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When Politico Magazine recently asked historians what figure in America’s history compared to the mythos of Donald Trump, answers ranged from Henry Ford to William Randolph Hearst. Yet, there is one historical comparison these experts missed – Andrew Jackson.

Jackson and Trump could not have come from more different backgrounds – Jackson, a gruff war hero and “Man’s man” from humble upbringings in a remote part of the Carolinas, and Trump, who was raised in New York City among great wealth and opportunity. Both men, however, developed a shared appetite for adversarial confrontations with “enemies,” and a distaste for “authorities” who dared stand in their way.

Neither man was known for cool headedness, particularly when it related to personal attacks. Fancying himself a frontiersman, and living in the days where disputes often were settled by duels, Jackson is said to have kept 37 pistols at-the-ready for such occasions. Though not all of Jackson’s alleged 100+ duels ended in shots fired (duels most often were tests to see which man “backed down” first, rather than as the fatal shootings portrayed in Hollywood Westerns), Jackson did kill at least one opponent who called him a coward, and took a bullet to the chest in the showdown.

Trump, the city-slicker, has chosen to hold his “duels” in court, and is known for his incredibly litigious nature, especially involving slights or so-called “defamations” against his or his family’s character. Trump’s threats of libel lawsuits have become so comically frequent, a website was setup to track the number of days since his last threat against a critic.

Such confrontational attitudes also influenced how each of these men approached public policy.

Neither Jackson nor Trump are men to whom the word “No” applied when pursuing their agendas. For instance, when South Carolina attempted to nullify federal laws during Jackson’s Administration, he threatened to use military force against the state in order to get his way. And, when the Supreme Court issued a ruling on Native American inhabitants with which Jackson disagreed, he simply ignored the ruling. “[Supreme Court Justice] John Marshall has made his decision, now let him enforce it,” Jackson famously declared; throwing a verbal gauntlet at the feet of the distinguished Chief Justice and his colleagues. The flouting of the Court’s ruling would lead eventually to the forced and tragic removal of Indians from southern lands, in what would become known as the Trail of Tears.

Trump, too, has shown little regard for limitations when it comes to outlining his vision for being President. Even though doing so would grant enormous (and likely unconstitutional) law enforcement power to federal and local authorities – not to mention astronomical costs – Trump repeatedly has stated plans to deport all illegal immigrants in the United States. Trump also has threatened punitive repercussions against CEOs who dare disobey his declaration that no American companies would be permitted to move their businesses outside the US without paying a heavy price.

Both men view Executive power as a tool to be wielded whenever necessary, and to whatever extent necessary, to implement and preserve their vision for law and order. This, too, may explain why both men used their positions of power and influence to expand their personal empires; Jackson through bribery and coercion to acquire real estate, and Trump through eminent domain and cash donations to politicians at all levels of government.

The striking similarities are reflected also in how both men see themselves — as anti-Washington “men of the people.” Jackson, for example, dismantled the Second Bank of the United States, which he saw as an unchecked tool of the privileged to oppress commoners. Trump, too, speaks to problems of the working class, and has made this populist rhetoric the centerpiece of his campaign against the Establishment; notwithstanding his life-long membership in that very Club.

Where Trump whines incessantly about battling a “rigged” system, Jackson actually lost his first try for the presidency in 1824 in what some might call a “rigged election.” The problem faced by Jackson was that, in a four-way race, he won a plurality but not a majority of electoral votes in the general election, but when the decision then went to the House of Representatives to decide the final winner, John Quincy Adams won. Like Trump, Jackson never forgot or forgave a slight; and the anti-establishment fervor he and his supporters stoked over the next four years led to his victory four years later.

After nearly two centuries, the restless soul of “Old Hickory” appears to have found a new host; one with access to money and levers of power Jackson could hardly have imagined.

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Some people who are taking advantage of the early voting in Texas are saying that their votes are being changed.

So far, at least two different people in two different cities have noted that after voting all Republican on their machines, the vote for President switched to Hillary.

No wonder she is taking so many naps, she gets all the Trump vote too apparently.

Lisa Houlette posted on Facebook her experience at the early voting machine in Amarillo.

It took two different election officials to figure out a way to go back and not elect Hillary.

Another woman, Shandy Clark had a similar experience in Arlington, Texas.

Facebook and Twitter are flooded with comments about votes being changed.

The best thing to do is make sure that the computer accepts whom you voted for. Double-check your vote. Ask for a paper ballot if that makes you feel better.

Trump has talked a lot about the election being rigged, but now there are a lot of people in Texas that agree.

Do you trust the voting machines?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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So far this October we have heard secret Trump recordings and seen undercover videos of Hillary’s corrupt campaign, but ObamaCare is the real October surprise.

The White House came out on Monday and admitted that premiums were going to go way up next year. In fact, they are going to up around 25%.

The news is not good for Democrats and the Affordable Care Act which Obama pushed through his first term. He still considers it his best domestic legacy, but it is falling apart.

ACA was sold to America as a way to keep your doctor, keep your plan and bring the prices of healthcare down while giving more people insurance.

More people have insurance, but they are paying a lot of money for it.

In some states, Alaska, Alabama, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Wyoming, members of ObamaCare will only have a single insurer providing plans.

There will be no competition because all the big insurance companies ran out as soon as they started losing money.

After the White House made the announcement that the premiums would be skyrocketing next year, Trump went on the offensive and attacked ObamaCare.

“It’s a disaster. In some areas they’re paying 60,70 and 80 per cent more than they were paying last year. It’s over for ObamaCare.”

Hillary continues to defend the Affordable Care Act, and that could really hurt her come Election Day.

If people who were planning on voting for Hillary see that their plan is going up another 25% after their plans have already gone up, they might switch to Trump.

Trump wants to repeal and replace ObamaCare and now that the ACA premiums are going up even higher, he might find more support for that decision.

The timing couldn’t be worse for Hillary Clinton as she is being buried in scandals from WikiLeaks, Project Veritas and plagued by low enthusiasm. Will the ObamaCare premium spike be the October surprise that finally breaks the camels back? We’ll find out in two weeks.

Are your ObamaCare premiums going up? Let us know in the comments below.

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trump can win

Despite what the corporate media polls say, there is still a good chance that Donald Trump can win this election and this is why.

On Monday the two campaigns spent time in the battleground state of Florida, Tim Kaine held a rally in West Palm Beach and Trump held a rally in Tampa.

30 loyal fans greeted Tim Kaine while Trump was met with about 20,000.

If it is not fair to compare a VP candidate to Trump, then look at Pence’s crowd in North Carolina.

Trump has a chance to win and it is because of enthusiasm.

The email scandal, WikiLeaks and now the Project Veritas videos have eroded the enthusiasm for Democrats and it shows at the rallies.

Will it show at the polls too?

Right now there are many polls that suggest that Trump is down double digits, but there are more polls that have him close. Real close. What is the truth?

It is hard to tell what is true and not with the corporate media so obviously biased against Trump. We don’t know what the real polls are. WikiLeaks released an email from John Podesta that outlined how to manipulate the polls, so we don’t know who to trust.

If you were to only look at the crowds at the campaign events, then you would think that Trump is winning. He had 20,000 fans show up in Tampa and he had another 60K watch on Facebook Live.

Watching the media, you would think Hillary has already won. Looking at the crowds, you would think Trump should win.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how things turn out on Election Day, but if the massive crowds that Trump brings to rallies are any indication of real support, he could win this thing.

Do you think Donald Trump can win? Let us know in the comments below.

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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton met last night at the Alfred E. Smith Charity Dinner, where Hillary asked Donald to “pardon” her.

The Alfred E. Smith Charity Dinner is a tradition each election year, and it is meant to have a night of fun and laughs near the end of a long campaign.

A 1000 people raised $6,00,000 for different children charities associated with the Catholic Church. The event is a “white-tie” formal dinner and roast held at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City.

The joke of the night came when Trump talked about Hillary asking for a pardon, insinuating her guilt for the email scandal.

Donald did a good job and delivered some great jokes, but delivered his speech with in a much subtle manner than we are used to.

Here is Donald Trump’s full speech.

Donald had a few good jokes, and one great one about his wife and media bias. He didn’t get too vicious. He was almost humble in his approach, but he didn’t let Hillary off the hook.

He said after dealing with Hillary he is now starting to think Rosie O’Donnell isn’t that bad.

Hillary took to the stage and was a little more comfortable and a little more vicious.

Here is the Hillary Clinton full speech.

Hillary seemed a lot more comfortable on the mic, and delivered a few good jokes. She also got really personal. Calling him the horse that Putin rides around on, or a marriage joke.

Watching both you see that Donald came off more humble and gracious while Hillary was more vicious.

The night was needed in the fiery debate and things will get back to normal sometime today, but for a night… it was civil.

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James O’Keefe and his team have completed a year-long investigation into the corruption and illegal activity between Hillary’s campaign, the DNC and groups on the ground that commit voter fraud and stage violence at Trump rallies.

The videos from the investigation are having a massive impact on the election and could be the most damaging October Surprise yet.

See the investigation videos and some clips from the fallout below. There are links to other articles and for more information.

1. Rigging the Election – Video I: Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies

For more information, CLICK HERE.

2. Rigging the Election – Video II: Mass Voter Fraud

For more information, CLICK HERE.

After the first video dropped, the corporate media did not want to share the undercover investigation, but James O’Keefe and his team couldn’t be stopped.

Now the story has gone viral and the evidence is so convincing that even CNN is forced to cover the story.

Hannity and Newt Gingrich discuss the undercover videos by Project Veritas Action.

What are your thoughts after watching the videos? Let us know in the comments below.

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Clinton took a few questions after the debate, and now her answers on her plane are getting more attention than what happened on the stage.

First Clinton was asked about Trump’s response to accepting the results of the election. She condemned his response of “keep you in suspense” and never then went on to pretend that all elections were final in our 240 years.

How quickly she is forgetting the Al Gore incident in 2000. Democrats claimed voter fraud and said that Bush stole the election. People still talk about how Bush stole the election.

Pushing Donald to accept the election results ahead of time is like trying to get him to sign the pledge to support whoever wins the GOP nomination. He won the nomination anyway.

Next she was asked about being called a “nasty woman” by an MSNBC reporter

She didn’t pay attention, and neither should we.

The last question was about the Project Veritas Action videos that show appear to show her campaign working with the DNC to help instigate fights at Trump rallies and commit voter fraud.

Watch the end of the video to see her abruptly stop brief interview and questions.

Hillary walks away and calls the question a conspiracy theory.

Is it a conspiracy theory when we see it on tape?

The Democrats called the ACORN corruption a conspiracy theory too. That was until James O’Keefe proved it with undercover video.

There was one last question about Chris Wallace and Hillary said, “he did very well”.

At the end of the day, she continues to dodge the evidence found in the Project Veritas Action videos, but she will be asked again and she won’t be able to get out of the question so easily.

Hopefully we can get some answers soon.

Let us know your thoughts on Hillary’s answers in the comments below.

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When it comes to temperament, Donald Trump has been taking it in the teeth with his late night tweets and harsh responses, but it is an illusion.

Donald’s temperament is just fine. People don’t have to worry about Trump having his finger on the button, because he is playing the role of a candidate.

Trump’s temperament was on full display during the Roast of Donald Trump on Comedy Central five years ago. Notice how vile the jokes against Trump were during this show.

Trump took it like a man and all of the roasters are still alive and have careers. There was no revenge, he moved on.

Now people and Hillary are claiming that Trump doesn’t have the control to be president. The truth is, the Donald has morphed into a politician and uses the conflicts he creates as a way to get press.

He’s become a dirty candidate that’s been called everything from a racist to the worst human on earth who is responding as such.

The late night tweets are him trying to win this election. Sometimes it works, and a lot of the times it doesn’t, but who are we to question is strategy?

Not a single pundit or anyone associated with politics thought that Trump would only be a handful of points down from Hillary Clinton in the general election when he announced he was running a year and a half ago.

Donald Trump has proven he can switch up his attacks and is improving as a politician every step of the way.

Voting is less than a month away now and the big question is does he have enough time to improve and win this election or will everything spin out of control and fall down for Trump?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Des Moines, Iowa, United States – December 10, 2015: An ardent supporter of Donald Trump put up his own billboard at his home in West Des Moines, Iowa. December 10, 2015

During the second debate, Hillary had hoped that Donald Trump would just implode like he did in the first debate, but he didn’t. He won with these two lines.

The second debate was rough to watch at times, mainly at the vicious attacks back and forth, but at the end of the day; Trump won.

Trump started the debate with some of the women that claim Bill Clinton raped or molested. At topic that is tough to stomach on its own was thrust into the debate limelight with a press conference just before the opening bell.

Having the women in the room during the debate didn’t seem to affect Hillary too much, but Bill sure noticed. The Drudge Report called it the “Face crack of the century”.

The move to bring in the women was physiological, but Trump won the debate, because he was on his toes and responded with two brilliantly timed jabs.

The most memorable jab came when Hillary was talking about Trump being in charge of law and order. Watch the exchange below.

Possibly the best part about this clip is the response Anderson Cooper has to the crowd. He is visibly upset. We wonder why?

The moderators did spend a lot more time cutting off Trump than they did Clinton, but it didn’t matter.

Trump had a line about Honest Abe Lincoln that turned out to be one of his best. He flipped a response on Hillary she wasn’t ready for.

At the end of the debate, only the most loyal and devoted Hillary supporters thought she won the debate.

For Trump this was a big moment. He had to find a way to stop the bleeding from last Friday’s video released by the Washington Post.

If you missed the debate you can watch it here.

Let us know whom you thought won in the comments below.

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Los Angeles, USA - February 29, 2016: The Hollywood sign overlooking Los Angeles. The iconic sign was originally created in 1923.

Billy Bush could be in a lot more trouble than Donald Trump over the now infamous video that was released by the Washington Post and here is why.

When the Washington Post released a video that depicted Billy Bush and Donald Trump having a lewd conversation about women, everyone in the media thought that Trump’s campaign was over.

Donald Trump stood on the debate stage Sunday night and stopped the bleeding and due to his performance, he might even get a nice bump in the polls after all is said and done.

Billy Bush, not so lucky.

The cousin to the 43rd president, and nephew to the 41st president did what Jeb could never do, and that is wound Donald Trump.

It was only a wound though, and it will heal. Billy on the other hand is now suspended from his job working on the “Today” show.

It is unclear if Billy will be asked to rejoin the show. NBC has officially “suspended him indefinitely pending further review”.

Billy has been with Access Hollywood show since 2001, and even worked the Olympics and events like the Academy Awards and Grammys.

Bush’s career is taking a really big hit right now. Not only did his audio end up on the front page of the news, but also he recorded a guest off camera and it got leaked.

Billy’s trust is now shattered in his industry, but Trump on the other hand, has moved on.

The Washington Post article will hurt from time to time, but it is just a wound that will heal and it won’t stop Trump from moving forward.

Now we just wait for Hillary’s October surprise before the next debate and see if she can survive as well as Trump or if her career ends up more like Billy Bush’s.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.



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