Tuesday, July 25, 2017


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school attack

The United States has seen its share of senseless violence this in places meant for education and even houses of worship. Unfortunately, we are not alone in the Western Hemisphere. A tragic incident has swept Sweden with grief.

A 21 year old man came onto the grounds of a Swedish school in Trollhatan. He was carrying a sword, dressed in all black, and wearing a black mask. He did not speak. According to one witness, he was playing morose music. Students thought that it must be some kind of prank, meant for Halloween. In fact, the attacker posed with two students for a picture, whose wordlessness they assumed was part of the act. The attack began when he stabbed the teacher who asked him to leave after seeing the students with him.

He roamed the halls knocking on doors and slashing at whomever answered. A teacher was left dead and three others were seriously injured. One student died of his wounds.

When police arrived they gunned down the assailant. He died later at the hospital.

The area has a large immigrant population and in a statement officials released that evidence found at the man’s home and on his social media profiles showed the attack could have been based on that fact. Authorities are reluctant to suggest that it was a hate crime, but there is a lot of information leaning that direction. Thord Haraldsson, a police investigator, told reporters that racist intentions were “part of the picture”. All investigative parties are choosing to release as little detail as possible, including the attacker’s identity.

Concerns about the public’s access to the school through a cafe in its lobby were raised as recently as that morning.

Sweden has strict gun laws, but those did not protect them from this young man’s determination to do harm.

The country may be small, only 10 million people, but it has very few instances of violence each year. In 2013 there were just 87 homicides reported in the entire country.

Prime Minister, Stefan Lofven, said about the sad occurrence, “This is a black day for Sweden,”

We couldn’t agree more.

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European countries have taken in hundreds of thousands of Middle Eastern refugees–and, with it, they’re also taking in a terrorist ideology.
The latest casualty? Liberal, secular Sweden.
Graffiti sprung up this week in Gothenburg, Sweden, the second largest city in the country, with some haunting messages: “Convert or die” and “the caliphate is here,” along with ISIS logos and the letter “N” which has been used to identify Christians in ISIS-controlled territories, much like the gold Star of David was used to denote Jews in Nazi Germany.
Markus Samuelsson, who runs a bakery that was covered with ISIS graffiti, was scared by the attacks.
“I felt a sudden chill down my spine,” he explained. “It’s terribly painful, we feel threatened.”
Gothenburg has recently become a hot spot for Islamic terrorism, with more than 150 former residents leaving the city to join ISIS. They’re reportedly attracted to Sweden’s large Assyrian Christian community, which is the sect of Christianity that ISIS deliberately targeted in Iraq last year.
As more Middle Eastern refugees continue to pour into Europe–and European leaders continue to welcome them with open arms–it’s clear that the very character of a liberal, Western Europe has come under attack.
Across Europe, many leaders–especially German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has been a leading voice in support of Muslim refugees–have been facing massive opposition. And some leaders, who are ardently opposed to welcoming refugees, have seen boosts in their popularity.
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, for example, has continued to hammer the Islamic immigrant. “Spiritually, Islam was never part of Europe,” he explained, thumbing his nose at his fellow European leaders’ dream of a multicultural society. “It’s the rulebook of another world.”
He added, in response to criticism from other leaders, “We in Hungary decide what we want or don’t want… Not everyone is entitled to… a life in Hungary.” Hungary has since closed its border with Serbia, and has completed a fence along its Croatian border.
Regardless of the trouble brewing in Europe, ISIS–at least in the Middle East–may be in severe decline overall, after suffering staggering losses after repeated air strikes from both U.S. and Russian forces in Syria.

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Sweden found a hilarious way to keep Russian submarines out of their waters–and apparently, it’s working!

After reports that Russian submarines were infiltrating Swedish waters earlier in the year, Sweden put up some very gay underwater “Keep Out!” signs on the edge of their territorial waters.

That’s gay in the literal sense: Sweden’s new keep out signs feature the silhouette of a sailor–clad only in a pair of briefs and a sailor hat–whose hips gyrate back and forth. The words, in Russian, “Welcome to Sweden: Gay Since 1944,” which is the year Sweden legalized homosexuality, emblazon the top of the sign.

Sweden is also sending out gay propaganda–which is both illegal and taboo in Russia–via Morse code, in hopes that Russian submarines will choose to stay far away from Swedish waters, rather than have their crews exposed to something Russia considers illegal and immoral.

The idea isn’t to promote gay issues–although Sweden is one of the most liberal countries on gay rights–but rather to solve the problem of Russian military aggression creatively. Because Sweden is not part of NATO and has a very small military, it’s options for dealing with Russian aggression through force are extremely limited.

Sweden’s gay defense strategy makes a direct reference to the anti-gay laws passed in Russia over the past few years. A controversial law was bans education to children about “non-traditional sexual relations.” That law’s been extrapolated to apply in a number of public settings–severely curtailing the public freedoms that gays in Russia had once enjoyed.

Sweden installed the signs on April 27, and they report that there haven’t been any submarine sightings since then. But, to be safe, Sweden also announced that they would be dramatically increase defense spending in response to Russian aggression.


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