Saturday, June 24, 2017

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The James O’Keefe videos on voter fraud and violence at Trump events don’t stop at Hillary. Now there is a White House connection.

Bob Creamer was the middle man between Hillary’s campaign and the DNC. He was the one that connected it all and then organized the protests to incite violence at Trump Rallies.

Bob Creamer was the man that worked to mobilize a massive voter fraud campaign that has been happening for “fifty years”.

Bob Creamer is also the man that visited the White House 342 times since 2009. That is a lot of visits.

Now Creamer has resigned from his position at the DNC in a released statement.

Here is James O’Keefe’s favorite part of the statement.

Project Veritas Action and James O’Keefe have no cause Creamer to resign and Scott Foval to be fired. The undercover videos are having a real impact.

Here are the undercover videos if you missed them.

Video 1

Video 2

What do you think Bob Creamer was doing at the White House 342 times?

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Hillary has called Donald Trump a racist during this campaign, but now he is fighting fire with fire.

Donald Trump stood on a stage in Mississippi for a rally and said this…

Those are strong words, but Hillary has called Trump a racist and much more, but is anyone listening?

Right now, Hillary is too busy asking for donations and answering questions about emails to worry about what Trump is doing, but Trump is cruising right now.

His campaign is on an upward track, and what ammo does Hillary have left?

Hillary has already called Trump a racist and now that his immigration policies are softening a little and he has changed his tone, what is there left to call him?

On the other hand, Trump calling Clinton a “bigot” probably won’t get him any more votes from minorities, but it may peel off some of Hillary’s.

After the things that Trump has said and the way the media has portrayed him, it is going to be tough to get African Americans to vote for him, but they may get so disgusted with the process that they stay at home. Either way, that is a vote for Trump.

This campaign is tough on America.

To hear our own candidates speak, minorities should be really upset right now. We will either get a “racist” or a “bigot” in the White House.

Trump is trying to turn around the “racist” persona that Hillary and the media labeled him with, because after all, he thinks that African Americans should “Give Donald Trump a chance”.

Do you think Hillary is a bigot? Do you think Trump is a racist? Let us know in the comments below.


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