Friday, June 23, 2017

Republican Convention

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All week the left has attacked Melania Trump’s speech, Ted Cruz’s non-endorsement and the “rock star style that is unconventional at the GOP convention. The liberal media isn’t talking about the many veterans and pro-police speakers.

Why is the left ignoring the many pro-police speakers? Why, because next week the Democrats are going to declare a war on police.

The democrats are not inviting military people to talk about ISIS.

The democrats are not inviting religious leaders to help heal this country’s divide.

The democrats are absolutely not inviting police who are facing a spike in crime and threats.

The democrats are inviting the mother of Michael Brown to speak. That’s right, the mother of a man who robbed a convenient store and charged a cop and fought to steal the officer’s gun is speaking at the Democratic National Convention.

Only after all of that, was Michael Brown shot and killed by police and that sparked a national movement against officers around the country. Riots broke out and Black Lives Matter was born in Ferguson.

Since then, every single black person who is killed by police is met with riots and protests, regardless the guilt of the police.

The democrats are not only inviting, Michael Brown’s mom, but also Trayvon Martin’s mom. Eric Garner’s mom and the mothers of several others who were shot by police are all speaking at the convention.

The Democratic Party is taking pandering to a whole new level.

Why doesn’t the speaker list include one of 350 black moms who lost their child to a murder in Chicago?

The democrats mocked “stolen” speeches, Duck Dynasty and Ted Cruz breaking his promise all week. The abuse online and on cable news has been relentless, but at the end of the day, a war on police wasn’t declared.

In fact, the Republicans went out of their way to stand for police and “law and order”. After all, Donald Trump is the law and order candidate if you missed his speech.

Hillary is not for law and order, and by inviting all the moms of the victims of police shootings; it sends a sign to police everywhere. It will fuel the fire that forces some to act out and shoot police.

After the Democratic Convention, shootings in Dallas and Baton Rouge may just be the beginning. If that is what happens, the Democrats will be to blame for declaring war on police.

What are your thoughts about having the moms of people killed by police on stage during the Democratic Convention? Let us know in the comments below.

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Republican Convention

The Republican Convention kicks off today in Cleveland Ohio and the police and Secret Service are ready for any and all protests, even the naked ones.

Just before the convention opened up to celebrate the Republican Party and to officially nominate Donald Trump, 100 women got naked to stand against the GOP.

Women from as far away as Belgium came to participate in world-renowned artist, Spencer Tunick’s protest art exhibit.

Out of 1,700 women who responded to the ad for participants, 200 were eventually selected and invited last Friday. They showed up early Sunday morning, 100 of them got naked and held up large round mirrors as Spencer Tunick snapped away with his camera.

He would shout things like, “we love you all” and “this is beautiful” while he pictured the diverse group of women standing in their birthday suits holding mirrors over their faces.

Spencer calls the art instillation, “Everything She Says Means Everything”.

The “protest” art installment is aimed at the GOP and their “war on women”. Ironically, Donald Trump has given more women a chance to speak at convention than any republican in history.

Protests have become a way of life recently and after what happened during the Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas and even the violent Trump protests over the primary season, this protest is a refreshing change.

Spencer Tunick’s and these 100 brave women are protesting beautifully, and this comes in the middle of Cleveland trying to decide if it should suspend “open carry” because of a call to arms by the New Black Panther Party planning to protest.

It doesn’t matter if you agree with the art exhibit or not, this is the kind of freedom of speech that our constitution protects. Spencer captured the beauty of protesting, and that is something America has somehow forgotten. Hopefully this will remind us how beautiful we all really are.

Except ISIS, there is nothing beautiful about ISIS.

Do you find the protest art beautiful or stupid? Let us know in the comments below.


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