Monday, July 24, 2017


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Scalise Shooter Identified

The shooter involved in this morning’s shooting has been identified as 66-year-old James T. Hodgkinson of Belleville, Ill.

Hodgkinson has recently been making public posts critical of President Trump.

James Hodgkinson


His Facebook page, which has since been deleted, featured a Bernie Sanders cover photo and a profile picture with the words “Democratic Socialism Explained in 3 words: “WE THE PEOPLE”.”

James Hodgkinson

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T.J. Williams was logged onto Facebook and streaming live while hanging out with two friends in a car listening to music when gunshots rang out.

As three young men described to be in their 20’s, were chilling in a parked car when a couple of unknown assailants shot at least 30 shots into the car.

T.J. was shot and dropped his phone trying to dodge the relentless firing. The entire event unfolded live on Facebook.

As the gunshots stopped, panic broke out. Neighbors shouted for help as others tried to comfort the three victims.

The shooting happened in Norfolk Virginia. The area is no stranger to violence, but seeing it live on Facebook really hit home for everyone.

The video recorded the paramedics that responded to the call. There were about a dozen neighbors heard trying to help in some way. The outpouring of support and care given to the victims was remarkable.

The video continued to stream for a full, two hours. It captured the entire crime. The visual evidence won’t help the police catch the shooters probably, but the audio should help.

This is a new age we are entering. Just about everyday we are hearing about a different crime that was streamed live online.

This crime was recorded totally by accident, and hopefully the video will help police make a swift apprehension and conviction.

At the time of publication, the names of the victims have not been given to the public. What we do know is that they sustained “significant injuries”, according to the police.

This tragic story is developing, so check back soon.

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Three illegal aliens have been arrested over gunning down a teenager, as he waited for the school bus.

Danny Centeno-Miranda, a high school student in wealthy Loudoun County, Virginia–the richest county in the United States–just outside of Washington, D.C., was shot twice in the back about 50 yards from the bus stop.

Centeno-Miranda had fled poverty in El Salvador, and come to America to live with relatives in 2013. He was apparently in the country legally.

His killers have been taken into custody, and charged. The triggerman, a 17-year-old whose name hasn’t been released because of his age, has been charged with second-degree murder and with using a firearm while committing a felony. Henry Dominguez Vasquez, 20, and Juan Aguirre Zelaya, 18, also were arrested and charged with being accessories to the shooting and also for possession of a firearm while in the country illegally.

All three are in America illegally.

It’s unclear exactly what the motive was for the crime, but Loudoun County police officers think there might be more to the story than just an accidental or impromptu killing.

“This was not a random incident,” Loudoun County Sheriff Mike Chapman said, at a news conference on Saturday. “The suspects and the victim were known to each other.”

“We’re looking into that there may be some gang affiliation, however we don’t know what the reason was just yet for the incident taking place,” he added.

Centeno-Miranda, however, was described as an all-around good kid, who wasn’t a troublemaker–not the kind of kid who would join a gang.

But he did apparently know his murderers, and may have lived in the same apartment complex and even attended the same high school, though investigators are still confirming details.

Regardless of the motive, the murder of Danny Centeno-Miranda is another one committed this summer by illegal immigrants. Nationwide, there have been a number–including the murder of Kate Steinle, who was shot dead on a crowded San Francisco tourist pier, in early July.

Centeno-Miranda’s murder also comes after an increased focus on illegal immigration, and the crimes committed by illegal aliens, due to the rising presidential candidacy of Donald Trump.

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Barack Obama’s assistant is facing jail–after apparently shooting at her boyfriend, a U.S. Capitol Police officer, with his own gun.

Barvetta Singletary currently serves as Obama’s assistant: her official title at the White House is Special Assistant to the President and House Legislative Affairs Liaison. She has not yet been fired.

According to her arrest warrant, Singleterry sent her boyfriend a text on Friday, inviting him to her home in suburban Upper Marlboro, Maryland, for sex.

After having sex, Singletary confronted him about cheating on her with another woman. The conversation grew heated and Singletary demanded to see her boyfriend’s cell phones.

When he refused, she reached into his bag and retrieved two cell phones, along with his service weapon.

Singletary soon realized she didn’t have the passwords to his phones–so she turned the gun on her boyfriend as he sat on her living room sofa.

“You taught me how to use this,” Singletary allegedly threatened. “Don’t think I won’t use this.”

Singletary fired a round into the sofa where her boyfriend sat–at which point he ran out of the house and called 911, fearing for his life.

Singletary was arrested shortly after and charged with first and second degree assault, as well as reckless endangerment.

Currently, the Obama Administration has put Singletary on unpaid leave and temporarily revoked her access to White House grounds. She has not been fired, pending an investigation.


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