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Secret Service

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Wait, I was just kidding!

A Fresno State University professor who tweeted that President Donald Trump “must hang,” in February, is reportedly under investigation by the Secret Service. The history alleged that President Trump is a threat to American democracy.

It was reported that the liberal California professor, Lars Maischak, caused outrage after his tweets spread online. In a series of several tweets, Maischak called for President Trump and other Republicans to be assassinated.

“To save American democracy, Trump must hang. The sooner and the higher, the better,” Maischak tweeted in February.

Federal agents are now investigating Maischak for his controversial comments, according to Fresno State University President Joseph Castro. He told a local newspaper that he has been in touch with officials from the Secret Service, FBI, and Homeland Security after Maischak’s tweets were discovered last week.

However, as of now, it is not clear what law federal authorities think the German-born professor of European and US history, broke. One option that may be on the table is a Class E felony, threatening the president of the US.

Regardless of the crime Maischak may be charged with, prosecutors are likely to face a tough battle. It is widely acknowledged that courts tend to interpret the First Amendment pretty broadly. One example of such a case being overturned would be the 1969 Supreme Court case, Watts vs. United States. A man who allegedly threatened President Lyndon B. Johnson at a rally, had his conviction overturned by Justices. He had said: “I am not going [to Vietnam]. If they ever make me carry a rifle the first man I want to get in my sights is L.B.J.””

At the time, Justices believed that the statement was a “crude political hyperbole which, in light of its context and conditional nature, did not constitute a knowing and willful threat against the President.”

Earlier this week, in a written statement given to the Fresno Bee, Maischek apologized for his comments, adding that he had deleted his Twitter account since his tweets went viral.

“I apologize for the tone and content of my statements made on Twitter. I ask forgiveness of those who felt threatened or offended by them,” he wrote. “It was never my intent to harm anyone, nor to encourage others to harm anyone.”

“My statements each represent the end point of a dark train of thought triggered by my despair over the actions of the present U.S. government,” Maischak explained.

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hawaii vacation

The costs of Obama’s luxury travel keeping adding up for overburdened taxpayers.  We have obtained records from the U.S. Secret Service revealing that its travel expenses for the First Family’s 2015 Hawaiian vacation cost taxpayers $1.2 million, which bring the total cost of the vacation trip to at least $4.8 million.

This was the Obamas’ eighth Hawaiian family vacation. The trip has become an annual event for the Obamas. To date, Obama’s and his family’s travel expenses total at least $85,029,819.

The records obtained by Judicial Watch for Obama’s Secret Service travel to Hawaii reveal the following expenses totaling $1,234,316.67:

  • Hotel and lodging costs totaled $1,000,458.63
  • The Secret Service spent $165,893.88 on car rentals.
  • Air and rail expenses totaled $67,964.16.

Although the vacation officially lasted from December 18, 2015, to January 3, 2016, the Secret Service rented several Kailua homes for 19 nights, starting from December 16. The total for the rentals, located near the Marine Corps base at Kaneohe Bay was $245,993.12.

According to bills obtained by Judicial Watch through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), the Secret Service also paid for rooms at the Hawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki and Golf Club. The Secret Service also reserved rooms at the Moana Surfrider resort on Waikiki Beach, and the Ala Moana Hotel, which cost a total of $40,249.48 and $671,895.99, respectively.

The Secret Service rented cars from Avis, Alamo, and Hertz – 103 cars for the two-week vacation, totaling $165,893.88 in taxpayer money.

Reportedly, the Obamas stayed at the Hale Reena Estate, which “rents for anywhere between $5,000 to $10,000 a night, depending on the season.”

According to other news sources, the Obamas dined out frequently (and were guarded) at Hawaii’s finest restaurants:

The president played seven rounds of golf, went hiking and snorkeling.

We filed a FOIA request for these documents in January 2016. The records were released in response to a FOIA lawsuit filed on May 6, 2016, (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Homeland Security (No. 1:16-cv-00863)). The lawsuit was filed after the Secret Service ignored a series of separate FOIA requests for costs associated with the president’s travel.

The Secret Service and the Air Force are being abused by unnecessary travel. “Unnecessary presidential travel for fundraising and luxury vacations on the taxpayers’ dime would be a good target for reform for the incoming Trump administration.

Let’s add that to the agenda for the first 100 days.  To that end, it was good to see President-elect Trump questioning the multi-billion dollar costs of the planned replacements for the current planes used as Air Force One.

Is this it for Obama travel?  Nope. According to the White House, President Obama will meet with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Honolulu, Hawaii, on December 27, 2016.

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secret service

The U.S. Secret Service has lost thousands of agency computers, radios, cell phones, weapons, credentials and vehicles since Islamic terrorists executed the worst attack in U.S. history, records obtained by Judicial Watch show.

The equipment was reported lost or stolen by the Secret Service, which claims to be one of the most elite law enforcement organizations in the world with responsibilities that include protecting, not only the president, but also national and visiting foreign leaders as well as conducting criminal investigations.

Judicial Watch requested the records under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) almost a year ago as part of an ongoing investigation into the scandal-plagued Secret Service. The information was finally provided this month and it most certainly depicts behavior unbecoming of an elite law enforcement agency.

Since 2001 dozens of weapons and pistols have gone missing, hundreds of agent badges and cell phones as well as scores of laptop and desktop computers and six agency motor vehicles. Labeled “lost and stolen assets” by the Secret Service, the records are broken down by year and type of equipment missing. Two categories are somewhat vague and neither includes records before 2009. One, titled “other equipment,” reveals the loss of 793 items since 2009. The other, listed as “office equipment,” shows the loss of 201 items during the same period.

The agency had an especially humiliating year in 2004 when 1,362 items were recorded as lost or stolen, the records show. Radio equipment led with 191 lost items in addition to 53 laptops, 53 desktop computers, 26 badges and 25 cell phones, among others.

In 2002 the Secret Service lost 1,179 items, including a disturbing number of weapons (69) and badges (40). Keep in mind that was the year following the 9/11 terrorist attacks! In 2014 the agency reported 1,032 items lost or stolen, among them hundreds of pieces of information technology equipment, 142 cell phones and a motor vehicle. In 2010 the records list 1,001 disappeared items, including dozens of badges, computers and cell phones.

Some of the categories are too general and don’t offer specific descriptions of the equipment, but enough information is provided in the records to illustrate the severity of the negligence. Except for 2013 the Secret Service has lost more than 100 information technology items every year since 2009. For the portion of 2016 that’s been reported, the agency has already lost eight badges. In 2015 it was 18 and in 2014 it lost 25 badges.

The Secret Service has been rocked by several scandals in the last few years, including one that Judicial Watch uncovered last summer. Known as “Operation Moonlight” and “Operation Moonshine,” agents were covertly redeployed from the White House compound to protect a close friend of the agency’s then director during a dispute with a neighbor.

Judicial Watch obtained government records containing details of the illicit operation, which occurred under former Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan. His good friend and administrative assistant at the time, Lisa Chopey, was embroiled in a discord with a neighbor in her rural community of La Plata, Maryland and the Secret Service surreptitiously redeployed agents assigned to guard the White House to protect Chopey and conduct undercover surveillance of the problematic neighbor.

Other Secret Service transgressions have made headlines in the last few years. Besides drunken agents plowing a government vehicle into a White House security gate, a dozen agents brought prostitutes to their hotel rooms during a 2012 world leaders’ summit attended by President Obama. A mainstream news outlet called the incident a debauchery that caused an uproar and surprised many who previously regarded Secret Service agents as a highly disciplined force of dark sunglasses, earpieces and unreadable facial expressions.

The Secret Service suffered another major blow when a psychologically disturbed man with a knife jumped over the White House fence and ran across the North Lawn, into the executive mansion and to the entrance of the East Room. Last year a drone flew over the White House and landed in an area that’s supposed to be secure. The device was described as a quadcopter drone and the Secret Service told media outlets that it crash-landed in a tree on the southeast side of the complex around 3 a.m.

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“I’m going to kill the president elect.” These words from a successful CEO have him in very hot water right now.

Matt Harringan is the CEO of PacketSled and is also posting on Facebook his intentions to kill Donald Trump.

PacketSled is a risk management company that has been successful. The company was forced to take action after learning of the comments online from their CEO.

“I’m going to kill the president elect,” was one of the worst ones, but he also challenged Trump’s security by saying, “Bring it secret service.”

“Getting a sniper rifle and perching myself where it counts. Find a bedroom in the whitehouse that suits you motherfucker. I’ll find you.”

It isn’t just Trump he’s mad at.

“In no uncertain terms, fuck you America. Seriously. Fuck off.”

The words are haunting and hint to a very deep hatred for Trump. He seems dangerous and it doesn’t seem like a “joke” as his Facebook apology claims.

Matt Harrigan is now on leave from and his company PacketSled made an apology on their website as well.

“PacketSled takes recent comments made by our CEO, seriously. Once we were made aware of these comments, we immediately reported this information to the secret service and will cooperate fully with any inquiries. These comments do not reflect the views or opinions of PacketSled, its employees, investors or partners. Our CEO has been placed on administrative leave.“

He must have been really angry and shocked that Trump won, because he said things that everyone knows are wrong.

You can’t just joke about killing the president, and if you do, you are an idiot that shouldn’t be in charge of any company.

It is ironic that he works for a risk management company and said what he did online. It should make one question the company.

Do you agree that everyone knows that you shouldn’t threaten the president or president elect? Let us know in the comments below.

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Hillary Clinton had a “medical incident” Sunday at the 9/11 memorial, but the big question is why didn’t she go to the hospital?

The question is haunting the campaign now. The problem developed when high-level campaign member suggested they go to Chelsea Clinton’s instead of the hospital.

If Hillary went to the hospital, then there could be doctors, nurses or staff that could leak information to the press.

Regardless of your political feelings toward any candidate, we should all be concerned for the health and well being of any of our leaders.

Hillary suffered a major health situation on Sunday and according to Secret Service protocol, Clinton should have been rushed to nearby Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan.

Bellevue didn’t happen and according to new reports, the Secret Service started to go that direction until a campaign staffer suggested the change.

All politics aside, it is very clear that Hillary is not well, and a demanding campaign trail isn’t helping. The worst part, the people closest to Hillary could be the ones doing the most damage.

Remember Michael Jackson? Jackson’s own doctor, while being treated at home, killed the greatest pop star.

What rests on the horizon if Hillary wins the White House? Much more stress, much more scrutiny and sleepless nights will be required more often.

Hillary’s schedule included several days off each week in August and her health might be catching up to her. At the very least, she needs a second opinion.

The reason why Hillary’s health is playing such a big role in this election is because she has some serious issues and nobody is being honest with her records.

Much like Donald’s tax records, the only reason not to release them is because there is something there they are trying to hide.

Some Democrats have even started suggesting a “backup” plan incase Hillary can’t move forward.

It really doesn’t matter what plans the DNC is making, the only ways they could replace her is if she dies or she voluntarily drops out. Hopefully the first one doesn’t happen, and highly doubtful she’ll just quit.

Say what you want about Hillary, but she is a fighter and she will do whatever it takes to win this election. The problem for the Clinton campaign is that she isn’t the fighter she once was.

Do you think Hillary will back out of the race? Let us known in the comments below.

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Conduct Policy

Following shameful debacles involving Secret Service agents getting drunk and hiring prostitutes during foreign travel details a federal audit is recommending that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) develop a policy for off-duty conduct abroad.

The Secret Service inspired the probe but many other DHS agencies—including Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Coast Guard and Transportation Security Administration (TSA)—also have a substantial number of employees that travel and work in other countries. Apparently, the belief is that specific rules banning drunken sex scandals could help avoid more public embarrassments, though it’s difficult to imagine that members of an elite law enforcement agency don’t already know this.

“Off-duty misconduct can undermine the Department’s credibility and integrity and hinder its ability to achieve its mission,” the DHS Inspector General writes in a report issued a few days ago. “Our objective was to determine whether DHS has adequate policies and training governing off-duty conduct while abroad.” The answer is no, but you’d think common sense would kick in absent written rules. As we have seen in the last few years that hasn’t been the case.

In 2012 a dozen Secret Service agents deployed to Cartagena, Colombia for President Obama’s world leaders’ summit trip engaged in wild partying that included lots of booze and hookers. A few years later a drunken Secret Service agent preparing for Obama’s visit to Amsterdam was found passed out in a hotel hallway after a night of partying.

“Neither DHS nor the six DHS components with the largest international presence have comprehensive policies and training to govern employees’ off-duty conduct while abroad,” the agency watchdog reveals. “DHS has some limited, department-wide policies for off-duty conduct in general, but they do not specifically address employee conduct abroad; the six components’ policies do not cover some aspects of conduct, such as drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and using drugs.

DHS as a whole does not offer training in off-duty conduct for employees traveling and working abroad. One component offers training to those working abroad, but only one of the six offers training to both travelers and those working abroad.” In 2015, the agency had nearly 1,500 employees working in 80 countries, according to the audit.

There have been a number of domestic incidents as well. Agents crashed a car in the Florida Keys during an Obama family vacation and top-ranking Secret Service officials—including a member of the president’s personal detail—crashed their government vehicle into a White House security gate after a night of drinking. Could this be why in its official response to the report, DHS “disagreed with the underlying premise that any conduct policy covering DHS employees must specifically state it applies to off-duty conduct while traveling or working abroad.” It’s not clear if the agency wants to broaden the rules to apply domestically as well or if it simply doesn’t want to deal with the disgraceful off-duty conduct of its employees. Regardless, it’s a work in progress that is not expected to be completed for another year, the agency reveals in its response.

In a letter to the IG, the DHS liaison tries to be more diplomatic, though he doesn’t commit to actually issuing rules. He does however, promise that the Office of the Human Capital Officer will at least “provide information regarding drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, using illegal drugs, solicitation of commercial sex, and engaging in notoriously disgraceful conduct to employees who travel outside the United States.” Now the agency created after 9/11 to protect the nation from anther terrorist attack will gather and brainstorm. “The exact manner in which this will be done has not yet been determined,” DHS liaison Jim Crumpacker writes in his letter to DHS IG John Roth. He also warns that “it is important to recognize though that it is not possible to entirely eliminate the potential risk of employee wrongdoing.”

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secret service

One of the agents in Obama’s Secret Service detail was just arrested—for a truly perverted crime.

The agent, Lee Robert Moore, 37, who works directly for the President inside the White House, was caught sending naked photos of himself from his smartphone—to a 14-year-old girl. He also requested to meet in person, so they could have sex—requesting that she wear a short skirt.

“May seem like a small thing in the grand scheme, but I would take immense pleasure in pulling those shorts off your hips and down your cute little legs,” he apparently wrote, before going into much more lurid detail about the things he was planning to do. Again, to what he thought was a 14-year-old girl.

Unfortunately for Moore, the “14-year-old girl” was actually an undercover police officer in Delaware. Moore was quickly arrested, and turned himself in at the Maryland State Police Barracks on Monday, where he agreed to talk to law enforcement about his crimes.

Most shockingly, Moore admitted that many of his messages were sent while he was on the job. Meaning that, while Moore was in the White House, tasked with keeping President Obama safe, he was actually sending out nude photos to young teens.

The Secret Service, obviously, was quick to distance themselves from Moore.

“The Secret Service takes allegations of potential criminal activity extremely seriously,” said a Secret Service spokesperson.

“This incident was reported to our Office of Professional Responsibility on Friday, November 6th. On that same date, the employee’s security clearance was suspended and the employee was placed on administrative leave. All Secret Service issued equipment was retrieved and the employee’s access to all Secret Service facilities was terminated.”

Moore has been charged with attempted transfer of obscene material to a minor. If convicted, it carries a sentence of up to 10 years.

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Is Bill Clinton back to his old tricks?

According to at least one author, he is.

Ronald Kessler, the author of “The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of Presidents,” claims that Bill Clinton is still cheating on Hillary Clinton.

“[Bill] has a blonde, busty mistress, and she’s been codenamed Energizer by agents,” Kessler writes. “She comes in to the Chappaqua [New York] home whenever Hillary leaves. The details coordinate to make sure they don’t cross paths. She, unlike Hillary, is very nice to the agents. She’ll bring cookies.”

This report comes, apparently, directly from the Clintons’ Secret Service detail. As a former President and First Lady, one of his perks is that they continue to receive Secret Service protection, albeit with a smaller detail than a sitting First Couple.

Kessler goes on to claim what many have suspected–that Bill and Hillary Clinton have “a business relationship,” based solely on their desire to return to the White House.

“It’s not a marriage at all,” Kessler writes–and this too is according to his interviews with the Clintons’ Secret Service agents. “It’s not a marriage at all. It’s a total fake, like everything else about Hillary. It’s just a big show and a scam.”

Kessler claims that the reason Hillary’s agents are talking is, largely, because they hate her.

“The reality behind the scenes is she treats her agents and others less powerful than she is with contempt,” he writes. “In fact she’s so abusive to her agents that being assigned to her detail is considered a form of punishment. That tells you something about her character.”

Far from being an attack piece on the Clintons, the book actually covers Secret Service stories from a number of previous administrations.

Kessler’s stories have not been verified, but if true, they’d confirm what many people already think: that Bill Clinton hasn’t changed his ways, and Hillary Clinton is a phony.

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In releasing his new book “The President’s Shadow” this week, political author Brad Meltzer revealed President Ronald Reagan’s biggest secret while he served in the Oval Office – he carried a .38 revolver wherever he went for self-defense.

Meltzer discovered this revelation while researching his new book at the Secret Service headquarters and did so almost by accident.

In sharing his research experience in a New York Daily News blog post, Meltzer said he saw a replica of the gun Lee Harvey Oswald used to assassinate President Kennedy, the pistol used in an attempt on President Ford and the actual door off of the limousine Reagan was riding in when John Hinckley Jr. shot him in 1981 as the president exited the Washington Hilton Hotel in Washington, D.C.

“It was an eerie keepsake for sure,” Meltzer wrote. “But not nearly as eerie as the next detail they told me. We were talking about Reagan and that day he was shot. Then one of the agents offered this secret: When Reagan was president, he carried his own gun.”

“I couldn’t believe it,” Meltzer recalled. “’It’s true,’ they said. A .38. Reagan used to hide it in his briefcase and take it on Air Force One. Whatever you think of Reagan, you have to admit, he had a black belt in badassery.”

According to On the Issues, a political site which claims to be “non-partisan,” a Secret Service agent once noticed Reagan with his pistol while on his 700-acre ranch outside of Santa Barbara, so he asked Reagan what it was for.

“Well, just in case you guys can’t do the job, I can help out,” Reagan replied. The site also noted that the first time he took a trip as president to the Soviet Union, Reagan had a pistol in his briefcase.

In his commentary on the Mad News Now website, Sean Brown share his view of Reagan verses our current president.

“…this is the type of president we need – one that has a set and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty if needed. Currently, we have a limp-wristed pansy occupying the White House, and our nation has never been in worse shape.

Granted, the simple act of carrying a gun doesn’t make Reagan any more qualified to be president than anybody else, but it is a greater part of his personality and no-nonsense attitude, which is lacking in our current leadership.”

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Judicial Watch has obtained records from the U.S. Secret Service that shed light into a scandalous operation in which agents were covertly redeployed from the White House compound to protect a close friend of the agency’s director during a dispute with a neighbor.

The friend, Lisa Chopey, was also the administrative assistant of former Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan, and was embroiled in a discord with a neighbor in her rural community of La Plata, Maryland. At Chopey’s request the agency opened a federal investigation into the neighbor, Mike Mulligan, and surreptitiously redeployed agents assigned to guard the White House to protect her, the records show. Chopey accused Mulligan of “disturbing the peace” by riding noisy “four wheelers” around the neighborhood, according to the records obtained by JW under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

The Secret Service reportedly conducted undercover surveillance on Mulligan and his live-in girlfriend, harassed them and ran database checks. The effort was variously referred to as “Operation Moonlight” and “Operation Moonshine,” which is amusing considering drunken Secret Service agents, including a member of President Obama’s protective detail, recently made headlines for crashing a car into a White House barricade following a late-nigh party. Operation Moonshine commenced on July 1, 2011, the Secret Service documents obtained by JW reveal.

The scandalous affair was exposed last year when a mainstream newspaper broke the story that agents in a special surveillance unit were pulled off duty for at least two months to go an hour’s drive to Chopey’s Maryland home. Then Secret Service Director Julia Pierson contacted the Department of Homeland Security Inspector General to request a probe into the matter involving her predecessor. After all, the Secret Service claims to be one of the most elite law enforcement organizations in the world with responsibilities that include protecting national and visiting foreign leaders as well as criminal investigations.

Nevertheless, the Secret Service has been rocked by a number of scandals in the last few years. Besides the drunken agents plowing a government vehicle into a White House security gate, a dozen agents brought prostitutes to their hotel rooms during a 2012 world leaders’ summit attended by President Obama. A mainstream news outlet called the incident a debauchery that caused an uproar and surprised many who previously regarded Secret Service agents as a highly disciplined force of dark sunglasses, earpieces and unreadable facial expressions.

The Secret Service suffered another major blow when a psychologically disturbed man with a knife jumped over the White House fence and actually managed to run across the North Lawn, into the executive mansion and to the entrance of the East Room. Earlier this year a drone flew over the White House and landed in an area that’s supposed to be secure. The device was described as a quadcopter drone and the Secret Service told media outlets that it crash-landed in a tree on the southeast side of the complex around 3 a.m.


Guarding Republicans

Over the weekend, the New York Times was slammed for running a piece where the news outlet apparently tried to cover up the motives...