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State Department

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A story is breaking that could give us a greater understanding of the tense relationship between Russia and the United States.

A year ago, two U.S. officials were reportedly drugged with a drug that has similar effects as the “date-rape drug”.

Both were drugged at separate times, but both were staying at an upscale Russian hotel.

The story broke due to another U.S. official who spoke to Radio Free Europe and was unnamed in the report.

The two officials that were drugged were found and taken to hospital to be given a medical test with sensitive tissue samples.

When the samples were about to be taken, the power went out in the building.

Both officials were then flown out of the country to attempt to get the samples, but too much time passed and the tests were inconclusive.

When the U.S. pushed Russia on the event, they asked for the evidence, but there was none to give.

During a press conference at the State Department this week, Elizabeth Kennedy Trudeau didn’t say much, but did say, “We are troubled. We remain troubled by the way our diplomatic and consular staff have been treated over the past two years.”

Apparently things like this are not new and that isn’t good.

U.S. and Russia have all but cut off communication regarding Syria and things will get worse before they get better.

I just looks like things have been getting bad for a lot longer than we thought.

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Hillary’s “untrustworthy” number has shot through the roof the past few months, but this takes it to a whole new level.

Former president Bill Clinton runs the Clinton Foundation and through his work, he has managed to raise hundreds of millions of dollars while the actual charities and grants only receive about 15%.

The foundation is under fire because we have learned of the unique access that foundation donors had to Hillary when she was at the State Department.

Some of the largest foreign donors to the Clinton Foundation have been able to receive favorable agreements between them and the U.S. government.

It is no surprise that Hillary doesn’t want this information exposed, mainly because it points to major conflicts of interest if Hillary was to win.

Hillary says it isn’t a problem when she spoke on ABC News.

“I don’t think there are conflicts of interest. I know that that’s what has been alleged and never proven. But nevertheless, I take it seriously.”

During an interview with Tim Kaine and Hillary, the Democratic candidate said this about the Clinton Foundation.

“I’m very proud of the work that the Clinton Foundation has done. It’s a world-renowned charity because of the work that my husband started and many, many people helped him with. … He started this great work. He has made it his life’s work, after the presidency. And he has said, if I am so fortunate enough to be elected, he will not be involved. And I think that is appropriate.”

The biggest question is why would he have to step down at all if there were not conflicts? We know the answer though.

There were conflicts when she was at Secretary of State and those conflicts and the Clinton corruption would only be magnified if she won the top office in America.

Do you think Bill should step down from the foundation if Hillary becomes president? Let us know in the comments below.

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Hillary has lied again and her latest scandal is now in full swing after this scandal started when she blamed Colin Powell for the last scandal. It is all confusing.

Hillary tried to get out of her email issues with the State Department by saying that Colin Powell told her to do it.

Colin admitted at first that he sent a memo describing how using his own AOL email for unclassified items sped up efficiency at the State Department.

A statement that he still stands by, but now he is tired of being blamed for her mistakes and lets us know when he sent the memo to Hillary.

“The truth is, she was using it (home email server) for a year before I sent her a memo telling her what I did. Her people have been trying to pin it on me.”

Powell admits he sent the memo, but it was after a year of her using her own home server.

Clinton also sent and received classified documents through her personal email, and that is something the Colin Powell did not do.

When asked why Hillary would lie about what Colin said and when he said it, he replied, “Why do you think? It doesn’t bother me. But it’s okay; I’m free.”

It might have to do with the presidential election, that’s our guess.

Hillary needs someone to blame when she does interviews for CNN and MSNBC so her followers will have something to believe.

It is obvious that she is lying again. She really has a problem with lying.

If Hillary is willing to lie her way to this point, what makes you think she will stop now?

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Judicial Watch is investigating why the U.S. Treasury Department rushed to give a major American hotel company special permission to operate in Cuba for the first time in nearly three decades, possibly with behind-the-scenes collaboration from the State Department.

Under the U.S. economic embargo such deals would be prohibited by law, even after President Obama’s efforts to restore relations with the island’s communist regime. Congressional action is required to lift the embargo against Cuba, though the executive branch has latitude in enforcing the law and Obama has reestablished diplomatic ties with Cuba as well as direct air service and mail between the two countries.

A few days before Obama’s historic March trip to Cuba, U.S. hospitality firm Starwood, which operates Sheraton, Westin and other prominent hotel brands, received authorization from the U.S. Treasury Department to run several hotels on the island in apparent violation of U.S. laws.

All of the hotels are properties that were confiscated by Cuba’s communist regime without compensating private owners and are currently owned by the Cuban military, which means all profits generated by any commercial venture will finance the regime’s repressive apparatus. Furthermore, the Cuban government will assign hotel workers their jobs and employees will have no labor rights. U.S. law prohibits American companies from operating under these conditions in other countries.

In an announcement celebrating the unusually swift Treasury authorization to do business in Cuba, Starwood Chief Executive Officer Thomas B. Mangas said “with Cuba’s rich history, natural beauty and strong culture, there is no question the entire U.S. hospitality industry has watched Cuba with great interest, and we are thrilled to lead the charge and bring our sophisticated, high-end brands into the market at this inflection point.” Somehow, Starwood beat out several other American companies that have been trying to obtain U.S. government approval to do business in Cuba, according to a mainstream newspaper. Among them is Marriott International whose CEO actually accompanied Obama on his trip to Cuba earlier this year.

To secure the authorization Starwood hired a bigtime Washington D.C. lobbying firm, DLA Piper, to advocate on its behalf. Records show that Starwood has paid DLA Piper $560,000 in lobbying fees since Obama announced he would normalize relations with Cuba in 2014.

Judicial Watch has learned that DLA Piper attorney and partner Evan Migdail handled the negotiations between Starwood and the Obama administration. In Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to the State Department and U.S. Treasury, Judicial Watch is among other things seeking all records of communication between any official, employee or representative of the respective agencies and Migdail, who is a registered lobbyist representing Starwood.

The FOIAs also seek risk assessments, analysis or documents produced or reviewed during the approval process and records of communications—including any foreign policy guidance—between the two agencies related to the authorization.

Cuba’s government is a renowned human rights violator that represses and incarcerates individuals and groups that criticize it. “Officials employ a range of tactics to punish dissent and instill fear in the public, including beatings, public acts of shaming, termination of employment, and threats of long-term imprisonment,” according to a report published by the international group Human Rights Watch. “Short-term arbitrary arrests have increased dramatically in recent years and routinely prevent human rights defenders, independent journalists, and others from gathering or moving about freely.”

A few years before the Obama administration removed Cuba from the government’s list of nations that sponsor terrorism, Judicial Watch reported, based on records gathered from Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, that Hezbollah established an operational base on the communist island.

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There are a lot of questions and concerns about Hillary’s time at the State Department with scandals involving her home server, her emails and the Clinton Foundation.

The concerns are so numerous, Americans think the truth should be told to the public in order to make a wise vote in November. But the State Department thinks differently.

This may or may not have anything to do with Bill Clinton meeting with Loretta Lynch privately on her plane this week, but the State Department wants a delay.

On Thursday the Obama Administration moved to delay the release of over 14,000 pages of emails to the public. Citizens United sued the State Department over a Freedom of Information Act request (FOIA) and the courts decided all documents should be turned over no later than July 21, 2016, but the extension would push it back to October 2018.

The emails requested are between State Department officials and the Clinton Foundation. The request also covered emails sent to and from Teneco Consulting, a company with close ties to the Clintons.

On Thursday the Obama Administration asked the courts for a 27-month delay. They want to wait until October 2018.

The agency is blaming a miscalculation of time and an overwhelming number of FIOA requests.

The lawyers for the State Department had this to say, “State deeply regrets these errors, and is working diligently to correct them as quickly as possible.”

Do they know there is an election this fall? Obviously so, or they wouldn’t be trying to delay everything until after the election.

The Republican National Committee has a FOIA request currently with the State Department to look into the emails between some of Hillary’s staffers and aides. The State Department has estimated that request will take around 75 years to complete.

How ridiculous is this? A couple of staffers sent emails back and forth for a couple of years and it will take the State Department 75 years to go through the emails and fulfill the request? Everyone involved will most likely be dead at that point.

Every single day there is a new wrinkle or a new scandal involving the Clintons and now we can’t get the details for another 27 months. The courts have not officially approved the request yet, but it is expected to pass.

Meanwhile Hillary continues running for president and the public stays in the dark.

Should we have to wait another 27-months for the release of Hillary’s emails? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Syria has been in a civil war for the last five years and America hasn’t done much other than accepting around 150 refugees a day.

President Obama drew an imaginary red line in the sand against President Assad using chemical weapons. He still used them and we did nothing.

The crisis in Syria has sent millions of refugees all over Europe and now we are bringing in hundreds of refugees each week.

We know there is a problem and President Obama does not want to start a new war, but he may have to.

The State Department has always had Obama’s back through his tenure as president, but now some are breaking ranks to try and get Obama to consider military action in Syria.

It has been reported that 51 different State Department officials have signed a document called the “dissent channel cable”.

Reports are sketchy at best. Spokesman John Kirby confirmed that the cable does exist but won’t talk about it further.

It looks like the State Department sees an opening in Syria and they think it is the right time to move in militarily and stop Assad.

Military action is going to be a tough sell to Obama. He has avoided conflict in the past and is now in the final stretch of his administration. If he goes to war, it won’t help Hillary take his place.

Obama is in a tough spot. The right thing to do is to listen to the State Department and weigh all the options with Syria and find a solution, but it’s doubtful that will happen.

Do you think we should send the military into Syria to stop their civil war? Let us know in the comments below.

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The truth is unraveling about the Iran deal and Americans were not told the truth.

The White House used executive privilege this week and restricted a top aide from appearing before the House Oversight Committee to discuss his comments about deceiving the American people.

Now in Vienna, where most of the deal was negotiated, John Kerry spoke to the embassy’s staff and clearly doesn’t have a lot of respect for passing along factual history to our grandchildren.

“We jammed you all last year and the year before with countless meetings here. So you’ve been very, very much a part of an extraordinary journey that has produced an historic outcome, and that’s something that you can take with you forever, maybe tell – embellish it a little bit for the grandchildren, tell them how you sat in a room and got Zarif to give in to your mighty persuasion. Whatever you want, folks.

The final comments got some laughs, but the embellished idea seems to be the key word behind the Iran deal.

They embellished the power of the deal. They embellished the benefits of the deal and now they want us to embellish the importance to our grandchildren.

What do you think about the Iran deal? Let us know in the comments.

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State Department

More secrecy and details of the State Department’s stalling for Hillary Clinton is coming out and it doesn’t look good for the presidential hopeful.

The biggest question surrounding Hillary’s ongoing email scandal is what does Bryan Pagliano knows. Bryan was the former secretary’s senior information technology staffer, but now his emails have gone missing according to the State Department.

The man who set up the private email server for Hillary and the man to whom the Department of Justice has given immunity to has no records of emails during his time working at the State Department.

None! Nobody at State Department can find them.

Elizabeth Trudeau, a spokesman for the State Department said this, “The Department has searched for Mr. Pagliano’s email pst file and has not located one that covers the time period of Secretary Clinton’s tenure.”

At this point it is hard to believe that the State Department is not hiding something.

When talking to ABC News, Deputy Communications Director for the RNC Raj Shah said the following.

“It’s hard to believe that an IT staffer who set up Hillary Clinton’s reckless email server never sent or received a single work-related email in the four years he worked at the State Department. Such records might shed light on his role in setting up Clinton’s server, and why he was granted immunity by the FBI. But it seems that his emails were either destroyed or never turned over, adding yet another layer to the secrecy surrounding his role.”

It seems every day there is new details on the criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton come out. Each day it looks more damaging, and it couldn’t come at a worse time for the presumptive Democratic nominee.

Hilary is having a hard time putting away Bernie Sanders and now Donald Trump has eliminated his 16 other competitors and shifted his attention to the former first lady, she is facing a tough battle. She’s having a lot harder time than she or anyone on her campaign imagined.

As we all keep waiting on the email investigation results, the belief that she did something criminal is increasing. More and more people are starting to suspect that there is some fire behind the smoke and it could really benefit Bernie Sanders in the states with primaries still to be held–especially the delegate-rich state of California.

When should we expect the FBI to finalize its investigation? Soon we hope, but nobody knows. The only thing we know is that it is looking worse and worse for Hillary.

What do you think? Do you think she will be found guilty and indicted? Tell us in the comments below.

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Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s email scandal has taken another unique turn that is putting Hillary’s chances of indictment much higher.

When Hillary Clinton took office as Secretary of State in January of 2009, she already had the clintonmail.com server up and running. She started using the home server on day one.

The breaking news is that she did not have the necessary certificate on the server to even have the ability to encrypt anything. To put it simply, anyone with any remedial hacking skills could have read her email during that time.

A couple of months later in March of 2009 she realized that she needed to make sure that her home server was encrypted. The real question is why did she wait two months to do this? What made her think of it while she was busy in her new job as Secretary of State?

Well, the two-month lapse looks to be enough time to have people from one or several of the countries she visited break into her server and read all her emails. She visited Japan, China, South Korea and Indonesia from February 16-21 of 2009.

Again, why did she realize she needed to encrypt it? Simple, because someone in the intelligence community told Hillary that her server had been compromised and need to encrypt it immediately.

Secretary Eric Boswell from the State Department wrote a memo to Clinton. In reference to Hillary Clinton’s and her staff publicly fighting to keep their Blackberries during this time, Secretary Boswell said “her attention was drawn to a sentence that indicates we have intelligence concerning this vulnerability during her recent trip to Asia.”

The looks like Hillary allowed a breech in 2009 and it’s possible that China was reading all of her emails.

This news comes out as Hillary is planning on sitting down with the FBI Director for an official interview into his agency’s yearlong investigation into her criminal actions regarding her emails.

Never in our nation’s history has a presidential front-runner been under criminal investigation by the FBI during the elections. Hillary doesn’t think it is a big issue, but the FBI disagrees. What do you think?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Hillary Emails

The Federal Bureau of Investigations has come forward to say that many of the emails found on Hillary Clinton’s personal email server are “too damaging” to release.

The statement, provided to Fox News was corroborated by the State Department that found 22 documents that would be held “in full” due to their Top Secret designation.

The penalty for mishandling classified information can carry sentences of up to 10 years in prison.

Worse for Hillary are the documents found by the FBI. Investigators found documents considered “special access programs” that are a significant level up from the Top Secret designation.

It will be up to President Obama’s justice department to prosecute the former first lady, which is highly dependent upon his personal relationship with the president . . . rather than according to the law.

This week, Hillary recommended Barack Obama for a seat on the Supreme Court if she were to be elected as the first female president.

Comment below.


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