Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Isis to attack on Inauguration Day

Since Trump was elected a month ago, ISIS has called for violent attacks, but they are planning something big for “Blood Friday”.

Friday, January 20th, Donald J. Trump will become the 45th President of the United States. We call this day Inauguration day, but ISIS is calling it “Bloody Friday”.

The radical Islamic group has ramped up its recruiting and messaging inside America with subtitled videos and translated message boards online.

According to news reports, ISIS is claiming that it has recruited a number of English speaking soldiers in the past couple of months. They are calling for attacks, but are they actually planning one?

Just last week Abdul Razak Ali Artan attacked 11 people on the Ohio State campus with a knife. Artan ranted on Facebook about ISIS before the attack according to Cincinnati’s special agent charge for the FBI, Angela Byers.

ISIS also released a report on its al-Naba publication that Artan was a member of their group. Although the FBI is not confirming a direct connection to ISIS, the terrorist group is.

Investigators are saying the “chatter” between terrorist groups and different members are increasing. The UK’s Express Daily is reporting that groups are planning “large scale attacks” on Inauguration day.

An Inauguration Day attack would be bold, dangerous and it would send a very poignant message to Trump and his administration. That is if they can pull it off.

Even without the threat of ISIS, all major law enforcement agencies will be on high alert for the event. Thousands of protestors are expected to join the tens of thousands of people coming to watch the Inauguration.

With the continued threats coming from ISIS and many Americans that are not happy with Trump, Washington will feel like occupied France on January 20th.

ISIS rarely lives up to its rhetoric, but planning an attack on the inauguration could be their boldest move yet inside of America. Luckily the FBI and many other agencies are working hard to make sure we are attack free.

This isn’t the first time that terrorists wanted to turn the Inauguration into a “blood bath”. CNN reported about terrorist threats prior to Obama’s inauguration.

The FBI did a great job during the Obama Inauguration and we expect them to do the same on January 20th.

Despite any terror threats, are you planning on attending Trump’s Inauguration? Let us know in the comments below.

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James Mattis picked as Secretary of Defense

When Donald Trump announced his pick for Secretary of Defense, a collective “Ooh-Rah!” was heard around the nation.

The President Elect announced his choice as Marine Corps General James “Mad Dog” Mattis.

The four-star general has been known for his colorful quotes such as “Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.”

The Marine was previously Commander of United States Central Command but ended up on the wrong side of the Obama administration as Mattis had developed a reputation as being too eager to fight.

Again, a Marine Corps general was not “trusted” by the Commander in Chief because the warfighter did not shy away from military confrontation.

As a result of Obama’s lack of faith in General Mattis, he was essentially forced into retirement in 2013.

Trump’s confidence in Mattis is representative of the shift in thought that is taking place in government with the presidential transition.

Obama preferred to have pacifists as military commanders while Trump prefers to appoint men who have no problem killing enemy combatants.

As a Marine Corps officer, Mattis became one of the most loved generals since General Alfred Gray. Gray was a “mustang,” a Marine who enlisted then became an officer, rising to the highest rank of Commandant.

Gray, a Vietnam veteran, reminded all Marines of their primary role as rifleman, by always wearing his camouflage utility uniform and carrying a canteen cup.

In the “Hall of Commandants” that is adorned with a painted portrait of each Marine Corps Commandant throughout history. There are 36 paintings hanging of Marine Corps Commandants in their ornate dress uniform – then there is one painting of General Gray in his “cammies.”

Mattis, who prefers his call-sign, “Chaos” is a soft-spoken, unimposing man – until you have to fight him.

His aggressiveness in combat earned him the nickname “Mad Dog” and the young Marines who fought under his command credited him with providing both the strategy and motivation to not just win the battle but to beat the enemy until they are as “flat as a cat on a highway.”

Mattis’ determination comes at a price as he is married to combat. “Chaos” has never owned a television and spends his time studying warriors throughout history from the Spartans to the Comanche.

Trump will have one road block in getting confirmation of his Secretary of Defense in that Mattis is legally barred from serving a Secretary of Defense for seven years after his retirement from the military.

Mattis will have to receive a special exemption from Congress to receive the appointment.

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Obama is a few weeks away from leaving office and Donald Trump is helping him leave on a high point.

When Obama departs the White House on January 20th, he is likely going to leave after one of the strongest economic quarters during his eight years as president, but who is causing the boom?

After the stock market started the worst year in its history, it came roaring back only to lose the momentum and start to fall again starting in August. The troubles continued through the election.

Then something happened. Donald Trump was elected, and the stock markets responded in epic fashion by reaching its highest levels ever. Things turned around very quickly.

Black Friday shopping was up and people are spending again and a lot of it has to do with Trump and not Obama.

A Trump spending euphoria is spreading, as working class adults feel more comfortable with their financial future with the new president elect.

The incoming Trump administration isn’t just making America feel better about spending money; they are actually making a difference with jobs already, and that is fueling some of the euphoria.

Thursday, Trump and Mike Pence are heading to a Carrier facility in Indianapolis to announce that the heating and air conditioning manufacturer is going to keep 1,000 jobs in Indiana and not move them to Mexico as previously announced.

After Trump was elected, Ford also decided to keep the production of an SUV in Kentucky instead of moving it to Mexico.

As far as impact on the economy, the jobs are rather minimal. To the people that work in the factories saved by Trump, the jobs are very important.

The message that our economy is set to rise is resonating around the country and in the stock market.

If the Trump spending euphoria continues through the holiday season to wrap up the fourth quarter, Obama could have his best economic quarter in eight years. Something he can thank the president-elect for before ObamaCare is repealed in the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency.

Do you think Obama or Trump is fueling the “boom” in the economy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Hillary Clinton after the 2016 election.

We have not heard much from Hillary after she lost the most incredible election in modern history, but now she surfaces to reach a new low.

Hillary Clinton is now joining the Green Party’s Jill Stein in an effort to do a recount in several battleground states.

Right now a recount of the votes is happening in Wisconsin after Jill Stein raised enough money to have a recount.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign said over the weekend it would be involved and help in the recount efforts.

The campaign probably doesn’t remember this video where Hillary spoke about the reasons why Trump should accept the election results.

It is easy to tell people to accept the results when you think you are going to win. She didn’t win and now is going against all her own advice and supporting the recount.

Wisconsin started the recount by hand today. Jill Stein and her team are working on getting recounts in Pennsylvania and Michigan as well.

The election ended with Trump having 306 electoral votes. He needed 270 to win.

If for some reason, the states come back with a different result on the recount, then Hillary could become the president.

Pennsylvania has 20 electoral votes, Michigan has 16 and Wisconsin has 10. If the vote was reversed in all three, then that would leave Trump with 260 electoral votes and it would give Hillary the win.

If Trump retained any one of the three states und recount, he will remain the president elect.

Hillary’s hypocrisy shines even after losing the first time election, but hopefully after this recount, this will be the last time she will lose this election.

Do you think Hillary has a chance to win in the recount? Let us know in the comments below.

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The left wants to paint everyone into little boxes and then label them. Now if you are part of the alt-right, then you are a racist.

Turn on any corporate media channel and you will see a story about how the alt-right is racist and full of white supremacists. They claim that Trump’s advisor pick in Steve Bannon is racist.

Everything that Trump does is racist and all his supporters are racist according to the media and their attacks on the alt-right.

What is the alt-right? Watch this clip to get a “Reality Check” about who Steve Bannon is and what the alt-right stands for.

Just like there are racist, wannabe cop killers in Black Lives Matter, there are some racists in the alt-right movement.

The thing is, Hillary and the DNC wanted to lump everyone they disagree with into the alt-right. Listen to Hillary’s statements back in August about tying Alex Jones to the alt-right and see Paul Joseph Watson just destroy her claims.

There are no members in the alt-right. There are no meetings and there isn’t a leader. The alt-right is a name thrust on people that are not happy with the Republican or Libertarian Parties, but support conservative thought.

There is no organized alt-right, and the term is so loosely interpreted, I doubt they will ever be organizing under that name.

Trump and Bannon have denounced the alt-right due to the limited ties to one hate group, but it doesn’t matter.

Nobody that self identified as alt-right before it was all tied to white supremacy by the corporate media, is changing what they think. The name will change.

The group will get organized, but without the white supremacist ties and that is a good thing. Something tells me that even if a new group rises out of the alt-right ashes, the left will still call them racist.

How do you feel about the alt-right? Let us know in the comments below.

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steve bannon

The corporate media and the DNC have been pushing a narrative that Trump is hiring white supremacists, but now they’ve gone too far.

When Steve Bannon was given a position in Trump’s administration as the chief strategist, the media and the left said that he was a white supremacist. They pushed the narrative and have continued to push the narrative.

The left is trying to say that Trump is part of this ambiguous and un-organized “alt-right”. Both Bannon and Trump have denied and denounced any involvement or connection to the “alt-right”.

CNN anchors and Huffington Post writers just assume that Bannon being a white supremacist is common knowledge.

It isn’t. Bannon isn’t a white supremacist and that should be it right? Wrong.

The media decided to attend a white supremacist meeting in Washington over the weekend. The media showed up in force with about 80 reporters compared to the 200 or so attendees.

A group called the NPI held the conference and they have it every year. The only reason that the press is at the conference this year is to try and associate the group to Trump.

Look at how CNN frames the issue.

The media is building up an insignificant hate group and putting them on the national’s stage and they are mad at Trump for not doing the same thing.

The only evidence that the media has that Bannon is a white supremacist is that he oversaw Breitbart, which has published some racially charged headlines.

Isn’t the corporate media doing the same thing now? Could they be more hypocritical? Probably.

With so many problems in our county, the media is clearly failing America in how it is delivering news. Instead of giving America the truth and focusing on real important issues, the corporate media is giving the people what they want to see.

People are buying it hook, line and sinker. Just ask any liberal or progressive friend on Facebook if they think Steve Bannon is a white supremacist. See what they say.

When you ask one of your friends, come back and tell us what happened in the comments below.

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Californians cried together after the divisive Trump train steamrolled through our hope for a future without hate. What choice do we have but to leave the USA?

What kind of nation have we become when we let a person who said the worst things about all kinds of people become our leader?

Don’t we have are right to challenge the man you call president?

We don’t feel that way over her on the left coast. We know that love Trump’s hate, but that didn’t happen on Election Day.

Somehow America voted against “the most qualified person to ever run for president”. (Not my words, but president Obama’s.) How sexist are we as a nation.

After the KKK endorsed Donald Trump, people still supported “billionaire”. His supporters have at least one thing in common with the KKK, but I am proud to say that I have nothing in common with them except the color of my skin. I don’t even want them in my country.

He said that he would ban all Muslims from entering this country, yet people supported him. Millions of people.

I could go on and on about what Trump said and who he insulted, but that doesn’t matter now. He is the president and we don’t want to take it. We don’t accept it. Trump is not my president.

I have friends who are here “illegally” and I don’t want to see them or their families deported. What choice do we have but to leave America? We don’t have a choice.

This week, the legal process has started for California to leave the United States and become our own country. We have everything we need right here. We have the best wines, beaches, tacos and even marijuana. We don’t need to associate with people that vote for hate. We voted for love. Love trumps hate.

We could have had the first ever-female president, but instead we got Donald freaking Trump. Of all people, your America voted for Donald Trump.

Here in California, we like our culturally diverse friends and our freedoms to marry anyone we choose, even if that is a Muslim from Syria. Trump cannot stop us; after all he is not our president.

Come to California and help us leave the United States. There might some speed bumps in the process, but even if we don’t have everything figured out yet, at least we’re not racist.

Do you support California leaving the United States? Let me know in the comments below.

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fake news

Last week a liberal college professor released a list of “fake” news sites, but the ones that she left off are more telling.

Ron Paul, the former third party candidate for president decided to help all the liberals in the U.S. that want to ban “fake” news sites, he made a few additions.

The anti-conservative list of fake news included sites like InfoWars, Breitbart and Independent Journal Review, but none of those sites are fake or misleading. It’s a list of just conservative sites. Even Project Veritas is on the list and it is a non-profit organization.

Ron Paul released a new list that included actual sources to his claims of indiscretions. The list is littered with liberal media giants and all have been proven to deliver false or misleading news in order to help out Hillary Clinton and her campaign.

List of the real

The difference is that every news agency on this list actually tried to mislead the American public during the election.

Breitbart broke the James O’Keefe story for Project Veritas Action that proved the DNC was inciting violence at Trump rallies. That isn’t fake or misleading.

CNN, ABC, MSNBC, New York Times and every other liberal media manipulated the polls and reported on fake news. They actually mislead America and now to cover their mistakes, they want America to ban conservative news sites that call out the corporate media.

Some in the corporate media even helped Hillary cheat. Donna Brazile who worked for CNN at the time, gave Hillary question before debates, then reported that Hillary had won the debates.

The war on fake news is a fake war if the corporate media isn’t also targeted.

First Facebook and Twitter have censored conservative content and Twitter is even banning conservative people. Now they are going after the conservative sites.

Don’t let them, share this article and let your friends know the real list of fake news sites.

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The Democrats suffered an amazing and unforeseen loss to Donald Trump, and now their unhealthy obsession is dangerous for America.

Now that Donald Trump has won the presidency, the media and the left is doing whatever it can to bring down the president elect.

Have you ever seen a live video of elevators in a lobby?

C-SPAN isn’t only showing live feeds from the floor of the Capitol, they are also showing a live feed of the elevators at Trump Tower.

The obsession is real.

The press got mad at Trump for going to dinner without them last week, and now they are watching every move he makes.

Liberals don’t want to hold Trump accountable for his decisions, they want to end him and remove him from power.

Everything that Trump does, or any person that Trump brings into his administration is met with incredible scrutiny.

It is important to make sure we hold our leaders accountable, but what is happening to Trump isn’t helping.

In fact, if this continues, and there is no reason to believe it will stop, the obsession and scrutiny could distract from Donald Trump from actually doing his job.

The campaign is over, and now it is time to support our president and let him govern. Let him build his administration before trying to break it down.

If the Democrats, Progressives and liberals don’t find a way to get past this election and at least give Trump a chance, then we could really be heading for some tough times.

With the corporate media so focused on Trump, we are ignoring all the problems in our country that we can fix. We can’t blame Trump for everything, no matter how hard we try.

Do you think the media has an unhealthy obsession with Donald Trump? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Obama is moving out of the White House soon, but before he goes he will be able to offer his pardons and millions of illegal immigrants are anxiously waiting.

When Obama turns over the presidency to Donald Trump, the biggest story on the news that day might be his pardons.

Jesse Jackson is coming out and saying that Obama needs to pardon Hillary, and of all the pardons, one for Hillary is most likely.

The millions of Americans that think Hillary is a criminal and want to see her behind bars may never get that chance if Obama pardons her, but who else might he pardon?

Can he pardon illegal immigrants? Well, technically he can.

President Carter offered a sweeping pardon to anyone that was in violation of the Military Selective Service Act between a nine-year period.

Obama could do something similar this year for Illegal immigrants, but how it is enforced could be a nightmare.

There is no specific law to pardon from, and he doesn’t have the names of each illegal immigrant.

The Immigration and Nationality Act isn’t like the Military Selective Service Act. The INA is a very large set of laws that would fill a book. The MSSA is a very simple and concise law.

The other question is how many immigrants could he pardon?

Some believe that he could pardon the parents of citizens or it could be more sweeping and allow all illegal immigrants in the US to be immune to certain immigration laws.

Obama could possibly turn the United States into a Sanctuary City and there won’t be that much Trump could do about it.

Illegal immigrants all over the country, especially the Latino community, are doing all they can to persuade Obama to grant them a pardon.

If something drastic happens then there could be a lot of backlash, but it could all happen while Obama is on the golf course.

The fallout from massive pardons that could affect between two and 12 million illegal immigrants would be massive and further throw this country into chaos.

Do you think Obama will offer sweeping pardons for illegal immigrants? Let us know in the comments below.


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