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Saturday Night Live has seen a ratings boost through the elections, but is the the constant bashing of the president Trump and his administration going too far?

The only memorable sketches coming from the NBC studio are ones that are politically charged. SNL doesn’t even know how to start a show anymore without attacking some aspect of Trump and his administration.

Some people love what Saturday Night Live is doing now, while a lot of other have started to tune out, but what do you think.

Is Saturday Night Live attacking Trump and his administration too much?

Let us know your thoughts below.

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Saturday Night Live has been unrelenting on its attacks of Donald Trump and the new President has not been shy about voicing his displeasure with the content of the show.

This week, SNL crossed the line when one if its staff writers, Katie Rich posted on twitter, “Barron will be this country’s first homeschool shooter.”

The backlash was swift and three days after posting the offensive tweet, the SNL writer deleted nearly all of her tweets and replaced them with this apology:

The left has shown no boundaries so far when expressing their opinions and outrages over President Trump.

The SNL flap comes on top of Madonna confessing she has “dreamed of blowing up the White House.”

Is SNL just trying to get a laugh, or is their liberal bias boiling over? Comment below.

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One of the most popular comedians in the country, Tina Fey, has said she’s done with apologizing for so-called “offensive” jokes.

Comedians have recently been under attack by a crazed PC army on the Left—who have forced comedians to backtrack off-color jokes that are “offensive” to someone.

It’s gotten so bad that some comedians, like Chris Rock or Jerry Seinfeld, have said they no longer perform on college campuses—because, quite simply, college students can no longer take a joke; they’re too concerned with possibly offended someone.

Tina Fey, however, has decided that she wouldn’t bother apologizing anymore, and urged other comedians to do the same: “Steer clear of the Internet and you’ll live forever,” she said.

Fey has explained what put her over the edge:

“We did an Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt episode and the internet was in a whirlwind, calling it ‘racist,’ but my new goal is not to explain jokes. I feel like we put so much effort into writing and crafting everything, they need to speak for themselves.”

She added:

“There’s a real culture of demanding apologies, and I’m opting out of that.”

Fey, who was the mastermind behind the hit show 30 Rock and the producer and writer of the cult 2004 film Mean Girls, has long been a feminist icon due to her ability to break into the boys club of comedy—but when ever reliably liberal celebrities start to realize the politically correct culture has gone off the deep end, perhaps it’s time to change course.

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funniest political videos of 2015

From Hillary Clinton’s emails to Donald Trump leading the GOP, 2015 has been quite a year. Few captured the fun in politics better than the YouTube universe. So here we go… the top 10 funny political videos of 2015.

10. Mean Tweets – President Obama Edition
President Obama sat down on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show and read some of the mean things people say about him on Twitter.

9. Donald Trump Monologue
The real Donald showed up and hosted Saturday Night Live and his monologue was a great way to start the show. It was “huge”.

8. First Republican Debate – Bad Lip Reading
The debates are a great way to get to know the candidates, but this video serves no purpose other than making us laugh.

7. First Democratic Debate – Bad Lip Reading
The first democratic debate was one that got a lot of attention, but it is the words they didn’t say that made this video a great one.

6. Obama Calls Donald Trump
Ever wonder what would happen if President Obama decided to call Donald Trump on the phone? Well this is the hilarious result.

5. Hillary Clinton Bar Talk
Hillary had a rough day and hit the bar, and “Val” the bartender tries to cheer her up.

4. George W. Bush Runs For President… Again
The one and only Will Farrell brought back one of our most favorite political impersonations over the year to announce that George Bush is running for president again.

3. Donald Trump Interviews Himself
You know when Jimmy Fallon plays Donald Trump and interviews himself, it will become and instant classic.

2. Democratic Debate Cold Open
The first democratic debate was rather boring but Saturday Night Live’s version is much better. Larry David was born to play Bernie Sanders.

1. Hillary Clinton Election Video
Hillary Clinton’s campaign announcement was less than memorable, but the one on Saturday Night Live will go down in history.

What video did you like the best? Did we miss one? Let us know in the comments below.

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Just after Donald Trump announced his run for the White House on June 16, the candidate made a series of speeches that were controversial to say the least – particularly on America’s illegal immigrant problem and all the crime, social safety net costs and lost jobs associated with it.

When Trump was asked about how he would solve the nation’s illegal immigration problem, he led with his promise to build a steel reinforced concrete wall along every inch of the border with doors to let good people in and bad people out – something he affirmed again and again, without apology, and that he would make Mexico pay for it.

Trump’s message is simple – enforce the law.

With illegal aliens moving unchecked around the country… with rape, murder and other violent crimes at the hands of illegal immigrants on the rise… with the costs of supporting illegals through already broken social safety net programs… and unemployment rates that have hit black Americans particularly hard, Trump said he would enforce the law.

He would keep criminal aliens behind bars, crack down on businesses that hired illegals, cleanse the welfare rolls that draw illegal immigrants into the country, repeal the “anchor baby” loop hole that allows illegals to stay in the U.S. and crack down on “Sanctuary Cities” that provide safe harbor against deportation by the federal government.

For saying he will enforce the immigration laws already on the books, the professional Hispanic grievance industry – led by the National Council of La Raza – has called him a racist.

In the immediate aftermath of his comments, NBC said it had fired Donald Trump from The Celebrity Apprentice – something Trump denies because he quit the show to run for president. NBC also severed its relationship with Trump’s Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants.

Having scored a pyrrhic victory against Trump, Hispanic groups celebrated – until NBC stole their victory by asking Trump to host the coming November 7 episode of “Saturday Night Live” – one of the most prestigious gigs in show business.

Following the announcement, Latino groups demanded that NBC to disinvite Trump as an SNL host saying his “inflammatory” remarks about illegal immigrants when he announced his White House run made him unfit for decent company.

Meredith Blake, writing for the LA Times, reported the reaction from Hispanic groups saying:

“We are appalled that you would enable Trump’s hateful speech for nothing [more] than a ratings ploy,” the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda, a coalition of 40 civil rights and policy organizations, said in a letter to “SNL” executive producer Lorne Michaels and NBCUniversal Chief Executive Stephen Burke.

“There’s no question that this issue has struck a nerve in the Latino community and beyond, and there is growing energy and intensity,” said Janet Murguía, president of the National Council of La Raza, a Latino advocacy organization.

What they couldn’t offer NBC in return for dumping Trump was the ratings bonanza NBC expects to harvest from Trump’s appearance in a business where audience reach is king.

When Trump appeared on NBC’s “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on September 11, the show got its best Friday night ratings in 18 months. A few weeks later, Trump generated the biggest audience for CBS’ “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” since its September 8 premiere.

While these other media appearances drew little controversy, Trump’s coming “Saturday Night Live” appearance has sparked anger because critics say it is nothing more than a “cynical ratings ploy” that could benefit his political campaign and potentially validate his views on immigration.

“‘SNL’ has become one of the most highly coveted platforms for candidates looking to connect with the American public,” Murguía said. “It’s appalling for a show to showcase a man whose campaign has been built on bigotry and demagoguery for the sake of buzz and ratings.”

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Last week the CNN Democratic Presidential Debate put all the liberal candidates on display for the world to see. What happened can be summed up into one sketch that was performed on Saturday Night Live this past week.

From Alec Baldwin’s hilarious portrayal of former Virginia governor Jim Webb to Larry David’s magnificent portrayal of Bernie Sanders, the sketch was right on the money.

Shots were fired at Hillary, CNN and even Joe Biden. The audience ate it up. Not to mention the four million plus views so far on YouTube that have made this video go viral.

Saturday Night Live has a longstanding tradition of making fun of politicians and even swaying votes in some cases. It was Tina Fey’s perfect portrayal of Sarah Palin that turned the tide on the Alaska governor during the 2008 election.

The now famous quote “I can see Russia from my house” from SNL stuck in the minds of the American voters. So much so, that when polled, many Americans attributed the quote to Palin and not Tina Fey.

With so many great characters in this election, it is going to be a great season of Saturday Night Live sketches! Let’s just hope that Jim Webb runs as an independent so we can see Alec Baldwin’s portrayal again.


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