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Angela Merkel was a progressive hero when she allowed over a million Syrian refugees into Germany, but now she has to make some changes.

Merkel is calling for a burqa ban wherever “legally possible”. This is a complete 180 in some people’s eyes, but she is facing incredible backlash from her citizens after the decision to welcome the refugees in such large numbers.

Merkel welcomed the Syrian refugees last year, and now she is saying the full Islamic veil known as a burka or burqa is “not appropriate” in the Germany anymore.

The German leader also said that there would not be a repeat of last year’s influx of immigrants.

“A situation like the one in the late summer of 2015 cannot, should not and must not be repeated.”

The decision is coming as a shock to some, but not to the citizens of Germany.

Merkel is running for another two-year term and she needs to win back some favor in her country as the leader of the Conservative party. One way to get the people back on her side is to do a burqa ban.

Despite a surge in sex crimes near migrant camps, and a sharp rise in terrorist attacks, Merkel’s motivation seems to be politically motivated.

The burqa ban may or may not work at stopping some of the violence, but as a political move, it will help her numbers greatly.

Merkel has seen her approval-rating peak at 74% in the spring of 2015, and then she let in almost a million refugees in the same year. Her numbers dropped significantly.

By the end of 2015 she was at 52%. In 2016 her low reached 46% and now is hovering around 50%.

She needs to find a way back into the spotlight and she feels that a burqa ban is the way to do it. We’ll see if she is right.

Do you think Merkel’s burka ban will help her get re-elected? Let us know in the comments below.

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In a sad story from Chicago, an 8-year-old refugee from Congo died after his plane landed at O’Hare International, but is that the whole story?

The young man, David Dieme was with his father an several other children coming from Dubai to settle in the United States.

The family was passing through Chicago, but after going through U.S. Customs on their way to their next flight, Dieme became sick and unresponsive.

The airport medical staff examined the boy who didn’t have a fever and decided to send him to the hospital. David Dieme died at the hospital.

A spokesman for the Center of Disease Control said that the child did not have a disease that would threaten the health of anyone on the flight.

An autopsy was done on the child on Wednesday, but the results have not been made public yet.

This is a sad story, but is there something happening we are not being told about?

The strange death of David Dieme has no real answers yet and without conclusive facts, the Internet conspiracy theorists think that it could be some new disease that the CDC is hiding from us.

If a refugee brought some strange mystery illness to America, then that would change a lot of people’s perception on refugees.

There is no evidence that the illness has spread and there is also no evidence that the CDC is covering up anything.

If more information becomes available we will let you know, but for now this looks like a sick little boy died, and although mysterious, there is no grand conspiracy hiding a new disease… yet.

Do you think there is more to this story? Let us know in the comments below.

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A horrific terror attack happened on Monday in Germany as a 17-year-old Afghanistan refugee went on a rampage.

The young refugee stormed the train and yelled “Allahu Akbar” as he began wielding an axe and hacking passengers.

18 people were injured and three are in critical condition fighting for their lives.

The attack happened near the Wurzburg-Heidingsfeld station and there are videos online that show the aftermath of the horrific terrorist strike.

The local police responded to the scene quickly and the terrorist was shot and killed as he attempted to charge the cops with the axe.

The Mirror in the UK is reporting that an ISIS flag was found in the room of the attacker and that he became a terrorist on his own. He was Muslim, but didn’t belong to any formal organization, but idolized ISIS.

This morning, ISIS is claiming responsibility for the attack.

Mr. Herman, the Bavarian interior minister said this about the attacker.

“Because of the behavior of this young man in recent months, people who knew him don’t understand his actions at all. He was described as ‘calm’ and ‘quiet’, someone who went to the mosque for specific occasions but not any other times.”

There was some criticism for shooting the axe wielding boy, but the interior minister praised the police.

“He was arrested but had aggressive behavior and tried to attack members of the police and that’s when they started shooting and he was killed. I would like to thank the security forces for their very quick and effective actions. There’s no reason to criticize the police, we thank the police very much for their actions.”

It seems every single day there is a different terrorist attack across the world. They have used trucks, axes and bullets to kill in the past few days. It doesn’t not seem like they are on the run like Obama proclaims.

What are your thoughts on the many recent terrorist attacks in Europe? Let us know in the comments below.

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refugee killing

What happens when two liberal constituencies turn on each other?

In Sweden, it could result in death. Two teenage Muslim refugees from Morocco—aged 16 and 19—in Sweden beat a gay man to death.

The victim met the 16-year-old “refugee” in a park near is house, and invited him and his friend back to his apartment to give him clothes and food.

The teens then claimed that the man then tried to have sex with them—and that they only fought him off in self-defense.

But police recovered a video that showed a very different story.

The video, which was recovered from the 16-year-old’s cell phone, shows the gay man bloodied and tied up on the floor of the own apartment. The teens are heard screaming at the man, and shouting anti-gay obscenities at him. Clearly, not a fight that was done in self defense.

The attack was especially grotesque: after they bound him up and beat him to death, the Muslim teens apparently dressed the victim in women’s clothes in order to mock him, and wrapped a snake around his neck. When they were done, they untied him and put a blanket over his face.

Sweden allows hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees into their country each year—and they’ve seen a skyrocketing amount of sexual violence ever since. More than 3 in 4 of Sweden’s rapists are immigrants from Muslim countries.

Muslim countries are among the most anti-gay in the world. Morocco, for instance, punishes being gay with up to three years in prison. Other Muslim countries have even more stringent punishments.

Some liberals are beginning to express concern that Muslim refugees have, in fact, a very deep hatred towards liberal values. Even the most socially conservative people in Western countries would find many of their values reprehensible, like the brutal attack in Sweden.

However, despite rising evidence that refugees pose a safety and security risk to Europe—and evidence that even second- and third-generation refugees don’t assimilate into European society—European leaders continue to allow Muslim refugees to pour into Europe unfettered.

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Europe’s Muslim refugee crisis is getting worse–and Christians are finding themselves in the crosshairs.

Across Europe, the Muslim refugees–which have been pouring across the European border for weeks, as the Middle East spirals into chaos–made their real feelings known.

In Budapest, Hungary, refugees chanted “Allahu Akbar” and “F*** you!” to Christians.

In Austria, others attacked an old lady–apparently grabbing an elderly Italian woman by the hair, pulling her out of her car, so they could steal the car to get to Germany.

In Germany–which announced it would take 500,000 refugees every year for well into the future–the refugees threw feces at Christian bystanders.

And in a migrant camp outside of Milan, refugees rioted over so-called “poor living conditions.”

The list goes on and on–as Christians find themselves increasingly unwelcome in their own countries, due to the heavy flow of refugees.

Worse, there’s a fear that these refugees might include large numbers of terrorists–who could do far greater harm to Europe than nasty chants or feces-throwing.

British politician, Nigel Farage, a conservative, warned that there was a “very genuine fear” that extremists were making their way into Europe. He urged the citizens of the European union to not “allow compassion to imperil [Europe’s] safety.”

Once refugees are in the European Union, they can pass between countries freely. But several eastern European nations like Hungary, which share an international border with non-EU nations, are working hard to secure their borders to stop the flow of migrants.


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