Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Trump Protesters

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Berkeley Protest
Free Speech VS Social Justice, round 2... FIGHT!

On Tuesday the Youth American Foundation in association with Berkley College Republicans announced they would be sponsoring Conservative Author Ben Shapiro to speak at Berkley Campus.

In a statement by spokesman Spencer Brown the YAF affirmed their belief in free speech, and advocating diversity of thought saying,

“Berkeley has a choice: To uphold the the First Amendment rights of all students, or once again cave under pressure from extreme leftists and unconstitutionally censor conservative speech…Berkeley administrators would be wise to offer the same platform to Ben Shapiro and the conservative students hosting him that they’ve given the parade of leftist speakers who’ve appeared at Berkeley.”

The campus has beena battleground between leftist groups and free speech advocates before.

In April, Anne Coulter had been slated to appear at the campus; however attempts at arranging a suitable venue had been cut short when the campus authorities claimed, that they could not host the speaker at a location where they could ensure no risk to those involved.

Speaking to Tucker Carlson after the incident Coulter certainly wasn’t buying those excuses, stating, “There are ways of dealing with violence…We do have a police force.”

Alongside the YAF, Coulter also threatened the University with legal action for failing to protect conservative speakers.

The protests had seen heavy police presence, with a “riot-like” atmosphere expected. As hundreds of free speech advocates assembled near the University to protest the cancellation were met by a heavy leftist and Antifa presence at the scene. While no serious violence was reported 6 people were arrested in the standoff, with knives and other weapons reportedly confiscated by law enforcement.

Whatever allegations campus liberals may have cooked up against Coulter, it’s impossible to argue with Shapiro’s credentials. A summa cum laude from UCLA and cum laude graduate from Harvard University at just 23, he has been an advocate for free speech and Conservative thought at over 30 campuses already.

For his part the author welcomes the challenge and isn’t shrinking in the face of leftist pressure responding to reports of another campus boycott by saying,

I look forward to speaking to students of all viewpoints at Berkeley. I expect that the administration will not hide behind the heckler’s veto of despicable groups like Antifa to prevent this event from moving forward. The home of the free speech movement has an obligation to protect free speech.”

It remains to be seen whether the concerned authorities will step and take the challenge by confirming that the University will not be blackmailed by the thoughts and opinions of a violent minority. For those Antifa groups who want to silence growing conservative thought amongst students breaking away from liberal groupthink, a strong message is necessary.

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Trump Fan

Democracy is supposed to be tough, but it isn’t supposed to be violent. More Trump supporters have been attacked for favoring a political candidate.

In New Jersey a 62-year-old man was beaten with a crowbar in a “Friendly’s” parking lot by a man who didn’t like the Trump shirt the older man was wearing.

The confrontation started in traffic when the assailant noticed a man wearing a Trump shirt and got out and confronted the man. The local police said the attacker “inquired why the man was wearing the shirt, directing profanities at him.”

Cussing at a Trump fan is unacceptable, but better than what the attacker did next.

The man continued to follow the Trump supporter and chased him into a Friendly’s Restaurant parking lot. Now the man jumped out with a crowbar and started attacking the elderly man.

After several hits, the attacker left the scene and police are still looking for him.

The elderly man survived the attack but is in rough shape.

In related news, a Cleveland bar was the site of a disagreement over Trump where another Donald fan was shot for saying Trump would make a good president.

The man was shot in the leg and will survive, but the attack brings to light a discussion that we need to have.

Are these hate crimes? What else can you call it?

Many people hate Trump and as an extension, they hate the people that are supporting him. In both of the above mentioned attacks, the men were white.

The irony is, the liberals and the left are the ones that say they stand for tolerance and acceptance are the ones that are that can’t accept a different opinion.

They are only tolerant towards those they share the same beliefs. There is no word on if the DOJ will look into these incidents as hate crimes, but nobody is holding their breath. They are too busy covering for Hillary Clinton.

Do you think the attacks on Trump fans are hate crimes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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George Soros

Billionaire hedge fund manager and avid liberal activist who has donated millions to Hillary this season has been brought up in allegations that he has paid people to protest Trump, but that isn’t why he is making the news today.

George Soros has made billions by making calculated financial moves that pay off big time for him, so when he makes a big move, people watch.

After being quiet on the investing side, George made a big move this week to short the world economy by selling stocks and buying gold. Lots and lots of gold.

George Soros allegedly bought billions in gold according to those close to his investments. What does that mean? It means that the global economy could be heading down a dark road.

When billionaires stop buying stocks and invest in gold, they thing that the economy is going to drop and the safest place to store investments is in gold.

Look at the last market crash in 2007. Gold peaked at close to $3,000 an ounce. It is down now, selling around $1,300 an ounce.

Why should anyone trust George Soros? Back in 1992 the British Pound was set to drop significantly and Soros saw it coming. He mad a similar move then and made close to a billion dollars.

George Soros may not have too much sense when it comes to picking his favorite politicians, but he knows global economy and banking, so this could be a strong warning that danger is coming.

Do you trust George Soros enough to share his concern of the global economy? Let us know in the comments below.


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