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Are they controlling you?

During a quiet Sunday evening, I thumbed through my Instagram feed to find an image of a button that read, “No Nazis, No KKK, No Racist USA.” The three lines where followed by an upside down American flag – the sign of distress.

The man who posted the button, Canadian Chef and celebrity among hipsters and millennials, Matty Matheson, threw in the hastags, #IFTHISUPSETSYOU #URARACIST.


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While I’m not one to engage in back-and-forth flame wars on social media, I had to go off on this guy . . . to the point that he had to post a video of himself visibly upset and asking “racists” to unfollow him.


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The happily obese chef, who has a show on Viceland, then blocked my Instragram account to prevent future humiliation.

While the exchange and Matheson’s reaction was all fun and good, the reaction of the chef and his followers was eye-opening.

These people truly believe that if you disagree with their unjustified hatred of Trump, America, White people, etc., you are an unabashed racist.

Not to pull out my own race card, but I’m Native American . . . a card-carrying tribal member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation.

While I could easily throw on an eagle’s feather, grow a ponytail and start crying about the historical oppression of “my people” the truth is my bloodline has never affected my life.

I, like any other minority, am responsible for my own success and my own failures.

Having been raised in an integrated society where race really was a non-issue (growing up I attended an “all black” high school and didn’t think anything of it), to be labeled a racist without justification will make your blood boil the first time it happens.

But upon the 139th time you’re called a racist, you consider the source, take a step back and realize that using the “R” word is simply a tactic by the left to control and silence opposition.

While the tactic is not new, since the election of Donald Trump, the racism tactic is being used on the onset of nearly every disagreement.

As Matty Matheson stated through his use of hashtags, “If this upsets you, you’re a racist.”

But the Left’s overuse and abuse of the racist label, like oversaturation of any sort, has lost its power.

For those who have seen the movie, The Dark Knight Rises, you may recall a scene were the sympathetic villain, Bane, stands before a slimy corporate executive.

Bane asks the suited man, “Do you feel in charge?”

The corporate executive sheepishly responds, “I’ve paid you a small fortune.”

Bane boldly responds, “And this gives you power over me?”

Applying the liberal “racist” tactic to that scene, it would go like this:

Bane asks the outraged liberal, “Do you feel in charge?”

The snowflake sheepishly responds, “bu, bu, but, I’ve called you a racist.”

Bane boldly responds, “And this gives you power over me?”

The left has lost its ability to debate because it refuses to trade in facts and reasonable policy arguments; instead it pedals intimidation tactics, and now, violence.

While we don’t have to snap anyone’s neck like Bane would do, recognize that these ultimate insults are designed to control you, but in reality, have no power over your freedom of speech or expression.

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There seems to be a new desire from the people on the progressive left to call anyone that has country pride or likes Trump a racist.

A London shopkeeper is being called a racist for having a British focused store. A man opened a store that hired local people that sold British-themed souvenirs. That is all he had to do in order to be called a racist.

The owner spoke to the local Hamsptead & Highgate Express local newspaper about one of the “racist” encounters.

“The shop is in no way meant to be political or pro-Brexit but we have had a lot of complaints saying it is or we are racist. A guy came in the other day and said, ‘What’s this, a charity shop?’ We said, ‘No, not at all’ and he said, ‘Well it’s racist’ and stormed out.”

Unfortunately, being called a racist for supporting your country is not just in England.

An American university took down the American flag to not offend any students. –

It doesn’t stop there. Apparently you can also be racist if you voted for Trump.

The left lost in the UK with Brexit in a shocking fashion. The left lost in America to Trump in a shocking fashion. Maybe it is time the left stops calling everyone racist and they might be able to win occasionally.

Is anyone that has country pride a racist? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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A teacher at a high school in Norman, Oklahoma is teaching his students that “to be white is racist”, but that isn’t the worst part.

The unidentified teacher began a lecture talking about the mistreatment of Native Americans when a student started recording the lecture.

What the student recorded is making parents nervous all around the United States.

After rambling for a short time about what white people did to America and Native Americans, he really got into the meat of his lesson.

“To be white is to be racist, period. Am I racist? I say yea. I don’t want to be. It’s not like choose to be racist, but do I do things because of the way I was raised?”

According to this teacher, all you have to do to be racist is to be white, and this was actually taught in an American school.

The student who recorded the lecture wants to remain anonymous, but said she was offended because she was half Hispanic and didn’t like being called a racist.

After the student showed her parents the recording, they went directly to the school and to the media.

There is no report yet on the educator and if he is still teaching students that “to be white is racist.”

Do you think you are a racist if you are white? Let us know in the comments below.

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Over the weekend, Baltimore saw a horrible shooting that left 9 people wounded including a little girl, but why were there not protests like Charlotte?

A group of people were hanging outside when three gunmen, two with handguns and one with a shotgun, intentionally ran up and started shooting.

During the ambush one woman and seven men were injured plus one little three-year-old girl. Everyone was given care and they all are expected to live, but where is Black Lives Matter?

In Charlotte, the police shot a man that had a gun and resisted the officers warnings, yet protests have continued six days.

Could it be that everyone survived in Baltimore or they didn’t have the organization to plan a protest?

Maybe nobody protested because it was three black criminals that shot up the barbeque. Maybe it was because this was possibly a revenge shooting, and the little girl that got shot was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The truth is, Black Lives Matter is not am organization that supports black people, it is an organization that is anti-cop.

The only time BLM organizes a protest is when a police officer, white or black, shoots and kills a black person.

It is obvious that Black Lives Matter doesn’t think that black lives matter because they would rather protest the 150 or so police shootings a year than dealing with the fact that over 50% of the murders in the USA are committed by 14% of the population.

Black lives do matter in America, but not to Black Lives Matter. The organization is more focused on attacking police than they are actually helping their culture.

Look at this video of the “peaceful protests” in Charlotte instigated and led by the Black Lives Matter supporters to get a better understanding of what happened in Charlotte.

It is time for America to reject Black Lives Matter until they start proving they really believe that black lives matter.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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Bieber dreadlocks

When Justin Bieber, the young pop star who has had his share of idiot moments, showed off his new blonde dreadlocks, the liberal piranhas came out.

Notice the very telling and racist hashtag, #StopWhitePeople2016

Some people didn’t worry about the racist implications. They just wanted him dead.

The backlash for the Beibs changing his hair is to be expected, but the cultural appropriation is just crazy. People are saying that Black people are seen unkempt and are categorized as druggies if they have dreadlocks, but if a white guy does it, then it’s cool!

That argument just doesn’t work, because Justin Bieber looks like a druggie and unkempt. Sorry, but he does.

In the Beib’s defense, he did grow up in a culture where dreadlocks were part of it. He grew up in the American culture where we encourage self-expression and equal rights. Since he was a kid he worked in a very diverse industry. Dreadlocks are part of Justin’s culture and you can’t take that away from him.

“Ironically” the attack on civil liberties is coming from the left and it is okay because the attacks are against white people. White people have to pay. #StopWhitePeople2016

Once we start getting into stealing each other’s culture, then we all are going to be left with nothing. Imagine being white and not being able to eat a taco or listen to Ray Charles. Imagine being black not being able to eat pasta or watch baseball. Imagine being Latino and not being able to eat a hamburger or fly a plane. What about space? White people found space and explored it first, is that theirs?

This whole thing is just ridiculous and the fact that it is being pushed by the left, whose presidential front runner is under FBI criminal investigation, is just embarrassing.

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star wars

MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry–a favorite of the liberal Left–went on a tirade about the so-called “racism” in Star Wars.

According to Harris-Perry, who is black, the series’ supremely evil villain Darth Vader was “totally a black guy.”

“While he was black he was terrible and bad, awful and used to cut off white men’s hand, and didn’t actually claim his son,” she said. “But as soon as he claims his son, goes over to the good, takes off his mask and he is white.”

Angry, she added, “Yes, I have many feelings about that.”

While Darth Vader technically wears black armor–and is, in fact, voiced by a black man, James Earl Jones, whose voice was added in the post-production editing of the film–it’s a stretch to claim that his “color” is explicit racism on the part of series creator George Lucas. When his helmet comes off, and he’s revealed to be a white man–which makes sense, considering his two children are white–it’s also not necessarily a statement of his “becoming a white man,” either.

In fact, in the more-recent prequel trilogy that depicts a younger Darth Vader (a white man, played by Hayden Christensen), he gets progressively more corrupted. And remains white.

Harris-Perry, who portrays herself as a journalist, has grown infamous for her ability to see the racial “injustice” in just about anything.

Now? It looks like she’s taking offense at one of the most successful and beloved film franchises of all time–simply because the villain happens to wear black armor for much of the film.

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the wiz

Some people are crying “racism” after NBC aired the all-black musical, The Wiz—but not for the reason you’d think.

Apparently, during Thursday’s three-hour live broadcast of The Wiz Live, liberals on social media were up in arms—because there was a sole white dancer in the background of the otherwise “diversity”-filled show.

The Wiz, which first debuted on Broadway in 1975, is an R&B adaption of The Wizard of Oz, and famously features an all-black cast. It was later made into a movie with Diana Ross and Michael Jackson.

When NBC’s version aired on Thursday night, the cast was predominately black as well: starring Queen Latifah, Shanice Williams, David Alan Grier, Elijah Kelley, Mary J. Blige, Common, Uzo Aduba, and Ne-Yo.

But there was one white man in the cast: a background dancer named Chris Silcox.

And liberal activists, who resented this apparent “microaggression,” expressed their anger on social media:

One Twitter user posted a picture of Silcox with the rest of the cast and fumed, “How the hell did THIS GUY sneak on set?”

While another—YouTube comedian GloZell Green, who once controversially interviewed Barack Obama during his first term in office—complained, “That was a White Man in The Wiz … um … who do I report this to?”

The Wiz, which received far more favorable reviews than NBC’s previous live musical outings, garnered over 11 million viewers—but, unlike previous years, managed to attract some minor controversy from just about everyone.

Earlier in the evening, many others had complained on social media that The Wiz had an all-black cast—seemingly unaware that was how the musical was written in the 1970s, and that NBC was just faithfully adapting it—before being corrected. But it looks like cries of “racism” went both ways after the live holiday musical.

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Put down the burrito. Put down the sushi. Apparently, eating them makes you a racist–at least, according to liberal feminists.

The liberal opinion site, Everyday Feminism, has put together a convenient guide to let you know what foods a white person is allowed to eat. It’s called, “The Feminist Guide to Being a Foodie Without Being Culturally Appropriative,” and yes, it’s as ridiculous as it sounds.

The guide’s author, Rachel Kuo, an Asian-American, laments how “frustrating” it is when her native culture “gets consumed and appropriated as both trend and tourism.”

To fix that, basically, white people are supposed to abstain from wanting to eat any sort of ethnic food, lest it become too popular.

Kuo explains that “cultural appropriation is when members of a dominant culture adopt parts of another culture from people that they’ve also systematically oppressed. The dominant culture can try the food and love the food without ever having to experience oppression because of their consumption.”

Basically, if you haven’t been “oppressed,” how dare you enjoy wontons.

Kuo adds, “Food is appropriated when people from the dominant culture – in the case of the US, white folks – start to fetishize or commercialize it.”

In Kuo’s mind, if you’re seeking “authentic ethnic food,” you’re guilty of “cultural appropriation.” She specifically excludes Western European food, because “ethnic food has become reserved only for ethnicities that are perceived as exotic and foreign to White folks.” (Sorry, Italians; your food is eaten by everyone, but you’re too white to qualify for “cultural appropriation,” according to Kuo.)

You’re also guilty if you have a “person of color” act as your personal “food expert.”

Over the last few years, politically correct culture has run amok. It used to be that American culture was a giant melting pot–we eat pasta and pizza because large numbers of Italian immigrants introduced their native foods to the masses.

But now that other cultures, like Asian cultures, have seen their food growing in popularity as their own numbers increase, the PC police have taken offense–and are trying to tell you that, basically, if you’re open to new experiences and willing to try different food from a different culture, you’re a big old racist.

So put down those chopsticks!

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In what many are describing as a satirical effort to directly confront the race based “Black Lives Matter” movement on college campuses and draw attention to the anti-white racism that has caused university administrators to resign their posts or run in fear, students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign launched a Facebook page called “Illini White Students Union”.

Since the nuanced nature of the Facebook page was naturally lost on the professional protest class, black activists condemned it and claimed additional offense since the Facebook authors – who remain anonymous – went one-step further by blasting the mission of the national Black Lives Matter movement as “terrorism.”

Launched just two days ago to stare down radicals sympathetic to “Black Lives Matter” on campus, the student newspaper, “The Daily Illini”, quoted the Facebook page as saying that it was created:

“…for white students of University of Illinois to be able to form a community and discuss our own issues as well as be able to organize against the terrorism we have been facing from Black Lives Matter activists on campus.

The original “Illini White Students Union” page, which was taken down just hours after it was launched to give the impression that black student protestors had run it out of town, was revived a short time later here leaving black activists fuming since the tactic made them look like fools.

“We recognize the right to free speech, and we encourage you to exercise that right when you see examples of racism, discrimination or intimidation on our campus,” Interim Chancellor Barbara Wilson, who called the page “extremely disturbing,” wrote in a message Thursday to the student body.

In an anonymous message to the News-Gazette, the page’s administrator discussed Black Lives Matter said:

“We feel they disrupt student daily life and activity far too much,” the message read, saying that movement “marginalizes” white students. “… We are in the United States and not Africa and we don’t desire to have an African flag on campus.”

As far as Facebook pages go, the current page is bare bones. It contains just a few links to news stories about the controversy, includes an image of a statue on campus and boasts just over 1,000 “likes” in two days.

The original mission statement posted in the “about” section of the Facebook page said the page was meant to give “White Pride and a safe place for White students” – text that was later changed to read: “A group for white University of Illinois Students. The first white student organization on campus.”

The original “Illini White Students Union” Facebook page was even more provocative including this tongue and check message:

“Feel free to send in pictures you take of any black protestors on the quad so we know who anti-whites are.”

Student reporter, Marijo Enderle, a 20-year-old senior at the university, said in a telephone interview that protesters were particularly concerned that they were being targeted.

“One of the parts on the page particularly concerning to students is that they were taking pictures from the rally of the main quad and identifying students in attendance to identify the ‘anti-whites,’” Enderle also pointed out that “there hasn’t been any indication that it has been a university student” who created the page.

Predictably, university administrators condemned the page saying that it was not only offensive but that it used the university’s trademark without permission. University spokesman Robin Kate wrote in an email to The Daily Illini” that:

“It is disturbing and cowardly that someone would create an anonymous and senseless social media page specifically designed to intimidate others, including and especially our students. When we became aware of the page, we immediately contacted Facebook and requested that it be removed.”

“Facebook has been responsive to our requests, but the page continues to be reposted. We are continuing to work with Facebook to address this matter. We recognize that passions run deep on all sides of many issues, but actions like this are senseless and hurtful and do nothing to foster meaningful dialogue.”

Some of those who posted comments on the page disagreed.

“As a Mexican American I do not find this page racist or in poor taste,” another wrote. “It’s only fair that you are allowed to have your own page and the same rights to freedom of speech as black Illini students have.”

Another comment posted on the page expressed support for the idea of a white students union saying:

“What I do like about it is they are fighting for the rights of the white man which are dwindling faster than a rabbit on meth!” Alan Scroggins, a 37-year-old stay-at-home dad from Rantoul, Ill., wrote. “I’m not racist, but I’m proud of my heritage! You know!”

While the university was quick to condemn “white” race based groups and comments, the university was silent on campus groups, publications, website pages and social media like Facebook based on other races – particularly black groups and potentially violent protest groups like “Black Lives Matter” who have allegedly advocated the killing of police officers.

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The University of Missouri has been rocked by race-related protests over the last few weeks—but it looks like activists may have found another villain: Christians.

In Mizzou’s “free speech zone”—apparently, the First Amendment right to free speech is not available throughout the public university’s campus—a man was identified as a Mizzou student and Christian preacher, but his name has not been identified.

Holding a protest sign that promised “salvation to all that obey Him,” and referenced the Bible verse Hebrews 5:9, the preacher was vocally criticizing the African-American community, claiming that many of them were arrested by the police because they had an attitude of “eff the police.”

He quickly attracted a crowd of angry black protestors, but the preacher continued his speech. The attack started after the preacher referenced the death of Michael Brown, the Missouri teenager who was shot while attacking a police officer and sparked the first waves of the so-called “Black Lives Matter” protests in Ferguson, Missouri.

The preacher said: “Michael Brown died because he had a disrespect for authority.”

In a video uploaded to Periscope, that was quickly the straw that broke the camel’s back; a black male protestor ripped the preacher’s sign from his hands, threw it to the ground, and then began physically assaulting the preacher—first by pushing him, and then by punching him in the face. Both the attacker and the victim were quickly separated and held back by other protestors.

After the assault, another protestor grabbed the preacher’s microphone to turn the conversation away from Christianity, and back to racism and oppression.

Police have yet to make an arrest or identify the attacker. A later photo of the victim showed him with a bloody lip, but otherwise uninjured.


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