Monday, June 26, 2017

Trump Supporters

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Nearly every day, there’s an incident of supporters of President Trump being assaulted. This past week, a Florida man was sent to the emergency room after being attacked by a random black man. His offense? He had a “Make America Great Again” bumper sticker on his car.

Should these types of attacks be considered Hate Crimes and result in higher sentences?

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Hillary Clinton is in panic mode right now and is losing Florida for the first time this election, but instead of explaining her vision, she attacked Trump supporters.

The former Secretary of State took some heat back in September when she put half of Trump supporters into her “basket of deplorables”, but she apologized.

Now she is taking it a step further and describing all of Trump fans in a much more ominous light.

She doesn’t attack the candidate, because that doesn’t seem to be working. Instead she attacks his supporters by calling them “dark, divisive and dangerous”.

Is this new strategy going to work?

Hillary has to find something that will click with supporters. A Rasmussen poll came out that has Trump up by three points and the first candidate to hit 50% support.

In less than a week we have seen Hillary’s poll numbers drop by almost double digits across the board.

It isn’t likely that attacking the Trump supporters is going to help, but more likely that she is just getting frustrated.

She is now fighting the FBI in two criminal investigations, WikiLeaks, and Trump won’t be stopped.

After the Trump “hot mic” tape was released, her campaign started sending out emails talking about “landslide” and started worrying about the down votes.

Now she is sending emails begging for support in knocking on doors and sending money. The wheels are falling off.

Trump has been staying on message lately and delivering his vision for the United States. Hillary is resorting to attacking Trump supporters.

Hillary and her camp is letting their frustrations show and it isn’t going to stop her current slide. She should be focusing on her vision of “stronger together”, but according to her statements, it looks like she doesn’t believe in her own slogan.

Do you think attacking Trump supporters are going to work in bringing her numbers back up? Let us know in the comments below.

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As the candidates get more vicious with their attacks to each other, the fans of Hillary and Bernie get more violent against Trump supporters.

Last night, fights broke out when hundreds of angry and violent protesters showed up at a Trump rally. The protesters threw eggs, intimidated, and in many cases threw punches at the Trump supporters.

We have seen this before, but not like this.

Notice one person wearing a communist shirt and another with a sign saying we need socialism.

Is this the future of the Democratic Party?

Donald Trump is a far cry from a perfect candidate, but his supporters are not violently attacking Bernie and Hillary supporters. A few have hit people inside of the rallies, but nothing like the vicious attacks we are seeing against Trump fans. Hundreds of Trump supporters have been beaten outside of a Trump events so far this year.

The Republican Party has some major issues right now, but with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan saying he will vote for Trump, it looks like things are settling down.

On the left, the Democratic Party is not even denouncing the violence of the protestors, and this is what we are seeing. (CAUTION: VIOLENCE AND EXPLICIT LANGUAGE)

The democratic process has come a long way in America, but we are clearly on the wrong path now.

Everything we are seeing is going to get worse before it gets better. Let’s just hope the leaders on the left start denouncing the violence and abusive language and urge their people to protest peacefully.

Do you think the violence will get worse this summer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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