nominations

Racist antagonist Al Sharpton took to the podium this week to complain about the lack of diversity of Academy Award nominees.

The Oscar nominations were released earlier this week and no African Americans were included in the nominations of the top 20 actors.

Sharpton, the community activist turned talk show host, told the media, “Hollywood is like the Rocky Mountains, the higher up you get the whiter it gets.”

The Reverend Al continued his rant on Twitter:

Notably missing from Sharpton’s rant was recommendations of black actors who deserved recognition.

“Black” movies that qualified for this years Oscars included “The Wedding Ringer,” Will Smith’s “Focus,” “Magic Mike XXL,” and “Straight Outta Compton.”

Sharpton also failed to complain about the lack of diversity with the Heisman Trophy awards, where a disproportionate five of the last eight winners of the award were black.

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Michelle Obama

A black conservative YouTube star just took down Michelle Obama’s shockingly racist rant at Tuskegee University.

Alfonzo Rachel basically told Michelle Obama that the solution to racism isn’t self-pity or playing the victim card—it’s about hard work and resilience.

Michelle, in a speech at the historically black Tuskegee earlier this year, discussed “those nagging worries that you’re going to get stopped or pulled over for absolutely no reason; the fear that your job application will be overlooked because of the way your name sounds; the agony of sending your kids to schools that may no longer be separate, but are far from equal; the realization that no matter how far you rise in life, how hard you work to be a good person, a good parent, a good citizen — for some folks, it will never be enough.”

She added: “And all of that is going to be a heavy burden to carry. It can feel isolating. It can make you feel like your life somehow doesn’t matter… And as we’ve seen over the past few years, those feelings are real. They’re rooted in decades of structural challenges that have made too many folks feel frustrated and invisible. And those feelings are playing out in communities like Baltimore and Ferguson and so many others across this country.”

Rachel’s response absolutely destroyed Michelle Obama’s whole woe-is-me racist shtick as bad for the country, and bad for African-Americans in particular:

“If knowledge is power and you are graduating with the power of knowledge then how are you going to tolerate this agitator coming in to convince you, that you’re a victim, despite the power you’re graduating with.

You are the first freaking lady of the United States and you’re still a spoiled butt-hurt victim, whining about unfairness.

You’re not interested in representing the United States, you’re not interested in representing ALL the people, your interest is in representing the black community and as the first lady you have represented us as bitter and spoiled.

The only hope that people like you have, Michelle Obama is that people will be as miserable as you.”

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If you’re in Seattle and you’re white, you’re not welcome at Rainier Beach Yoga–because they’ve created a class called “yoga for people of color” and explicitly banned whites from attending.

The email sent out by the studio actually laundry-lists who is allowed to be included in this “inclusive” class.

If you’re “African American/black/of the African Diaspora, Asian, South Asian, West Asian/Arab/Middle Eastern, Pacific Islander, First Nations/Alaskan Native/Native American/Indigenous, Chicano/Latino, or Multiracial/Mixed-Race,” then you’re also okay.

They also give bonus points if you’re “lesbian, bisexual, gay, queer and trans-friendly/affirming,” as well. The class is intended for people of all genders, all skill levels, and all body types (except for the type of body that’s covered with white skin.)

Lest white people think they were simply not mentioned, the email makes it clear that they’re in fact not welcome.

“White friends, allies and partners are respectfully asked not to attend.”

Local radio host, Dori Monson, who first reported the racist yoga class on his show, is now leading the charge to make sure this so-called “progressive” version of discrimination gets the same chilly response that the Left has given other forms of discrimination.

Had white people banned minorities from a yoga class, Monson explains, “It would be a lead story on national news. It would be blared across all the websites about the racist yoga class in Seattle. And the fact is, this yoga class is every bit as racist as a bunch of white people who say they don’t want to be around somebody of color.”

Monson added that he’s going to press Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson to take action, just as he had against other discriminatory businesses.

After all, fair is fair. Monson believes that, if Ferguson is going to use “the power of government to go after the Christian florist in the Tri-Cities who didn’t want to do the gay wedding ceremony,” then he should shut down this racist yoga class as well.

Monson’s challenge to the state government is: “Will they also go after the yoga studio that discriminates against people based on their skin color?”

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Move over Rachel Dolezal: now, a key figure in the “Black Lives Matter” movement is revealed to be secretly white.

Shaun King, who works as a “justice correspondent” for the leftwing online news source, Daily Kos, has become a high-profile media presence in recent months. His rise has been fueled largely by his stoking of racial tensions, in defense of “Black Lives Matter,” the movement that developed after the death of several unarmed black men at the hands of white cops.

Numerous times, he’s referred to himself as a black man–often describing the racism that he felt from white classmates, while growing up black in America.

But, according to his birth certificate, King isn’t black at all. His birth certificate lists a white man as his father, and a white woman as his mother. And a 1995 police report lists his ethnicity as white as well.

King has, apparently, been lying about his race for years. He first claimed to be biracial in order to qualify for an “Oprah scholarship” to attend Morehouse College, a historically black university. (That particular scholarship, sponsored by billionaire media guru, Oprah Winfrey, is given exclusively to black men.)

King has also struggled to recall basic facts about his life, like how many spinal surgeries he’s had, and even how many children he has. Which perhaps gives more evidence to the possibility that his media persona, as a black man, is a lie.

This report comes not long after Rachel Dolezal, a regional leader at the NAACP, was outed as a white woman pretending to be black. She continues to “identify as black” despite having two white parents.

While Dolezal’s parents, both white, confirmed her racial lies, so far no relatives have exposed the truth about Shaun King’s race. But, with evidence mounting, it appears more likely than not that yet another racial huckster is pretending to be something they’re not, in order to boost their own career.

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A video posted this past Sunday to the Facebook showed the Saturday night attack on a white man attending a July 4th festival in the Fountain Square area of Cincinnati. The video showed the man being beaten bloody and unconscious by scores of black people in what many described as an unprovoked “race riot” attack on a helpless victim.

The depravity of the attack came into sharper focus as attackers circled the victim to dance and taunt their gravely injured and unconscious prey. The beating followed a hip-hop and electronica Fourth of July concert. Onlookers, who were not involved in the attack, were seen laughing at the victim on the video.

Several other black people apart from the mob attempted to a shield the victim from further attack while waiting for emergency units to respond to 911 call and for law enforcement officers to be flagged down to render assistance.

When police arrived, they came under attack as well.

Using fireworks, rocks, bottles and closed fist attacks that initially overwhelmed police, the mob injured two officers – one who received facial injuries from a broken bottle and a second who needed stitches to the lip to close a wound from a punch to the face.

Seven people were arrested in the melee including three juveniles. According to details on the arrests published in The Cincinnati Enquirer:

“Jy Quynn Britten, 21, punched a peace officer in the face while officers tried to arrest another person, according to court documents. Britten then ran from officers through Fountain Square before being Tased and arrested.”

“As arrests were made, an officer told a bystander operating a camera, “Hey, when you’re shooting that video make sure you get the officer with the busted lip.” “Britten is accused of assault, resisting arrest, and obstructing official business.”

”…Gary Sheffield, 29, was arrested in the 500 block of Walnut Street near Fountain Square for misconduct at an emergency, according to court documents. “Police said Sheffield refused to obey orders and screamed at officers.”

The alleged details of the beating of the victim were told by a police officer in an anonymous online statement reported by the website Cincinnati Vs. Everyone:

…”So then we form into riot formation with helmets on and begin passing out the shields. Honestly, this was the first time I got to partake in this. So we see ahead a scuffle begin and think it’s just a fight.

Well not so much, it was like 40 v. 1. I saw 40 v. 1, it was 40 black youths stomping the crap out of one unlucky male white. He didn’t do anything to deserve this beating except be white. I’m going to skip all the rhetoric and just say don’t we all matter???

This just pissed us all off. Time to rescue or at least try to get these thugs off of him. So we were sent in with shields and arrest team to do a victim rescue. Feel bad for the guy since he nor anyone deserved a beat down like that for no reason…”

The officer ended his statement with a plea for unity:

“I felt like I had to tell the truth and get the word out there from one of the men on the front line. We as an American Society and Cincinnatians need to get our (act) together because these types of interactions are going to increase. I say it again, this stuff is increasing not only here at home but across the country. We need to come together and fight back.”


Guarding Republicans

Over the weekend, the New York Times was slammed for running a piece where the news outlet apparently tried to cover up the motives...