Friday, February 24, 2017

Richard Simmons

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The National Inquirer broke a story yesterday that fitness guru and celebrity Richard Simmons has transformed into a woman.

The Inquirer is reporting that Richard had a sex change operation and is living as a “soft-spoken” woman named Fiona.

Richard Simmons has taken a break from the public light, and hasn’t been seen in almost 1000 days.

People started getting worried and the investigation into his disappearance culminated in the release that Fiona has replace Richard.

Richard has always been a unique individual and in this day and age, this comes as no surprise to many.

The National Inquirer does report on the occasional “alien baby” and Bigfoot sighting, but they have also broken some major stories that are actually true.

The Inquirer broke the John Edwards adultery story, the Bristol Palin baby story and the Ted Cruz affairs. There is some legitimacy to their reporting although the “alien baby” has never been found.

Richard Simmons appears to be the next man turned woman, but what “Fiona” does next is anybody’s guess.

What do you think about Richard Simmons becoming Fiona? Let us know in the comments below.


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