Monday, July 24, 2017


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Barack Obama just can’t resist the opportunity to replace Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, despite being a lame duck president.

Facing mild pushback in the Senate, Obama took to twitter to gain support for moving forward with the nomination process.

The infographic posted to Obama’s Twitter account fails to mention the longstanding precedent that lame duck presidents have that respects the future of the court and the vote of the people. The “Biden Rule” is a gentleman’s agreement that a president in his last year in office should allow the next president to decide the fate of the court. But Obama has never been one to play by gentlemen’s rules. The President has even twisted the precedent by saying the following:

Obama is expected to name Loretta Lynch as his pick for the Supreme Court.

Lynch is notorious for her race-based decisions that include launching a federal investigation over a piece of bacon placed on the doorknob of a Mosque. However, she has failed to investigate the hate crime that occurred recently just blocks from the White House. A white Marine Corps veteran was brutally beaten by black youth after refusing to answer the question, “Do black lives matter?”

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