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Many people woke up on Friday and couldn’t send a tweet or listen to Spotify, but the real reason they didn’t work could be due to an attack.

This morning Twitter, SoundCloud, Shopify and Spotify were completely down in almost the entire United States. Asia and Europe seemed to be ok.

The sites went down due to a DDOS attack on the DNS provider Dyn. To put it in simpler terms, part of the Internet in America was attacked and took down several sites.

Even sites like the Boston Globe, Reddit and Freshbooks were down. This was a big attack.

Nobody is claiming responsibility yet, and as of the publication of this article, all sites seem to be back up and running.

This could be an isolated event with some kids in their parents basement, or this could be an enemy testing the fence.

Hillary is probably already blaming the Russians, but whoever is committing these kinds of attacks, doesn’t intend to help the United States.

These attacks are acts of war, and in today’s day and age, any war will start with cyber attacks. We just hope they don’t escalate to full blown war.

What do you think about this morning’s cyber attacks? Let us know in the comments below.

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Russia is racing towards the English Channel with their Northern Fleet, but where are they going?

In Wednesday night’s debate, the topic of Russia and Putin came up often and Hillary blamed the country for cyber crimes. Both candidates denounced any Russian involvement in our elections, but what is Russia doing now?

Here is what a diplomat said of Russia’s movements.

“They are deploying all of the Northern Fleet and much of the Baltic Fleet in the largest surface deployment since the end of the Cold War. This is not a friendly port call. In two weeks, we will see a crescendo of air attacks on Aleppo as part of Russia’s strategy to declare victory there.”

The goal is to end the Syrian war and their timing couldn’t be more of a message. The day before Americans go to the voting booths, Russia is planning an all out offensive attack in Syria.

There is no doubt that Russia is moving towards all out war in Syria and with their entire Northern Fleet, they could do a lot of damage.

Our leaders have been blaming Russia for a lot of events around the world, and it is going to come to a head right before the election.

What are your thoughts on Russia moving to attack ISIS in Syria? Let us know in the comments below.

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A story is breaking that could give us a greater understanding of the tense relationship between Russia and the United States.

A year ago, two U.S. officials were reportedly drugged with a drug that has similar effects as the “date-rape drug”.

Both were drugged at separate times, but both were staying at an upscale Russian hotel.

The story broke due to another U.S. official who spoke to Radio Free Europe and was unnamed in the report.

The two officials that were drugged were found and taken to hospital to be given a medical test with sensitive tissue samples.

When the samples were about to be taken, the power went out in the building.

Both officials were then flown out of the country to attempt to get the samples, but too much time passed and the tests were inconclusive.

When the U.S. pushed Russia on the event, they asked for the evidence, but there was none to give.

During a press conference at the State Department this week, Elizabeth Kennedy Trudeau didn’t say much, but did say, “We are troubled. We remain troubled by the way our diplomatic and consular staff have been treated over the past two years.”

Apparently things like this are not new and that isn’t good.

U.S. and Russia have all but cut off communication regarding Syria and things will get worse before they get better.

I just looks like things have been getting bad for a lot longer than we thought.

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The DNC had their secrets exposed by hackers and people leaking information and now the Dems are saying whatever they can to get you not to pay attention.

Remember over the summer when WikiLeaks released the DNC emails and Debbie Wasserman Schultz was fired with the CEO of the DNC and other employees?

Well the new interim chairwoman, Donall Brazile said that people should not read the latest leaked documents because you could get a virus on your computer.

Don’t look at the criminal activity because you could download some malware. She also went on to claim that Russia did all the hacks, but that has not been proven either.

Nancy Pelosi didn’t want the emails released and she knows for sure the hack was done by Russia. How does she know for sure?

She calls this an “electronic Watergate”. The difference here is that we don’t know the hackers yet, and if they are even hackers. It could have been an internal leak like Julian Assange and Oliver Stone think.

Nancy Pelosi also begged Paul Ryan to to not use the hacked emails as part of political ammunition.

Is she kidding? Her party decided to keep Bernie Sanders from winning and forced Hillary Clinton on the people and now it is blowing up in their face.

The liberals who are trying to scare you and blame Russians are the same ones that are not taking responsibility for their party.

They want to blame everyone else, but don’t take responsibility for the emails that prove that they wanted Hillary to win and not democracy.

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Tensions with Russia are heating up and this week they took a very dangerous step in letting us know they are serious.

A Russian fighter jet flew within ten feet of a U.S. Navy spy plane over the Black sea.

The jet carried out a maneuver called an intercept to harass and redirect the spy plane.

An official spoke on the condition of anonymity about the incident and said that the event lasted roughly 19 minutes.

He also said the maneuver was “unsafe and unprofessional”.

This is just the latest in several aggressions toward our military around the world.

Iran has been doing similar maneuvers with boats in the Persian Gulf.

A situation is escalating with Russia that is hard to deny at this point. Every day, it seems like, the government is telling us that Russia is hacking our systems and threatening our elections.

Now they are actually threatening American lives with such reckless and dangerous military actions.

All of this comes on the heels of a rough meeting between Putin and Obama in China for the G20 summit over last week that sparked a lot of comments on Twitter.

Obama and Hillary Clinton designed a new “Russian Reset” back when Obama first took office.

It is safe to say that no matter how much the Democrats try and tie the Russian problems to Donald Trump, they only have themselves to blame.

What do you think about the actions of Russia and the failed “Russian reset”? Let us know in the comments below.

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World War

The notorious hacker groups Anonymous has a message to the citizens of the world, and it is not good.

Anonymous Official’s YouTube channel released a video on Sunday that spells out the reasons why we are literally on the doorstep of world war three.

As the video starts with the chilling computer voice, the narrator outlines why we are going to war and when it will start.

In the video, one thing that was pointed out was the American perception of “Russian aggression”.

Every time there is any hack on any agency, the DNC or Hillary, the Democrats are very quick to blame the Russians. In many cases, literally as the story breaks, news agencies claim a source that says, “The Russians may be involved in the attack”.

Anonymous also mentions the Chinese in the video regarding trade agreements.

Over the weekend when Obama met with the leader of China there were obvious tensions and they did not make any headway.

There is a tremendous amount of issues rising in the world right now. Everything from the economy to civil rights to terrorism to hunger is threatening our future.

While Obama is attending his last #G20, America looks weak right now. In the eyes of the world, Obama is out of office in the coming months and America is deeply divided in the election.

Americans don’t receive truthful news from American media and most people are too busy arguing about Colin Kaepernick to pay attention to real news.

Right now, it would be wise to pay attention to what is happening in the world, because if Anonymous is correct, then things could get very ugly, very fast.

Just make sure you are prepared for whatever comes next.

Do you believe that Anonymous is right or are they flat out wrong? Let us know in the comments below.

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This election year has been one for the history books but it’s not over as the FBI gave an unprecedented warning to both political campaigns.

The FBI warned both the Trump and Hillary teams that they could be the targets of foreign spies.

The warning was issued Wednesday during two different security briefings in Washington D.C.

Both candidates are getting their firsts security briefings, but this is different. The FBI tried to make it look routine, but the warning is not.

In this election we have heard a lot about email scandals, email hacks and vulnerable computer systems, but this warning is for something different.

The FBI is warning that agents working for foreign spy agencies could be trying to gain positions in the campaigns.

One campaign source said that the meeting was “not precipitated by any particular threat”, but the ideas should make the campaigns a little nervous.

Not only do they have to worry about attacking each other, but now spies could be trying to infiltrate their campaigns.

This week the FBI also announced that Russian hackers stole voter information form the Illinois voter system and another investigation is going on regarding another Russian hacker attacking the Arizona election system.

The warnings also come while the FBI is still investigating the DNC hack, which lead to many top ranking DNC officials to step down.

We are seeing an unprecedented amount of threats to this year’s election, but lets be honest, after the primary we witnessed, anything is possible.

Let us know your thoughts about the foreign threats below in the comments.

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When Jeh Johnson was appointed the director of Homeland Security, we doubt he had any idea he would be taking over the elections.

Jeh Johnson, the man appointed by president Obama to be the director of the Department of Homeland Security is now being tasked with another job, securing the elections in November.

The first step is declaring the election a piece of “critical infrastructure” like the electric power grid and Wall Street. Both of which, the DHS is in charge of security.

Jeh made these comments when speaking to reporters about the takeover.

“We should carefully consider whether our election system, our election process, is critical infrastructure like the financial sector, like the power grid.

There’s a vital national interest in our election process, so I do think we need to consider whether it should be considered by my department and others critical infrastructure.”

The threat of a hack into our election system is very real.

Recent studies showed that some of the machines used in the primaries may have even been tampered with in a few of the Bernie and Hillary races.

Just this week a FBI agent came out and said that the election systems in Illinois and in Arizona have been hacked and could be susceptible to sabotage or rigged results.

Russia has been suspected of several hacks, but nothing has been proven yet.

Jeh Johnson is right about one thing; our election is part of our critical infrastructure.

Without the ability for our people to hold elections and vote for the candidates we believe will do the best then we do not have a democracy.

Cyber security is needed due to the tremendous amount of threats that are there, but does this give too much power to the party in control?

If the person in charge of the elections is an appointed person, in this case a Democrat appointed by Obama, does that give the party in power too much control?

One thing that we have heard over and over during this presidential race is that the elections are rigged. We heard if from Bernie Sanders for months and months, and he still lost.

It turned out that it was rigged against him, the DNC rigged the primary against his campaign and it was proven in the WikiLeaks release of DNC emails.

The DNC did go to great lengths to make sure that Hillary won despite the momentum of the party was with Bernie.

It is not crazy to think that a party might rig an election to maintain control. It is obvious that those around Hillary made sure she won the primary.

The DNC is not the DHS though, and the DHS should be held to a higher standard, but the possibility is there, and that possibility is what scares us.

What do you think about the DHS taking over the elections? Let us know in the comments below.

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The FBI is investigating another hack and before anyone knows the facts, the liberal media is already blaming Russia.

Somebody hacked into the email accounts of reporters at the New York Times and possibly other news organizations.

Within an hour of reports coming out of the hack Tuesday afternoon, CNN broke the news that it had reports that the Russians were to blame.

When the DNC was hacked last month just before their convention, Hillary and the other party leaders blamed Russia immediately as well.

There is no definitive proof that the hack even took place and CNN is already blaming Russia.

The New York Times didn’t confirm the attack and the FBI hasn’t made an official comment yet.

Despite the FBI and New York Times not speaking on the hack yet, CNN somehow already knows Russia is at fault.

Blaming Russia without evidence is something that Democrats are doing more and more often and that could be very bad for America. Especially if WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange is correct in his accusations that murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich was the one that leaked the DNC emails.

It is too early to blame Russia or anyone else for the hack, but by playing the blame game we are distracted that many journalists were hacked and who knows what information could be out there now.

What do you think of CNN blaming the Russians before there is any evidence?

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Edward Snowden

Somehow, no mainstream media outlet is covering the news of Edward Snowden’s disappearance and that he is thought to be dead.

Edward Snowden became the source of the largest security breach in American intelligence history when he took 1.7 million documents from the NSA.

What makes this story even more unique is that around the time the rumors of his death started, Snowden sent a very mysterious tweet.

People think that the tweet could be a dead-man’s switch. An tweet programmed to go out if Snowden didn’t login within a specific amount of time. But is the tweet just gibberish?

It looks like Snowden sent a key that could potentially unlock a treasure trove of NSA documents given to many different reporters all around the world. The reporters were given a file they could not access without the 64-character key, and Snowden said it would only be released upon his death.

The mysterious tweet could be the key that was sent out over Twitter.

The story takes a unique twist when the tweet disappears and the next thing we hear about Snowden came from a woman that claims to be the whistleblower’s mistress.

She said this when confronting whom we think is Snowden’s girlfriend. Translated from Russian to English.

Natasha, you b*tch. You had no right to inform someone about the death of my dear Edward. You’re a wh*r*. Is not it enough for you that you cheated? Slept with my husband? It was my place to break the news – news must be broken. Shame on you wh*r*.”

We do not know for sure who was dating whom, because Russian reporting on this topic has been sketchy at best.

What we do know is that Snowden’s Twitter has gone silent except for another cryptic tweet to the NSA that said, “It’s time”.

Time for what? Does this mean that the remaining files that Snowden did not release to the public will be released soon?

There are a lot of questions surrounding Snowden right now, like is he officially dead or not? What information has Snowden not released? What connection does it all have to Hillary?

We don’t have many answers, but we know that it isn’t looking good for Snowden or the NSA.

Do you think Snowden is a hero or a traitor? Let us know in the comments below.



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