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Porky Politicians get a taste of the Trump Diet

In March of last year, the Heritage Foundation released their recommendation for a 2017 federal budget in a document titled, “Blueprint for Balance.”

According to numerous reports, President-Elect Trump plans to use the blueprint for his incoming administration and push Congress to pass the plans that include a $1.3 trillion tax break.

The Left is up in arms about the plan as it cuts programs preferential to minorities, women and the arts.

But the plan doesn’t just target the pet projects of Democrats, it cuts spending for non-combat research within the Department of Defense as well as subsidies to military commissaries.

The word “eliminate” occurs 230 times in the 180 page document.

As a reference, “reduce” occurs only 107 times.

The plan is an ambitious attempt to curb government spending and reduce its size and as such, is likely to face significant resistance in Congress.

A similar plan was proposed in 2015 and lost the House vote by a significant margin.

President Elect Trump will have to brow-beat pork-barrel politicians to give up their special projects and ear marks if he wants to abide by the spirit of the blueprint and make progress towards creating a smaller government.

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Do you think aggressive leftist protesters will succeed in disrupting the inauguration?

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James O’Keefe and his group, Project Veritas, have pulled it off again. This time they caught a group of people planning to disrupt inauguration events with butyric acid bombs.

Their target is the “Deploraball” that is taking place at the National Press Club.

Caught on camera, Luke Kuhn and Collin Dunn, acted like the “Weather Underground” terrorists from the 1970’s.

Watch the video above and pay close attention.

O’Keefe inserted an “Easter Egg” at the beginning of the video with the audio recording of one of his undercover journalists being harassed by what appears to be an operative for Bob Creamer, the Democrat’s dark arts operative that Project Veritas exposed during the election.

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CNN’s reporting of the fake intelligence report against Trump left not doubt that the organization has abandoned journalism in favor of pushing a left-leaning agenda, would you consider boycotting them?

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Following the election of Donald Trump, a group of activists, backed by B-list Hollywood actors like Don Cheadle, created the #GrabYourWallet list.

The online excel sheet lists companies to boycott due to their support of Donald Trump during the 2016 election or for their association with the Trump brand in any way.

The list includes Amazon (for selling Ivanka’s products), Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, Kmart,, HSN, Macy’s, etc. A total of 39 companies have made the list and a host of others that liberals should “consider boycotting.”

Basically those behind #GrabYourWallet give liberals the option to spend their welfare dollars at JuJu’s Bead Hut or Ron’s Tie-Dye Emporium.

There is hope as five companies have been dropped from the list., Bellacor and RueLaLa dropped Ivanka’s products. Wayfair and Zulily simply said the line of Trump products they had sold are no longer available.

Jenny Craig, whose founder is a trump supporter, corrected their site to say that Ms. Craig is no longer on their board.

For Trump supporters, the list should serve as any easily accessible list of companies to support.

President Elect Trump supports the move as he tweeted to support L.L. Bean, a company that was listed as one to “consider boycotting.”

Visit the list at

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Ritz Carlton in Moscow. Home to the alleged "golden shower" party with Donald Trump.

Late yesterday afternoon, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and Jake Tapper interrupted the confirmation hearings of Sen. Jeff Sessions with a “breaking news alert.”

The lower third of the television screen raced with the headline, “Intel chiefs presented Trump with claims of Russian efforts to compromise him.”

Tapper, dramatically but somberly read an ambiguous narrative that left the viewer with the impression that not only did Russia have compromising dirt on President Elect Donald Trump, but that the Trump campaign coordinated with the Russian government to suppress it.

They gave no further details and as of the next morning are standing by the vague story.

But other “news” outlets like BuzzFeed, printed the dirty details and published the intelligence memo that alleges depraved acts by Donald Trump while in Russia.

The intelligence report that came from a supposed reliable source for the CIA, a former British intel officer, claims that Trump, while visiting Moscow, stayed at the Ritz Carlton and in the same room booked by President Obama on a previous trip.

Trump, in a supposed twisted attempt to express his disgust with Obama, hired several prostitutes to urinate on the bed that the soon-to-be former president slept in . . . as he watched the “golden shower.”

The report, which is so outlandish that even liberals reasonably consider it to be false, has been running wildly through the mainstream media. Even Newsweek ran with a “Gold Shower” headline.

But here’s the deal, and more plausible explanation.

The near-underground forum site 4chan, that’s best known with its pranks and ties to hacking collective, Anonymous, has claimed responsibility for the hoax . . . and they cannot believe the CIA fell for it.

4chan posters claim they made up the story and passed it on to Trump hater, Rick Wilson, who then, through the old banana phone trick, passed it along again and again until CIA officials made the decision to include a clearly fake story in an intelligence report.

And sadly, both President Obama and President Elect Trump were briefed with this story as it was leaked to the press.

The entire episode is unbecoming of our intelligence agencies and Trump is encouraged to make a complete sweep of any agency involved in what has become the “Fake News” story of the year . . . as CNN continues to cover it and report it as true.

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Welcome to our newest weekly column, Trump’s Twitter Tirade Roundup, which is a recap of Trump’s best tweets and their impact.

In the first week of the year, President Elect Trump made a profound impact on the stock market, foreign affairs, intelligence agencies and even the entertainment industry.


We start with January 2th, which was a federal holiday, however, Trump didn’t seem to notice.

The billionaire president started the New Year taking a shot at North Korea while ribbing China.

The North Korean jab was a result of an announcement by the hermit nation that they have developed long-range missiles capable of striking the United States. Given the secluded country has the combined computing power of a used Commodore 64 in a backwoods garage sale, the claim is unlikely.

North Korea’s Supreme Leader, the pudgling Kim Jong-un, is bat-balls crazy anyway so his response doesn’t really matter.


Trump started off the first workday of the year by taking a shot at General Motors for use of Mexican plants to build their Chevy Cruze.

As for GM, their stock price didn’t budge after the jab, while Ford Motors gained 8% after praise by the President Elect.

Trump’s twitter feed then barreled into the unworkable and unaffordable Obamacare, just as Senate Democrats were preparing for their press conference to defend it.

Just before bedtime (for normal human beings) Trump unleashed this whopper that intentionally left many scratching their heads:


The intelligence tirade started on Tuesday night carried through to the early hours of Wednesday as Trump recapped Sean Hannity’s interview with Julian Assange.

These tweets and some behind the scenes action lead to the resignation of Trump’s senior intelligence advisor later in the week.

Attacks on Obamacare continued on Wednesday (which will likely be a daily theme until the law is repealed) and the evening was closed out with self-praise by Trump for inauguration performer, Jackie Evancho, whose sales have “skyrocketed” according to the President Elect.


The day started off with the best insult of the week when Trump referred to Chuck Schumer as the Democrat’s “head clown.”

To build on the week’s automaker momentum, Trump set sights on Toyota and their plans to build Corolla’s in Mexico. Toyota’s stock price nearly immediately slumped after the tweet.

Then, all heck broke loose.

NBC was given an “exclusive” look at U.S. Intelligence reports before the President Elect was provided with the information.

Hold on to your hats as that’s like poking a hungry old lion with a stick while holding a freshly killed chicken just out of reach.

As expected, Trump went off, but all over the map, lashing out at everyone from Hillary Clinton, to the “dishonest media” in a series of tweets .


Trumps poor mood continued through Friday morning when he started the day taking a shot at none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger for his poor ratings on the first airing of The Apprentice.

The billionaire turned president then made what was his most sane tweet of the week with the following:

That tweet will be the first time a soon-to-be-sitting president has called for a congressional investigation through social media . . . and you can bet it won’t be the last.

Stay tuned for more and comment below.

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At the head of every nefarious syndicate, there is a villain; and at the head of the tangled web of leftist non-profit organizations, Democrat political campaigns, and progressive social causes — funded by the same shadowy money — there is George Soros. For the last half-century, George Soros has used the power of his money, his financial acumen, and at times legally questionable tactics, to build a global financial empire the value of which is estimated at nearly $25 billion.

With this virtually unlimited bankroll, Soros has become something of a puppet master in both international markets and political arenas, using his influence to enhance his riches and further his leftist political agenda.

Given Soros’ backing of numerous of grassroots organizations including, his funding media properties, and contributing millions to Democratic campaigns (including the 2016 cycle), it is fair to say that Soros’ influence in American politics is massive, if not unprecedented. This does not, of course, stop the Hungarian-American money manipulator from criticizing President-elect for being exactly what he –Soros – is: a “con artist and would-be dictator.”

Of all those who had their hopes for a progressive utopia dashed on the rocks of November’s presidential election, perhaps none had more to lose with the defeat of Hillary Clinton than Soros. Yet, disappointment and petulance is no excuse for the harsh and highly hypocritical words Soros has levelled at our next president. After all, it was Soros who helped build his empire on a foundation of flimflam and manipulation; even at the expense of entire nations.

Trump certainly has earned some criticism for his financial dealings over a long and generally successful career, but it is Soros, not Trump, who has earned the ignominious title of “the man who broke the bank of England.”

And, that was just the start.

On September 16, 1992, a day known in Britain as “Black Wednesday,” currency speculators shorted the British Pound on a bet against the British government. Of these speculators, Soros and his hedge fund were among the leading forces in a strategy he is reported to have described as going “for the jugular” to get the most out of his investment. Robin Dhar, founder of, recounted the tactics employed by Soros, including shorting the currency at an “unprecedented” pace. According to Dhar, the result of this ruthless maneuver “netted Soros’s firm over a billion dollars, toppled the Bank of England’s currency regime, ultimately led to the disgrace of the Prime Minister . . . [and] cost the British taxpayers billions.”

Seeing how profitable it was to manipulate currencies, Soros would use his talents again in Thailand a few years later. As he did in the U.K., Soros and his hedge fund bet against the Thai baht in 1997, shorting their investments, and prompting an overreaction by Thailand’s central bank to save the currency – a move that even Soros himself admitted was “catastrophic.” Of course, Soros (who fancies himself a financial prophet to be ignored at one’s peril) blamed Thai authorities for how they responded to his bets. Never mind the impact on Thai citizens held at the mercy of the games played between Soros and their country’s officials; profit was to be had.

These cut-throat moves by Soros, manipulating currency for profit at the expense of national and world financial markets, is why lists Soros among its top-five “feared figures in finance.” According to the authors of these rankings, Soros uses “his currency positions to ‘punish’ countries whose policies are ignored in favor of positive economic data by most speculators,” while “pressuring these governments financially . . . [to] force political changes.”

And Soros has the gall to call Trump a “dictator?”

Trump is a successful businessman, worth billions of dollars; but even he, at his most grandiose, would likely balk at the claim to possess the clout in a single breath to topple governments and reduce global currencies to Monopoly money, as Soros in the past has done. Nor has Trump shown any of Soros’ zeal for influencing the political process with shadow money and “AstroTurf” grassroots organizations. In fact, Trump’s genuinely organic draw among everyday Americans, coupled with receiving just a fraction of super PAC money during the primaries compared to Clinton, shows him to be the polar opposite of Soros when it comes to expending private dollars for public influence.

Furthermore, Trump’s cabinet selections thus far show that he has more interest in reducing the government’s grip over the nation, than solidifying it — as Soros would no doubt prefer. In his post-election whining, Soros has proven himself to be nothing more than a disgruntled emperor who cries “dictator!” when his own reign is threatened by an outsider.

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At a press conference held today in Flat Rock, Michigan, Ford CEO Mark Fields announced the company’s plan to expand operations in Flat Rock.

The automaker is investing $700 million and adding 700 jobs in their plant that has been open since 1986.

The investment will go toward new electric vehicles including an F-150 Hybrid and a Mustang Hybrid.

The plant in Flat Rock has historically produced the classic American pony car, the Mustang, along with the Lincoln Continental.

Also announced was a cancellation of a new $1.6 billion plant in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

Overall Ford is investing a total of $4.5 billion in “electrified” vehicles by 2020.

Ford CEO Mark Fields credited policies of President Elect Trump and the new Congress with playing a vital role in the company’s decision to invest in America.

While Ford will maintain a plant in Hermosillo, Mexico, where the Ford Focus is produced, the cancellation of the San Luis Potosi plant will safeguard 3,500 jobs while adding another 700.

Since the news was announced this morning, Ford Motor Company Stock increased by 3.1% by noon.

Ford’s US competitor, GM, stock price remained nearly flat with a .5% increase since the open.

President Elect Trump praised the Ford announcement, highlighting the move on his Twitter feed.

Earlier in the day, Donald Trump took a shot at General Motors tweeting:

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Members of the Electoral College met on Monday to cast their binding votes that officially elect Donald J. Trump as the next President of the United States.

The electors, who were bombarded with calls to cast their vote for anyone but Donald Trump, are not expected to switch their votes despite many thousands of emails, calls, and even a celebrity driven television ad campaign.

The mood on social media among the left is dark and bolstered by the likes of the New York Times, Paul Krugman, whose article “How Republics End” is trending nationally on Twitter.

But some hold out last minute hope.

A Harvard professor, Larry Lessig, has established “Electors Trust,” an anti-Trump legal group created to help Republican electors who are considering switching their vote away from the real estate mogul.

Lessig told Politico that 20 members of the Electoral College are considering voting against Trump yet his Twitter account tells a different story as the professor’s tweets reached a fury on Monday morning with pleas for electors to flip.

Hollywood Celebrities also took to Twitter to express their disdain for Trump and their inability to stop him, at least some did so with humor.

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