Friday, February 24, 2017


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In between going to Black Panther parties and studying Alinsky, young student Chelsea volunteers at a phone bank for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.

After a night of calling, the young woman had a real, tear-filled breakdown that she recorded and posted to Facebook.

Bernie’s data operation is clearly deficient as she ended up speaking to many supporters of Donald Trump who she described as “sick people” who believe the South won the Civil War.

Chelsea’s state of shock is normal for those who live in Rainbow Land.

From the communist manifesto of Cam Brady:

Please come with me to Rainbow Land.
Where unicorns are made of fudge and cotton candy,
And everything is free.

Chelsea quickly found out that Trump supporters “DO NOT want to live in Rainbow Land” and she can’t make them “live in Rainbow Land!”

Watch the tears flow and comment below.


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