Sunday, June 25, 2017


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Students at the University of Michigan have decided that white people need to be excluded from certain areas of campus.

An activist group named “Students4Justice” is demanding that school officials create a segregated space to plot their white resistance.

According to the College Fix, the group is demanding “a permanent designated space on central campus for black students and students of color to organize and do social justice work.”

The request comes at a time when the University is building at $10 million dollar multicultural center in the middle of campus. The multicultural center was a demand of the Black Student Union during campus protests in 2014.

Now they want more than to learn about different cultures. Now they want segregation.

If any other student union or group asked to have a safe space and keep black people out then it would be called racism. How is this not racism?

There is a growing hate toward “white” people on campuses around America.

Last year a student group from Claremont McKenna College created a “safe space” for students of color. (Note this publication previously reported that Claremont McKenna College created a safe space for non-whites, however it was a university sanctioned student group that made their office space available).

A black woman got in the face of a white student claiming that his dreadlocks were racist and “cultural appropriation”.

Colleges and Universities are supposed to be places where we educate and grow the future, but if the above examples images of our future then we are in real trouble.

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During the Civil Right’s movement, it was southern Democrats that fought to keep segregation and they will be happy to know it is back.

California State Los Angeles has decided to offer segregated housing for students that are African American.

A liberal university in one of the most liberal states in America is now supporting the idea of segregation.

The irony is incredible.

The housing is roughly 20 units in a larger complex that is just for black students and those that share similar concerns.

We’ll ignore the racist thought that all black people share the same concerns, and focus on the blatant racism to segregate a portion of the population.

Aaron Rodgers, not the football player but a student at Cal State LA said this when asked about the separate housing.

“We don’t want to come off as we are separating ourselves. If you want to live in the black dorms, you shouldn’t have that fixed mindset … ‘Oh, I just want to live the black dorms because I’m black.’ In this whole building, there are other races,”

That should clear it up right? No!

The program is supporting segregation and closed thought.

Universities around the United States are making it harder for people to think freely.

Brown University is even putting tampons in the boys bathrooms, and you know what, that sound about fitting these days.

We fought for civil rights now we are just handing them back over without any thought for the future.

Wake up America before there is nothing left that resemble the principles this country was founded.

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