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Rahm Emanuel

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We all remember what happened at the canceled Donald Trump rally in Chicago when racial tensions were high and Trump fans had to be escorted out of the arena.

What we saw at the Trump rally is a hint to why there is a mass exodus of rich people leaving Chicago.

“About 3,000 individuals with net assets of $1 million or more, not including their primary residence, moved from the city last year, with many citing rising racial tensions and worries about crime as factors in the decision,” as reported by the Chicago Tribune.

In fact, millionaires are leaving Chicago at an incredible rate, but the windy city is not alone. The rich are leaving the terror-stricken French capital of Paris t a rate of 7,000 per year.

Rome is next on the list with 6,000 leaving per year, and the numbers are going up.

In Chicago, the reason the rich are deciding to leave their home has a lot to do with the rise in crime, and especially the increase in tension between races.

Chicago has seen better days. Crime has continued to rise under Mayor Rahm Emanuel, former Obama chief of staff, but it is the income inequality and racially charged groups like Black Lives Matter that are creating a hostile environment.

The wealthy do not feel safe in Chicago anymore and they are doing something about it.

The ones who can are getting out of town, and the ones that have to stay in the city are buying things like safe rooms or panic rooms in the event of an attack.

Are they being paranoid or are they really getting out before the storm hits? What do you think? Is there a civil unrest coming to Chicago or are the rich just looking for a warmer place to live? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel honed on in the growing popularity of AirBNB.

For those unfamiliar with the service, it’s much like Uber in that home owners can rent out their home for a night or more through the AirBNB app or site.

The service is a way for travelers to experience a truly local feel for their host city while staying in bed-and-breakfast like accommodations.

There are hosts in over 30,000 cities around the world.

Chicago offers over 300 AirBNB hosts where average one-night stays run a reasonable $113 per night. Some can be found for as low as $19 per night.

But “Godfather” Rahm wants his money.

The Chicago mayor and former chief of staff for Barack Obama is requiring all AirBNB hosts to register with the city to obtain a license and collect two different taxes for travelers.

For AirBNB hosts who don’t go want to hassle with 17 pages of compliance documents and taxes are faced with fines of no less than $1,500 per offense or six months in jail.

In typical Chicago fashion, the Godfather wants his cut.

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In what many on the Left are describing as an epic act of betrayal, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced this week that he is going to layoff 1,400 Chicago public school teachers and staff to help finance a public employee pension debt of $634 million.

The layoffs will free up $200 million to pay the city’s upcoming pension payment must be made by Chicago Public Schools by Illinois law. The rest of the pension payment will come from more borrowing by a school district already drowning in $1.1 billion of debt.

As expected, Mayor Emanuel is blaming the situation on the rest of Illinois for not paying more of the cost of keeping Chicago’s promises to the city’s powerful teacher unions.

“You negotiate with your teachers in Aurora… Then we get to pay for it,” Emanuel said at a press conference. He said the state should change its funding formula so “You… come to the table and start paying your share for what you negotiated.”

Chicago’s public schools have been the object of repeated mass layoffs in the past thanks, in part, to overstaffing and the city’s budget situation which remains in a constant state of crisis. Previously, about 1,100 employees were laid off in 2014 and over 3,000 lost their jobs in 2013.

Still, the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) said in a statement that they were totally “blindsided” by the mass firing. According to Karen Lewis, president of the CTU:

“We are blindsided by reports that the district intends to lay off 1,400 public school educators, given that we just met with them yesterday and there was no mention of this action. These layoffs prove that the Board never intended to make the pension payment in good faith and that they are using this to justify more attacks on our classrooms”

“Putting 1,400 people out of work is no way to balance a budget and resource our schools”… “These cuts are a result of a history of poor fiscal management by the Board of Education. Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s handpicked board has led this district over a financial cliff.

“We are outraged at this deceptive action that only furthers the distrust teachers, parents and students have with the Board…” “This is retaliatory and unnecessary because (the mayor) refuses to seek revenue options (more taxes) to stabilize CPS.”

Many are asking angry educators to look at the pension benefits and healthcare costs of retired teachers. Thousands of retired Illinois teachers receive six-figure pensions and the average retiree receives more in pension payments than they paid into the pension program.

Most teachers retire at age 59 or younger and, on average, receive lifetime pension benefits in excess of $2 million – not including a fixed annual 3 percent cost of living adjustment.

Chicago teachers defend their high pensions by pointing out that they are ineligible for Social Security (forgetting to say that they paid no payroll taxes into the Social Security trust fund).

In 2013, Illinois lawmakers passed a pension reform bill that tried to scale back benefits to contain costs, but CTU and other labor groups sued. The CTU may have painted itself into a box when, in May, a state judge ruled that, by law, Illinois could not cut payments to the pension fund.

Many argue that this is a perfect example of big government liberals and greedy union bosses making promises to past employees the future employees can’t keep – a situation that leaves students in understaffed, overcrowded and failing schools holding the bag.

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rahm begging

Rahm Emanuel, the mayor of Chicago and former chief of staff for Barack Obama, is out courting Republican support to win re-election.

Facing an uphill election battle against another Democrat, Emanuel is trying to portray himself as the lesser of two evils. The more moderate Emanuel faces a far-Left county commissioner, Jesus “Chuy” Garcia.

Emanuel is hoping that votes from Republicans, who compose roughly 20% of the city’s population, will be enough to put him over the top.

So far, several big name Illinois Republicans have come out in favor of Emanuel.

U.S. Senator Mark Kirk warned that, if Garcia is elected mayor, Chicago could collapse under debt and go the way of Detroit. And Republican Governor Bruce Rauner is working hard behind the scenes to solidify support for Rahm Emanuel’s re-election campaign.

Right now, Emanuel is walking a tightrope: he has to appeal to Republicans, without alienating liberal and minority voters.

But overall it seems to be working: according to a recent Ogden and Fry poll, Emanuel is up 47% to 37%. While it’s dangerous for any incumbent to be polling below 50%, it’s clear Emanuel has at least a slight edge before the April 7th election.

No matter what happens, this Chicago mayoral election has significance nationwide: it will be the first election of the 2016 cycle to pit a more moderate “Wall Street Democrat” against a far-Left populist candidate.

With Hillary Clinton stumbling in recent weeks because of her email scandal, it’s getting increasingly likely that she’ll face an opponent in the Democratic primary. Since Hillary has a virtual lock on Wall Street money–and, like her husband, is seen as more moderate than Barack Obama–that challenge will almost certainly come from the far-Left.

Whether that challenger is liberal Senator Elizabeth Warren, or self-proclaimed socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, or another lesser-known figure from the Left, this election in Chicago could pave the way for the future of the Democratic Party–and their presidential prospects in 2016.


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