Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Ronald Reagan

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secret weapon

This election season has been anything but normal and most if it is due to the baffling rise of Donald Trump. The rise has been so quick that it has taken the GOP establishment completely off guard.

Hillary Clinton has mocked what is happening on the right with Donald Trump and her Republican counterparts, but Trump has a secret weapon.

In the beginning of the race, the GOP almost forced Trump to sign a pledge to support the eventual nominee and not run as a third party candidate. The party didn’t want to fracture, but now that Trump is the one that is winning they are trying to figure out what to do next.

Meanwhile the Dems are laughing the whole time, but if you really look at what is going on, the Democrats are the last ones who should be laughing. Trump’s secret weapon is his appeal to Democrats.

Today he held an event in Chicago, and some of the news coming out of Illinois should scare Hillary worse than her email scandal. There are reports that over 10% of Democrats are going to vote for Trump or have already voted for him in early voting.

What does that mean? Well, Ronald Reagan got 13% of Democrats in Illinois to vote for him in 1980. The growing 10% that Trump holds is the largest number of Dems switching sides since Reagan’s monumental election.

Sure there are Republicans who say they will never vote for Trump, but their support is becoming less and less important. Trump is dominating when it comes to Independents voting and now that a sizeable chunk of Democrats are hoping on board the Trump train, things are looking very different.

Hillary is having a hard time knocking Bernie out of the race and one problem that both of them are facing is the lack of voter turnout. On the other hand, the Republican primaries are breaking records and that is due to Trump.

Trump is bringing new people to vote, capturing independents and now is bringing Democrats across the isle. The possibility of stopping the Trump train is dwindling by the day, and the real question is whether the GOP will honor the same pledge to Trump that they forced him to honor at the beginning of the election.

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Hate Trump

Before someone becomes president, it’s important to note who and who did not support the candidate.

The political establishment is quick to cozy up to a newly elected president in order to maintain their own standing in the arena . . . and then they attempt to rewrite their personal history so it looks like, they have “always loved him.”

In truth, elitist political players will savage any outsider and then when they lose and the candidate wins, they just pretend to have always been on “the team.”

A perfect example of this was National Review’s failure to endorse Ronald Reagan in 1980. The publication’s founder, William F. Buckley, felt the Gipper was too old . . . at least that’s what they say today.

They also failed to endorse Goldwater in 1960.

Reagan, like Trump, was an outsider to the conservative establishment and someone they could not control, as they didn’t own him.

So to prevent the revisionist history of the establishment elitists, we’ve taken the time to name them today. Read and remember.


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Ted Cruz

Where hustle’s the name of the game
And nice guys get washed away like the snow and the rain
There’s been a load of compromisin’
On the road to my horizon
But I’m gonna be where the lights are shinin’ on me. . . Like a rhinestone cowboy

I can’t help it.

That song comes into my mind every time Ted Cruz appears on the television screen.

Growing up in Texas, that song was a reminder to never trust a Rhinestone Cowboy. Someone who just plays to the crowd and puts on a show for gain.

The thing is . . . Ted Cruz isn’t even good at it, yet too many Americans are falling for the gag.

A man who presents himself as a constitutional attorney but refuses to take an intellectually honest look at his own eligibility to be president should be the first indicator that the guy is a phony.

But that’s for those people who really think about the inner character of a man.

Other like to focus on the merely superficial traits of a man . . . somewhat believing it gets you to the core of a person at a glance.

For me, it’s that black belt with the silver buckle and flourishes that Creepy Cruz just can’t stop wearing.

Emblazoned with a lone star and made in a way that won’t allow a self-respecting man to establish a gig line for himself, Ted Cruz’s western-style belt is an attempt by the politician to appear to be “one of us.”

But seriously, who wears that belt with black ostrich boots and a flannel shirt?

While the outfit may be popular on glory-hole night at a backwoods gay bar in Alberta, Canada, it has no place under the paunch of a leading presidential contender.

Harsh? Yes. But someone has to say something.

Reagan and even George W. Bush could pull off the cowboy look. These men genuinely preferred to go out and clear brush on their property as a form of therapy.

They’d put on work clothes, break a sweat and put in real work.

Back at the office, they’d throw on just a touch of the West by keeping a set of polished boots on their tired feet.

Canada Cruz, on the other hand, has likely never spent time on a ranch other than for a quick photo opp of him posing with a gun.

The Texas senator needs to do himself, his state and his country a favor and dress like a the politician he is rather than the Rhinestone Cowboy he dreams to be.

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Ronald Reagan’s famous quote about the most terrifying line in the English language being: “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help,” has taken on new meaning in Colorado–where a federal environmental cleanup crew from the Environmental Protection Agency accidentally destroyed an entire river.

While cleaning up an abandoned mine in southern Colorado, EPA agents accidentally caused wastewater to spill out directly into the Animas River. An estimated 1 to 3 million gallons of heavily polluted water from the mine flowed out, altogether.

The tremendous influx of wastewater soon turned the Animas River a bright neon orange–with one local even claiming that the river looked like it “was turned into carrot juice.”

The waste has continued to move downstream, dyeing more than 80 miles of scenic riverscape an unnatural color–all the way into New Mexico, where the Animas River ends.

According to the EPA, the spill occurred when its team was using heavy equipment to excavate the Gold King Mine, which has been suspended. Instead of entering the mine and pumping out the contaminated water, which was carrying “metals pollution” of iron, zinc, and copper from the abandoned mine, the team accidentally caused it to flow into the Animas River.

It’s unknown, at this time, what kind of threats the polluted river has for aquatic life or for the people who depend on water from the Animas River. The EPA is continuing to test the water quality to learn more–but one thing’s for sure; if you need an environmental cleanup, there’s a chance that entrusting it to federal agents might just make the whole thing a lot worse.

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In releasing his new book “The President’s Shadow” this week, political author Brad Meltzer revealed President Ronald Reagan’s biggest secret while he served in the Oval Office – he carried a .38 revolver wherever he went for self-defense.

Meltzer discovered this revelation while researching his new book at the Secret Service headquarters and did so almost by accident.

In sharing his research experience in a New York Daily News blog post, Meltzer said he saw a replica of the gun Lee Harvey Oswald used to assassinate President Kennedy, the pistol used in an attempt on President Ford and the actual door off of the limousine Reagan was riding in when John Hinckley Jr. shot him in 1981 as the president exited the Washington Hilton Hotel in Washington, D.C.

“It was an eerie keepsake for sure,” Meltzer wrote. “But not nearly as eerie as the next detail they told me. We were talking about Reagan and that day he was shot. Then one of the agents offered this secret: When Reagan was president, he carried his own gun.”

“I couldn’t believe it,” Meltzer recalled. “’It’s true,’ they said. A .38. Reagan used to hide it in his briefcase and take it on Air Force One. Whatever you think of Reagan, you have to admit, he had a black belt in badassery.”

According to On the Issues, a political site which claims to be “non-partisan,” a Secret Service agent once noticed Reagan with his pistol while on his 700-acre ranch outside of Santa Barbara, so he asked Reagan what it was for.

“Well, just in case you guys can’t do the job, I can help out,” Reagan replied. The site also noted that the first time he took a trip as president to the Soviet Union, Reagan had a pistol in his briefcase.

In his commentary on the Mad News Now website, Sean Brown share his view of Reagan verses our current president.

“…this is the type of president we need – one that has a set and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty if needed. Currently, we have a limp-wristed pansy occupying the White House, and our nation has never been in worse shape.

Granted, the simple act of carrying a gun doesn’t make Reagan any more qualified to be president than anybody else, but it is a greater part of his personality and no-nonsense attitude, which is lacking in our current leadership.”


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