Friday, July 21, 2017

Rush Limbaugh

Can she just slink away?

Addressing the Kathy Griffin controversy on his radio show Wednesday, Rush Limbaugh said that the only thing that shocked him more than the comedian’s attempt to make a decapitated, bloodied mockup of President Trump’s head “funny” would be an actual try from her side to be a tad bit entertaining.

“You know what she should do?” Limbaugh asked. “Try being funny. That would stun people. That would really shock them, that she could be funny.”

Saying Griffin looked like a “tired, worn-out, dumb old woman,” to him, Limbaugh started a harsh criticism of the comedian and claimed that her apology wasn’t genuine.

“That apology was not sincere,” he said. “She rolled her eyes when she made that apology, and she apologized to the usual, ‘If you’re offended, I’m so sorry, I went too far.’ She’s not apologized to Trump or any of that.”

Griffin’s photo shoot with her photographer Tyler Shields was more of an attempt to depict what a Trump beheading would look like in an “ISIS playbook,” according to Limbaugh; he further said that he felt the public was going to go with the media on this one.

Talking about the media, he discussed the mainstream media’s role in the “political assassination” of Trump and called out the “hypocrisy” of the media in how it has treated Trump in comparison to former President Obama.

“With Kathy Griffin and her decapitation of Trump stunt all over the Drive-By Media you hear people saying, ‘I don’t want to talk about it. Come on, come on, let’s move on. This is so outrageous, it’s not even worth talking about,’” Limbaugh said.

“Mika Brzezinski, soon to be Mika Brzezinski Scarborough, on Morning Jolt [sic], ‘I don’t want to talk about it. I don’t want to talk about it. There’s nothing to see,’” he noted. “Some woman named Molly Ball who writes for some left-wing publication inside the Beltway was on CNN. ‘What’s the big deal? It isn’t any big deal.’ Total, total hypocrisy.”

“This kind of stuff will permeate the American landscape,” he said. “The Kathy Griffin stunt and the beginning of the unraveling of this whole Russian collusion thing, because the media has made people believe this stuff.”

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Late last week, radical feminist Gloria Steinem appeared on the CBS This Morning show to hawk her latest book. As part of her screed, she whined that after decades of mocking the word “feminist” by radio personality Rush Limbaugh, he had turned it into a “bad word” because the popular radio personality “talks about feminazis every day.”

CBS This Morning co-host Norah O’Donnell set the stage for Steinem’s rant against Limbaugh by pointing out that actress Meryl Streep doesn’t consider herself a feminist. She says she considers herself a “humanist” – a word popular with atheists and agnostics.

When asked why the word “feminist” now has a “bad connotation”, Steinem offered this fiction.

Most Americans actually identify themselves as feminists. “If people just go to the dictionary and discover that it means a person, male or female, who believes in the full equality of women and men then they do subscribe to it. And it is a majority now, which it didn’t used to be.

In other words, most people are “feminists” but they are just too dumb to know it.

Many believe Steinem finds support for her theory based on a poll conducted by the leftist website Vox, which revealed that:

“18% of respondents “identified as feminists” but “[e]ighty-five percent of people favored ‘equality for women,’ and 78 percent agreed that they believe in the ‘social, political, legal, and economic equality of the sexes.”’

Based on this characterization of what feminism means in general and for Steinem in particular is that 85% of Americans support her radical views on abortion which the she argues women “need” because it is a “sacrament.” (Editor’s note: 85% support by Americans for the notion of “abortion on demand” is a ridiculous conclusion and Steinem knows it.)

At the same time, Steinem argues that “violence against women” was the most important women’s issue today. CBS hosts did not ask her to elaborate on this view or explain why society doesn’t do more to stop the violence against unborn girls that die at the hands of the abortionist.

Instead, Steinem was allowed to rant on that:

“What is tied, I think, for first place is, first of all, violence against women. Because there is so much worldwide, whether it’s sexualized violence and more time or domestic violence like here, or, you know — I mean, there’s just so many… Because there is so much violence, for the first time that we know of, there are now fewer females on Earth than males.

So, you know, we really need to look at this and understand that when a country is violent against females it’s the biggest indicator that they will be militarily violent too. It needs to be part of our foreign policy.”

If she is right that there are less women on earth than males, one can only wonder why Steinem did not cite China’s “one child” policy in a culture that values boys over girls and that girls are not only aborted because they are girls, they are also aborted by force at the heave and heartless hand of government.

For his part, Rush Limbaugh responded to Gloria Steinem’s accusation that he turned the word “feminism” into a “bad word” by aligning it with his word “feminazi” because it “better explained what they (radical feminists) were all about.”

Limbaugh acknowledged that he turned the world “feminism” into a “bad word” because he exposed it for what it was. Quoting his radio show transcript, Limbaugh said:

“So, once again, your host, the harmless, lovable, little fuzzball, Rush Limbaugh, now blamed for destroying a word, ruining a word, ruining the definition of a word, feminism. But her definition is not even close to the way the feminazis use the entire feminist movement.”

“It was based in leftist ideology.” “It was based on men are predators and men are evil and men are men. It was designed to create a war between and against men and women.”

“All I did was expose it. That word “feminazi,” they never gotten over because that word actually better explained what they were all about. It rang so true.”

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In what Rush Limbaugh dubbed the “Trump Strategy,” Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee stood by his controversial comments from a Saturday interview with Breitbart. In the interview, Huckabee criticized the Obama administration’s Iran deal, saying “This president’s foreign policy is the most feckless in American history. He’s so naïve, he would trust the Iranians and he would take the Israelis and basically march them to the door of the oven.”

The explicit Holocaust reference drew immediate fire from his fellow Republican candidates, as well as the Jewish Anti-Defamation League.

Huckabee stood strongly by his comments – as Limbaugh noted, “doubling down” – tweeting out “Tell Congress to do their constitutional duty & reject the Obama-Kerry #IranDeal,” followed by “Ayatollah Khamenei’s Iranian Martyr Foundation rep: “We have manufactured missiles that allow us…to replace Israel…with a big holocaust”” and “It is the mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to erase Israel from the map of the region.” – Ayatollah Khamenei

As Limbaugh suggested repeatedly on his Monday show, Huckabee seems to be drawing some inspiration from Donald Trump’s leadership in the polls. Trump, of course, has made repeated headlines for explosive comments directed at illegal immigrants, Hillary Clinton, other Republican candidates, John McCain, and other targets.

Repeated declarations of Trump’s demise following his incendiary rhetoric have been followed by, instead of cratering, huge gains in the primary polls. The most recent polls show Trump as the first choice among likely Republican primary voters by such a wide margin that his totals eclipse the combined numbers of Scott Walker and Jeb Bush, the next leading candidates.

Trump’s appeal is based largely on his willingness to take on the establishment and refusal to back down. The Republican base is, as Ted Cruz made clear in a fiery speech on the floor of the Senate last week, sick and tired of being told that voting Republican will change things for the better, only to see the party capitulate again to Obama and the Democrat party.

Huckabee last week was polling at a mere 3% among likely Republican primary voters. With his massive news coverage, and extensive talk time on Limbaugh’s #1 rated radio show, it would not be a surprise to see a bounce in his numbers this week.

“The fact is when the media, Washington establishment, whoever, starts acting outraged over something a public figure said… They’re doing it now with Huckabee, by the way, over what he said about the Iran deal and Israel and ovens, which is coming up,” Limbaugh said. “The conventional wisdom is that not only are the media who are reporting this to you outraged, but so are the American people en masse, that there is universal outrage — disbelief, shock and dismay — that anybody could say anything so horrible. It’s always implied that a majority of the American people also find it outrageous, and I have always doubted that.”

Proof of the long-time opinion maker’s assertion is in the aforementioned Trump poll numbers. Trump keeps going after people, keeps attacking dearly-held presumptions, keeps not apologizing, and keeps widening his lead in the polls.

Are Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz foreshadowing? Is the “Trump Strategy” about to overtake the entire GOP field?



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