Tuesday, June 27, 2017


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Former presidential candidate and U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders is stepping up as the only liberal to take on President Trump on the issues, rather then rhetoric.

While congressional leaders of the left continue to ride many false narratives from racism to Russia, Bernie Sanders responded to Trump’s first official speech with an address of his own.

Published on YouTube, the 14 minute talk has already garnered 1.6 million views.

Sanders was known as the outsider candidate for the nomination of the Democrat Party, however, he was thwarted by what many say as corruption of the nomination process by DNC insiders and Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Sanders, a self-professed “democratic socialist” still maintains a strong following of (wrong-headed) supporters and as Hillary hides in the woods of Chappaqua, New York, Bernie continues the fight for socialist.

Watch his address above (if you have 14 minutes of your life to waste).

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In between going to Black Panther parties and studying Alinsky, young student Chelsea volunteers at a phone bank for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.

After a night of calling, the young woman had a real, tear-filled breakdown that she recorded and posted to Facebook.

Bernie’s data operation is clearly deficient as she ended up speaking to many supporters of Donald Trump who she described as “sick people” who believe the South won the Civil War.

Chelsea’s state of shock is normal for those who live in Rainbow Land.

From the communist manifesto of Cam Brady:

Please come with me to Rainbow Land.
Where unicorns are made of fudge and cotton candy,
And everything is free.

Chelsea quickly found out that Trump supporters “DO NOT want to live in Rainbow Land” and she can’t make them “live in Rainbow Land!”

Watch the tears flow and comment below.


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