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Roger Ailes

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Fox News

When Gretchen Carlson claimed that Roger Ailes, the CEO of Fox News, sexually harassed the former Miss America, nobody saw this coming.

Roger Ailes was the most powerful CEO in cable news until Gretchen Carlson claimed sexual harassment.

Since the claim, Carlson and Fox have settled out of court to the tune of $20 million dollars. That is a big payday.

Andrea Tantaros was fired and has filed her own suite against Fox and Ailes for sexual harassment.

Roger Ailes has been kicked out and over 50 staff members said they would leave if Ailes was let go. Many of them had a clause in their contracts that stated they could leave if Roger left the network for any reason.

Now we learn that Greta Van Susteren is leaving Fox after 14 years. Brit Hume, the longtime political reporter will take over “On the Record”.

The breakup came at the end of contract debates and the rumor is that nobody could come to an agreement.

Greta is opting to take the “key-man clause” to get out of her contract and leave Fox.

The co-presidents of Fox News, Jack Abernathy and Bill Shine released a statement about Greta’s departure.

“We are grateful for Greta’s many contributions over the years and wish her continued success.”

They quickly shifted to speaking about the person who will fill Greta’s spot.

“As one of the best political analysts in the industry, Brit is the ideal choice to host a nightly political program while the most dynamic and captivating election in recent history unfolds. Having Brit at the helm of this show will enable Fox News to continue on track to have its highest-rated year ever as the network dominates the cable news landscape.”

The move could be filler until they find something new to replace the “On the Record” show after the elections.

Brit Hume released his own statement regarding the change.

“My Fox News colleagues have set a high standard for political coverage which I’ll do my best to uphold. I’m honored to be asked.”

The changeups and fallout from the Ailes departure isn’t over, but it doesn’t seem to be affecting the ratings much as Fox continues to dominate all other cable news channels.

Do you think that Greta leaving will hurt the ratings? Let us know in the comments below.

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Fox News

The number one channel in cable news is having a rough summer, not as bad as Bernie Sanders, but a rough summer nonetheless.

Just recently Fox decided not to renew the contract for mid-day anchor Gretchen Carlson, and she ended up filing a law suite against the CEO, Roger Ailes.

The public feud intensified when Megyn Kelly also claimed she had some unwanted contact by Ailes about 10 years ago. It was also coincidental that Megyn brought it up now, in a contract year.

It got ugly when Bill O’Reilly and about 50 other top personalities and journalists said they would leave if Ailes was fired.

Technically, Ailes wasn’t fired. Roger stepped down, got paid $40 million and is still and advisor to Rupert Murdoch, the owner and now acting CEO.

Now the ratings are out for the for the DNC and Fox News is dead last and CNN is out in front.

It is understandable that the numbers for Fox News which heavily favors the right to CNN which heavily favors the left. CNN doesn’t favor as much as MSNBC, but it still has a pro-Hillary or pro-democrat spin.

We can compare Fox to previous election cycles though.

Looking at total viewers aged 25+, Fox News was down over 15% from their own numbers in 2008. The numbers are slightly up from 2012 ratings through the first two days of the convention.

What is very interesting is that there are roughly three million more people watching this year than 2012 overall. The total numbers are down though from Obama’s first election in 2008.

CNN is the big winner here. They have doubled the total viewers of Fox and attracted about 2.1 million more viewers than 2012.

People are tuning in to the DNC, partly to see what would happen with the Bernie walkout on Monday, but also because this is a very important and contested election.

The dip in Fox is troubling, but if Hillary wins this election, it won’t matter who is the leader of Fox, it will do very well.

Do you think this is the beginning of the end for Fox’s dominance or just a dip during the Democratic National Convention? Let us know in the comments below.

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fox news

Roger Ailes is the man that is credited for building Fox News out of nothing and turning it into the most dominate cable news channel. After over two decades of transforming cable news, Roger is out!

That’s right, the Chairman and CEO of Fox News has stepped down and will no longer have any formal involvement in Fox News or it’s sister station, Fox Business.

It took Roger Ailes over 20 years to make it to the top and it took a sexual harassment claim and less than a month to force him to resign.

Rupert Murdoch, owner of 21st Century Fox, the parent company of Fox News, will step in as the Chairman and CEO until they can find someone to fill the giant shoes that Roger is leaving.

Roger’s contract was going to be up in 2018, and it has been reported that his settlement will be a minimum of $40 million.

What does his exit mean? Well, we are not sure yet.

50 anchors said they would leave if Ailes was forced out, but they didn’t say what they would do if Ailes resigned.

This news is fresh and Murdoch was wise to announce it on the same day that the Republican Convention and Donald Trump would dominate the news.

It was lost in the news cycle and for good reason.

Ailes’ departure will cause major ripples through the network and all of cable news.

Keep checking back to see what the fallout is over Ailes’ departure and let us know your thoughts in the comments below

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Fox News

UPDATE: Roger Ailes has stepped down as CEO and Rupert Murdoch, owner of 21st Century Fox, the parent company of Fox News, will step in as the Chairman and CEO. Read more here.

The original story as published is below:

Fox News is in big trouble over sexual abuse and it could cost them some of the their biggest stars, their CEO, and huge dips in ratings.

Roger Ailes has built Fox News and has turned it into the powerhouse that it is today. Fox dominates in all demographics across all cable news, but things could be changing.

It all started when former Miss America and Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson filed a lawsuit claiming sexual harassment from Ailes. She decided to move forward with the lawsuit when her contract was not renewed.

For a while, it looked like Gretchen was going to be hung out to dry and Ailes would make it through the scandal.

Following Gretchen’s claims, other Fox News women defended Ailes. Sandra Smith, an anchor on Fox said she has “never been instructed on the length of my skirt or the color of my lipstick”.

Harris Faulkner and Martha MacCallum, two rising starts at Fox also defended Ailes and Fox News.

Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox News, announced that he was conducting an internal investigation into the matter, and it looked like Ailes might be in the clear.

Then Megyn Kelly spoke up.

Megyn said that she had unwanted contact with Ailes and he did harass her as well. The blonde bombshell dropped a bombshell on Ailes and his future at Fox News.

Megyn is easily the next in line to rule the network behind Bill O’Reilly. Bill has been number one for over a decade and Megyn shot to fame this past year with her feud with Donald Trump.

This is where it gets interesting. The top dog, Bill O’Reilly has in his contract that he can leave the network if Roger Ailes leaves. That means that he could get out of his contract and do whatever he wanted.

If that happened, then Megyn Kelly would be the top dog at the network all by herself. Ironically, Megyn’s contract is up and under negotiation.

Whether intentional or not, by her speaking about the sexual harassment of Ailes, it could catapult her to the top of Fox News and the number one anchor in cable news.

The rumor is that Rupert Murdoch likes Ailes, but his two sons want to bring in someone new. Decision time is coming.

Fox News is expected to make a decision after the Republican Convention on whether to keep Ailes or let him go.

If they do let Ailes go, Breitbart is reporting that at least 50 anchors and contributors will leave the network with him to start something new. The list of 50 includes almost everyone, but Megyn Kelly.

Imagine turning on Fox on Monday and not seeing Bill, Sean Hannity, Greta, Shep Smith, Bret Baier, Eric Bolling, Fox and Friends and Geraldo Rivera.

Fox is in a real mess, but what do you think they should do? Let us know in the comments below.

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As the lights warmed up and the cameras came into focus for the seventh GOP presidential debate, there was an air of excitement in the air as no one knew how this would play out.

The excitement quickly turned to spin for Fox News at the close of the debate.

Fox News and the GOP debates had lost their electricity due to their attack on front runner Donald Trump.

Even worse, Trump stole the show and, despite not even being present at the debate, still commanded the biggest buzz throughout the night according to Google Trends.

In a thrown together event three miles from the debate convention center, Trump and his team put on a high energy, hour long rally where Trump announced he had single-handedly raised over $6 million for wounded veterans.

To add insult to injury to the establishment’s news outlet, Fox News, “minor” candidates Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee, two previous winners of the Iowa Caucus, made an appearance at Trump’s rally.

The billionaire candidate predicted that Fox would see a drop in ratings without his presence and he was right.

What Roger Ailes tried to drum up in Don King fashion as a showdown between Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump turned into a poor performance by Ted Cruz and essentially a snooze fest featuring the seven candidates who are dwarfed by Trump.

The following morning, Fox News avoided talk of Trump and focused on the “excitement” of the previous night’s debate in their attempts to spin the evening.

But it didn’t hold water as even Fox’s own guest admitted that the debate was just a rehash of “old questions and old answers” by the candidates.

While the anti-Trump pundits will continue to say that Trump was hurt by his no-show, it’s just more spinning to limit damage of the network’s credibility.

And we’ll find out the truth on Monday as voting begins in the Iowa Caucus.


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