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A Russian submarine was spotted off the coast of one our strongest allies and hints to a much larger conflict looming in the future.

Just off the UK coast a Russian submarine, believed to be one of three special subs that are incredibly armed.

The sub was spotted in the Irish Sea and is being tracked by the Royal Navy.

It was just last week that the Russian northern fleet went through the English Channel on their way to the Mediterranean Sea to assist Syria in attacking the last stronghold of ISIS.

There are reports that Russia is planning to violently attack ISIS in Aleppo, Syria on the eve of the U.S. elections.

America is also positioning subs and other military assets around the globe.

On Monday we learned that a nuclear sub was on its way to the South China Sea due to rising tensions. It is a show of force for the U.S.

Russia is using a show of force right now too. Their only aircraft carrier and much of their active navy is on its way to Syria now.

The final week of the elections could be more interesting than we thought.

Do you think Russia will off a full assault on ISIS in Syria? Let us know in the comments below.

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Russia is racing towards the English Channel with their Northern Fleet, but where are they going?

In Wednesday night’s debate, the topic of Russia and Putin came up often and Hillary blamed the country for cyber crimes. Both candidates denounced any Russian involvement in our elections, but what is Russia doing now?

Here is what a diplomat said of Russia’s movements.

“They are deploying all of the Northern Fleet and much of the Baltic Fleet in the largest surface deployment since the end of the Cold War. This is not a friendly port call. In two weeks, we will see a crescendo of air attacks on Aleppo as part of Russia’s strategy to declare victory there.”

The goal is to end the Syrian war and their timing couldn’t be more of a message. The day before Americans go to the voting booths, Russia is planning an all out offensive attack in Syria.

There is no doubt that Russia is moving towards all out war in Syria and with their entire Northern Fleet, they could do a lot of damage.

Our leaders have been blaming Russia for a lot of events around the world, and it is going to come to a head right before the election.

What are your thoughts on Russia moving to attack ISIS in Syria? Let us know in the comments below.

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Liberals love to point out the minor inaccuracies of Donald Trump during the debate, but Hillary was caught in a huge lie everyone is ignoring.

When Donald was talking about Syria and how the world laughed at Obama after he drew his line in the sand, he said that Hillary was still working at the State Department at the time and deserves some of the blame.

Hillary quickly interrupted Donald to lie.

The truth is, Hillary was still the Secretary of State and she still worked under Obama six more months after he drew the line in the sand.

Of course Syria crossed that line, but Obama and Hillary did nothing. ISIS was formed and now Europe is having a major refugee crisis.

Despite Hillary’s efforts to lie, Donald does have a point here.

The mess in Syria is partially Hillary’s fault. She doesn’t deserve as much blame as Trump wants the world to believe, but she does deserve some blame.

Possibly enough blame to keep her from winning the White House.

We will see in less than a month. Let us know your thoughts on Hillary’s role in the Syrian crisis in the comments below.

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A story is breaking that could give us a greater understanding of the tense relationship between Russia and the United States.

A year ago, two U.S. officials were reportedly drugged with a drug that has similar effects as the “date-rape drug”.

Both were drugged at separate times, but both were staying at an upscale Russian hotel.

The story broke due to another U.S. official who spoke to Radio Free Europe and was unnamed in the report.

The two officials that were drugged were found and taken to hospital to be given a medical test with sensitive tissue samples.

When the samples were about to be taken, the power went out in the building.

Both officials were then flown out of the country to attempt to get the samples, but too much time passed and the tests were inconclusive.

When the U.S. pushed Russia on the event, they asked for the evidence, but there was none to give.

During a press conference at the State Department this week, Elizabeth Kennedy Trudeau didn’t say much, but did say, “We are troubled. We remain troubled by the way our diplomatic and consular staff have been treated over the past two years.”

Apparently things like this are not new and that isn’t good.

U.S. and Russia have all but cut off communication regarding Syria and things will get worse before they get better.

I just looks like things have been getting bad for a lot longer than we thought.

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Our immigration policies are not working in America and now Obama wants to bring in 57% more refugees in 2017.

Immigration is a big issue right now in the elections and Obama could be helping Trump when it was announced the White House and the Democrats want to raise the number of imported refugees to 110,000 next year.

The increase is huge.

We brought in 70,000 refugees in 2013, 2014, 2015 and the White House raised the number to 85,000 in 2016.

Now Obama wants to bring the number up to 110,000 in 2017 with most of the refugees coming from Syria.

Obama even took to the airways to urge Americans to accept the Syrian refugees.

Helping refugees is something that we should do, but importing so many people from a place that where core beliefs contradict with Western equality could become very dangerous.

One thing that Republicans must consider is the combination of the increased refugees and the illegal immigrants and the potential threat to the balance of power in America. If amnesty was pushed through, there could be a large amount of newly registered Democrats.

Amnesty could be devastating due to the fact that many live in red states like Texas, but many have also been settled in battleground states.

There have been reports that the government is even paying to relocate many illegals and refugees into the middle of America, the area that normally always goes red in most elections.

If Republicans ever want to keep any power they have, then they cannot allow a broad sweeping Amnesty deal that would make many illegals and refugees citizens of the USA.

Do you think we should bring in 110,000 new refugees next year? Let us know in the comments below.

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Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson is the Libertarian candidate running for president and he just made a major mistake, but will it totally discredit him?

When Gary Johnson joined the panel on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, the candidate thought this might be a great opportunity to be seen and heard by the American people.

Well, he was seen and heard, but for all the wrong reasons.

Gary Johnson made a big mistake at the wrong time. Watch the video below as Gary doesn’t know the answer to a very basic questions.

If you don’t know, Aleppo is the city in Syria that has seen some of the worst violence of the Syrian civil war.

The carnage in Aleppo is atrocious and it is the flash point for the war in Syria.

Dozens of images are surfacing daily on Twitter and other sites that show children dying and some being burnt, allegedly by Russian napalm.

When Gary Johnson was asked about Aleppo and didn’t have a clue what it was, he isn’t alone.

Many Americans have no idea that Aleppo is a city in Syria that has seen more death and destruction than we could comprehend. Children are being brutally killed and wounded and Obama and America sits indifferent.

One mistake by Gary won’t eliminate him. After everything that Trump has said, it is doubtful people will be talking about this next week.

Gary not knowing Aleppo hints that he is not serious about winning the presidency and isn’t putting in the work to win, but the real tragedy is what is happening in Syria and the fact that even Americans running for president don’t understand what is going on.

What do you think about a presidential candidate that is clueless about Aleppo? Let us know in the comments below.

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Syria has been in a civil war for the last five years and America hasn’t done much other than accepting around 150 refugees a day.

President Obama drew an imaginary red line in the sand against President Assad using chemical weapons. He still used them and we did nothing.

The crisis in Syria has sent millions of refugees all over Europe and now we are bringing in hundreds of refugees each week.

We know there is a problem and President Obama does not want to start a new war, but he may have to.

The State Department has always had Obama’s back through his tenure as president, but now some are breaking ranks to try and get Obama to consider military action in Syria.

It has been reported that 51 different State Department officials have signed a document called the “dissent channel cable”.

Reports are sketchy at best. Spokesman John Kirby confirmed that the cable does exist but won’t talk about it further.

It looks like the State Department sees an opening in Syria and they think it is the right time to move in militarily and stop Assad.

Military action is going to be a tough sell to Obama. He has avoided conflict in the past and is now in the final stretch of his administration. If he goes to war, it won’t help Hillary take his place.

Obama is in a tough spot. The right thing to do is to listen to the State Department and weigh all the options with Syria and find a solution, but it’s doubtful that will happen.

Do you think we should send the military into Syria to stop their civil war? Let us know in the comments below.

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A record number of Syrians have been allowed to come to the United States because of the refugee crisis, but the people we are letting in are not the ones that Obama said would be welcome.

So far this month, 499 refugees from Syria are now living in America. Of the 499, all but four declare themselves Sunni Muslims. Ironically Sunni Muslims are killing anyone who leaves Fallujah in Iraq right now.

Of the four who are not Sunni, the remainder say they are simply “Muslim”.

Of the 2,235 Syrian refugees, the United States has only let in ten Christians. That is less than a half of a percent. Christians once made up 10% of the Syrian population before the civil war.

Obama said that most of the refugees would be women and children, but they are not releasing the stats to back it up. The complete demographics have not been released.

The record so far this month is the start of a new trend. The number of refugees in March was the highest admitted in the US until April. Then in April was saw the highest numbers in refugees. And now a new record in May.

Will this trend continue? Probably.

Believe it or not, the Obama Administration is under fire from pro-refugee watchdog groups for moving too slow and not bringing in enough refugees.

It is clear that something has to be done to help the innocents in Syria, but will us letting in refugees actually make us less safe? Let us know in the comments below.

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War in Syria

Today the State Department and Pentagon officials are ordering the families and non-military personnel that are in southern Turkey to leave immediately due to security concerts.

The staff at the consulate in Adana and the Incirlik base are ordered to leave as well as a couple of other places that are very close to the Syrian border in Turkey.

In a statement made by the European commander, he said, “We understand this is disruptive to our military families, but we must keep them safe and ensure the combat effectiveness of our forces to support our strong ally Turkey in the fight against terrorism.”

Since the personnel is being ordered to leave, that does mean that the US government will pay for the relocation. But what is the rush?

Two weeks ago authorities captured the Paris ringleader in Brussels. In the past week there has been an attack in Belgium that killed almost 40 and injured hundreds. Then Iraqi troops took the ISIS city of Mosul back.

There is new demand for America to go in and take out the leader of ISIS and that is what it looks like Obama is doing. The pieces are lining up on the map.

ISIS is being pushed back to Syria and it looks like America is going to come in from the North through Turkey. Iraq, Russia and Iran look to be protecting the East of Syria and fighting ISIS on that front.

That leaves Israel and Jordan to protect the south. It is shaping into an attack to take out ISIS leadership and their rule in Raqqah and now with the ordering the removal of all non-essential staff and military, it might be sooner than later.

The governments in Europe and the US are feeling the pressure to do something to stop the spread of ISIS. Going in and eliminating the power structure is a good start. Even if they get all of ISIS, is the land going to be given back to Assad, President of Syria?

This whole thing is turning into a huge mess, but from the looks of it, things are just getting started.

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A Russian company is planning on offering “terrorism tourism” by next year: bringing tourists directly to the front lines in Syria.

Megapolis Ltd., which is based in Russia, has already filed to register the name “Assad Tour”—named after brutal Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad—to the Russian Agency for Patents and Trademarks.

“The applicant, Megapolis Ltd., expects to launch tours from Moscow to Syria next year, with the possibility of a trip to the front line,” said Anatoly Aronov, who serves as president for First Patent Company, which has helped Megapolis register their trademark.

He added that the tour would take small groups of tourists out to the front lines for four or five days, and that talks with hotels and transport companies in Syria are already underway.

Currently, sending tourists to conflict areas is against the law in Russia, since the company would not be able to guarantee the safety of its tourists, but that might not stop Megapolis.

“Despite the crisis in the tourism industry, there are always people, who are willing to combine the cognitive goals with the opportunity to see natural disasters or visit the places located near the warzones,” said Aronov.

Since ISIS came into mainstream public consciousness, there’s been a rash of kidnappings and beheadings—mostly of Western reporters who stumbled across enemy lines.

However, considering the deteriorating relationship between ISIS and Russia, however, it might make these “terror tourists” a prime target as well.

After Russia announced they would ramp up their war on ISIS—largely to protect Assad, who’s a key Russian ally in the region—ISIS responded by shooting down a Russian civilian aircraft carrying 217 passengers from the Egyptian tourist resort of Sharm el-Sheikh to St. Petersburg, Russia. No one onboard survived.

The conflict in Syria, which has been waging since 2011, has already killed 220,000 people and displaced more than 11 million.


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