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Trump Twitter
A lack of filter can be good, unless we are talking about covfefe, er, coffee...

Jonah Goldberg and Mollie Hemingway, got into a heated argument, all because of one tweet from President Donald Trump.

During Thursday’s airing of the show, the two panelists got into a very heated debated.

Discussing a tweet from Trump, “With all of the recently reported electronic surveillance, intercepts, unmasking and illegal leaking of information, I have no idea…” and “…whether there are “tapes” or recordings of my conversations with James Comey, but I did not make, and do not have, any such recordings.”

“It was, it was a bad idea,” Goldberg responded, “and it got him in a lot of trouble. And he’s still trying to back out of it. I gotta say, I don’t really care about the tapes, I always thought it was a bluff, to me it is perfect example of how he tries to run his presidency like a reality show, like wait for the big reveal at the big mid-season break kinda thing.”

“What does bother me about that tweet is his insinuation that it’s entirely plausible that members of the ‘deep state’ or the intelligence community, or law enforcement are bugging the Oval Office without his awareness,” he continued. “And that is a pretty provocative charge to make. I’m sure he’s making it, you know, if he ever gets pushback on it, he’ll say he was just speaking tongue-in-cheek, but I thought that was the more offensive part of it.”

“No, that’s ridiculous,” Hemingway interrupted, “you’ve had nothing but months of leaks from intelligence agencies about people affiliated with the Trump campaign or otherwise, it’s not insane at all to think that there might be surveillance since we’ve seen so many again, unmasked…”

“What allegations that Donald Trump has been surreptitiously recorded without his approval?” Goldberg said.

“What, I mean, the issue with that original tweet is that James Comey had already been leaking to the New York Times,” Hemingway responded, “and he’d been presenting stories as if he was some hero of the conversations he had had with Trump. That tweet actually got James Comey to admit that he did three times tell Donald Trump that he wasn’t under investigation. It got him to admit that he did say Mike Flynn was a good guy when he was asked about it by the president. And it did get him to admit also that he pledged his honest loyalty to Donald Trump which is contrary to what he had said to the New York Times the day before that.”

“It also got him a special prosecutor,” Goldberg responded.

“I think it’s naive to think that that would have not happened otherwise,” Hemingway said. “James Comey was clearly laying a groundwork in a campaign through his leaking and it’s kind of rewriting history.”

“That’s possible,” Goldberg allowed. “That’s possible, but my point still stands. There’s no evidence whatsoever that anyone was bugging or wiretapping the Oval Office or the President of the United States without his awareness.”

‘There was a lot of leaking…” Hemingway intervened.

“Leaking is not bugging!” Goldberg shot back.

“…of taped conversations,” Hemingway continued, “for a group of people that are not doing a lot of surveillance.”

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Thirsty for Power. Photo by DonkeyHotey

Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fl.) addressed President Trump’s tweet on Thursday, regarding him being the subject of a “witch hunt” after the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate the alleged interference of Russia in the 2016 US presidential election.

“The president is entitled to his opinion, but we’re a nation of laws,” Rubio told reporters. “That’s not a criticism of the president. That is a reality that our institutions work. The acting attorney general has the authority to appoint a special counsel and has done so.”

On Wednesday, Robert Mueller, former FBI Director was appointed as special counsel to investigate allegations that Russia had meddled with the US presidential elections last year.

Rubio called Mueller a “person of high esteem” and admitted that he was fully confident in Mueller’s abilities to “conduct and independent, thorough and fair investigation.”

Referring to the appointment of Robert Mueller as special investigator in the ongoing investigation, President Trump tweeted on Thursday, “This is the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history!”

He further added, “With all of the illegal acts that took place in the Clinton campaign & Obama Administration, there was never a special counsel appointed.”

Ex-CIA official Phillip Mudd, in a show Wednesday night on CNN with Wolf Blitzer, was full of praise for Mueller.

“For four and a half years of sitting down the hall from [Mueller] I saw one two three times a day threaten meetings, personnel meetings, meetings with three attorneys general,” Mudd told Blitzer about Mueller’s stern and fair principles.

“I can tell you, every American who thinks that this is a moment of turmoil, whether they like the president or not, should breathe easy tonight,” he said. “Robert Mueller is solid ground. I saw presidents, kings, prime ministers, secretaries of state, CIA directors, the former U.S. Attorney in New York said he’s one of the best.”

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Wendy Davis

Texas based politician Wendy Davis claimed that it is “absurd,” to view conception as the beginning of human life.

Sources have noted:

“Davis delivered a feminist speech in support of Planned Parenthood Thursday evening to a crowd of almost 100 supporters at Cannon Green restaurant. The former senator famously filibustered an abortion bill in her home state of Texas for 11 hours in June 2013, only to lose a bid for the governor’s seat the following year.

Battles over abortion and funding for the reproductive health care provider have escalated under the Donald Trump administration. Though measures seeking to remove state and federal dollars for Planned Parenthood and to make abortions illegal have failed so far, legislators in Washington D.C. and in South Carolina have shown signs of chipping away on the issue.

Most recently, an anti-abortion measure advanced in the South Carolina legislature Wednesday that defines life as beginning at the moment of conception. Davis characterized such legislation as “absurd” and attributed the bill to “politicians who believe that thumping their chest … is something that they’re rewarded for when they run for re-election.”

It appears to be a never ending debate questioning the legality of abortion centers given that most anti-abortion believe that human life begins at conception, whereas pro-abortion advocates suggest that human life begins at a later stage in pregnancy.

It was a little surprising that Davis made such comments at a fund-raising event in South Carolina, a state that is actively working towards considering a bill that would declare that life begins at the moment of conception.

Many took to social media, to slam Davis for her comments and argued that its settled science that life begins at the moment of conception:

[email protected] SCIENCE! Oh wait….forget science. Life begins when democrats say so.”

“ @LifeNewsHQ Except that it is literally incontrovertible scientific fact.”

[email protected] It’s all about $$$. From what I’ve read about PP founder Margaret Sanger she was fairly diabolical. Hitler liked her ideas though.”

However, things stirred up the most when the conservative commentator Ben Shapiro tweeted,

He reminded Davis that the only thing “absurd,” was her failed attempt in running for Texas governorship back in 2014. Davis not only lost the election, but she lost it in a rather epic manner. Republican Greg Abbott beat Davis 59 percent to 39 percent in the election, leaving Davis to win Dallas County, Travis County and a few other minor counties, only.

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Reviewing Trumps impact week to week.

Welcome to our newest weekly column, Trump’s Twitter Tirade Roundup, which is a recap of Trump’s best tweets and their impact.

In the first week of the year, President Elect Trump made a profound impact on the stock market, foreign affairs, intelligence agencies and even the entertainment industry.


We start with January 2th, which was a federal holiday, however, Trump didn’t seem to notice.

The billionaire president started the New Year taking a shot at North Korea while ribbing China.

The North Korean jab was a result of an announcement by the hermit nation that they have developed long-range missiles capable of striking the United States. Given the secluded country has the combined computing power of a used Commodore 64 in a backwoods garage sale, the claim is unlikely.

North Korea’s Supreme Leader, the pudgling Kim Jong-un, is bat-balls crazy anyway so his response doesn’t really matter.


Trump started off the first workday of the year by taking a shot at General Motors for use of Mexican plants to build their Chevy Cruze.

As for GM, their stock price didn’t budge after the jab, while Ford Motors gained 8% after praise by the President Elect.

Trump’s twitter feed then barreled into the unworkable and unaffordable Obamacare, just as Senate Democrats were preparing for their press conference to defend it.

Just before bedtime (for normal human beings) Trump unleashed this whopper that intentionally left many scratching their heads:


The intelligence tirade started on Tuesday night carried through to the early hours of Wednesday as Trump recapped Sean Hannity’s interview with Julian Assange.

These tweets and some behind the scenes action lead to the resignation of Trump’s senior intelligence advisor later in the week.

Attacks on Obamacare continued on Wednesday (which will likely be a daily theme until the law is repealed) and the evening was closed out with self-praise by Trump for inauguration performer, Jackie Evancho, whose sales have “skyrocketed” according to the President Elect.


The day started off with the best insult of the week when Trump referred to Chuck Schumer as the Democrat’s “head clown.”

To build on the week’s automaker momentum, Trump set sights on Toyota and their plans to build Corolla’s in Mexico. Toyota’s stock price nearly immediately slumped after the tweet.

Then, all heck broke loose.

NBC was given an “exclusive” look at U.S. Intelligence reports before the President Elect was provided with the information.

Hold on to your hats as that’s like poking a hungry old lion with a stick while holding a freshly killed chicken just out of reach.

As expected, Trump went off, but all over the map, lashing out at everyone from Hillary Clinton, to the “dishonest media” in a series of tweets .


Trumps poor mood continued through Friday morning when he started the day taking a shot at none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger for his poor ratings on the first airing of The Apprentice.

The billionaire turned president then made what was his most sane tweet of the week with the following:

That tweet will be the first time a soon-to-be-sitting president has called for a congressional investigation through social media . . . and you can bet it won’t be the last.

Stay tuned for more and comment below.

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Erica Garner is the daughter of a man that died after being choked by police and the most recent WikiLeaks emails has her angry.

In 2014 Eric Garner resisted arrest when he was allegedly caught selling cigarettes illegally. During the arrest he resisted and officer Daniel Pantaleo was recorded on video using a chokehold to subdue Mr. Garner.

Due to a previous condition, Mr. Garner died just moments later. The daughter of Eric Garner spoke out against his death and other black men killed by police. She protested with Black Lives Matter.

Now Erica Garner is back in the spotlight thanks to WikiLeaks.

A series of emails were released where the Clinton campaign spoke directly about how to use the death of Eric Garner to advance the Hillary Clinton agenda.

In the #Podesta19 release of WikiLeaks, the Hillary camp goes back and forth about how to use Eric Garner, and even calls Erica a “problem”.

Hillary’s press secretary and other staffers discussed using Eric Garner’s death, but he wasn’t killed by gun violence. He was killed by police violence and that didn’t quite fit into the narrative they were pushing on guns.

Basically they were trying not to make Erica mad while using her father’s death to go after guns.

Erica blasted the Hillary campaign and the DNC after the emails were released.

“I’m troubled by the revelation that you and this campaign actually discussed ‘using’ Eric Garner … Why would you want to ‘use my dad?”

It didn’t stop there and it isn’t stopping at all. After the Clinton minions on Twitter started firing back at Garner, she laid out the truth for them.

Erica Garner is not a pushover. She is a smart and intelligent woman that can’t be “played”. She is passionate about activism and “pissing” her off is the last thing the Hillary Clinton campaign needs right now.

Hillary needs black people to come out and vote for her or simply, she will not win in 10 days. Erica isn’t going to make it easy for Hillary though, and if Erica wasn’t before, she is a problem now.

When liberals got mad at Erica for going off on the Hillary camp online, they tried to remind her of Trump and how “scary” a Trump presidency would be. She had an answer to that too.

Erica gives it strait! Ironically she has a history going against the grain. A Project Veritas video recorded two years ago caught Erica talking about Al Sharpton and how he is “all about the money”.

Eric Garner’s tragic death should not be used to push political agendas, but that is what is happening and that is what Erica is speaking out against Hillary.

If her story isn’t suppressed, then Hillary is going to have a hard time to winning over black voters in the next 10 days.

What do you think about Erica Garner standing up for her father? Let us know in the comments below.

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Julian Assange has gone silent and hasn’t been seen since Pamela Anderson visited him and gave him vegan food? Did she kill him?

Something is going on with Julian Assange, but nobody knows what it is.

The fearless leader of WikiLeaks has been kept in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for over four year now, without charge. He fears that he will be extradited to the United States and killed if he leaves.

Just last week, pressure from the US State Department forced Ecuador to cut Assange’s Internet access.

The day before, Pamela Anderson visited the famous whistleblower and brought him some vegan food. Did it kill him?

The former playmate of the year is a killer according to some on Twitter, but that is just one of the conspiracy theories surrounding Assange right now.

WikiLeaks released a statement on Assange after the Internet was cut, but it was more of a plea for Assange’s innocence than a statement about how he was doing.

Then just days later, WikiLeaks posted this tweet when fans started demanding proof of life.

He has gone silent which is very rare. WikiLeaks isn’t being very forthcoming about his situation either.

Some online even think that he was given a disguise and snuck out of the embassy and flown back to West Virginia on a small Gulf Stream. See the video that outlines this theory in a detailed video by AMTV on YouTube.

With so many people worried for him, no wonder there are a lot of conspiracies floating around, but many really do fear he is dead.

It wouldn’t be the first time someone from WikiLeaks died this year.

There is a lot of conspiracies about Assange but we don’t know what is true. When we find out, you’ll be the first to know.

Updated Video 10/27/16

Did someone just fake “proof of life” for Assange?

Do you think Assange is still alive? Let us know in the comments below.

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Many people woke up on Friday and couldn’t send a tweet or listen to Spotify, but the real reason they didn’t work could be due to an attack.

This morning Twitter, SoundCloud, Shopify and Spotify were completely down in almost the entire United States. Asia and Europe seemed to be ok.

The sites went down due to a DDOS attack on the DNS provider Dyn. To put it in simpler terms, part of the Internet in America was attacked and took down several sites.

Even sites like the Boston Globe, Reddit and Freshbooks were down. This was a big attack.

Nobody is claiming responsibility yet, and as of the publication of this article, all sites seem to be back up and running.

This could be an isolated event with some kids in their parents basement, or this could be an enemy testing the fence.

Hillary is probably already blaming the Russians, but whoever is committing these kinds of attacks, doesn’t intend to help the United States.

These attacks are acts of war, and in today’s day and age, any war will start with cyber attacks. We just hope they don’t escalate to full blown war.

What do you think about this morning’s cyber attacks? Let us know in the comments below.

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The former Congressman and husband to Hillary Clinton aide, Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner is in big trouble again. This time it involves his son.

Over the past 19 months, Anthony Weiner has been sending sexual pictures and texts to a woman that isn’t his wife, but he took it too far.

Anthony Weiner sent a picture of him in his underwear to the woman, but what was different about this picture is that it also featured his young son. Weiner’s unsuspecting sleeping son was laying on his father while the father sent a picture.

Over the 19 months, Weiner sent texts that described his sexual fantasies and “playing with himself”, but when he spoke to the New York Post about the incident he said that the messages were “private and were always appropriate”.

Despite admitting the woman was his “fantasy chick’, he claims no wrong doing. The two never met in public although Weiner tried several times to set a meeting.

The incident broke over the weekend and by early this morning, Weiner’s Twitter account appeared to be offline.

This isn’t the first, or second time Weiner was caught with his pants down, this is the third sexting scandal.

The first scandal cost Weiner his job as an elected member of the House of Representatives after posting a picture of his wiener on this Twitter account.

In 2011 when this scandal broke, Anthony admitted to sending messages to six women.

Looking to make a comeback and being supported by his wife Huma Abedin, Weiner decided to run for mayor of New York. During the primary a woman named Sydney Leathers came forward and said that Weiner was up to his old tricks.

This time, Weiner was smart though. He used an alias, but of course he would pick something like “Carlos Danger”.

The scandal buried Weiner again and he finished with just 5% of the vote for the primary for the mayoral election.

Anthony Weiner makes the dumbest decisions and has the worst timing.

Anthony’s third strike is coming at a crucial time for Huma, Hillary and the campaign. Huma is caught up in the “pay-to-play” scandal between Hillary’s State Department and Clinton Foundation.

Hillary’s numbers are going down and right now she is currently tied with Donald Trump. The last thing the campaign needs is Huma’s husband sending underwear pictures with her child in the picture.

This could be as devastating as it is embarrassing for everyone involved. Could this be the third strike that gets Huma to leave her husband? Will she stand by him again? We think she will leave. This is the third strike and he’s out.

Rumors are coming out that Huma is going to leave him. Enough is enough, and really, who can blame her?

Even though her mentor Hillary Clinton has stayed with Bill through worse, Huma can’t take the humiliation.

What do you think about the new Anthony Weiner scandal? What is wrong with this guy? Let us know in the comments below.

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Free speech is under attack and the left is using Twitter to drown out the voices of conservatives.

Milo Yiannopoulos is a gay white man that is not liberal, and the left hates him. Milo is the Breitbart Tech editor and outspoken homosexual that stands with Trump.

Just minutes before Milo’s event, “Gays for Trump” kicked off at the Republican national Convention; he got the news that he was suspended from Twitter forever.

The permanent ban was supposedly because of “targeted abuse”. The thing is, he didn’t target or abuse anyone. He got into a little back and forth with Leslie Jones, the star of the new Ghostbusters movie, but it was the fans on Twitter that attacked her for being black. Milo didn’t attack her at all.

Here is what Milo said in a statement.

“With the cowardly suspension of my account, Twitter has confirmed itself as a safe space for Muslim terrorists and Black Lives Matter extremists, but a no-go zone for conservatives.”

“Twitter is holding me responsible for the actions of fans and trolls using the special pretzel logic of the left. Where are the Twitter police when Justin Bieber’s fans cut themselves on his behalf?”

“Like all acts of the totalitarian regressive left, this will blow up in their faces, netting me more adoring fans. We’re winning the culture war, and Twitter just shot themselves in the foot.”

“This is the end for Twitter. Anyone who cares about free speech has been sent a clear message: you’re not welcome on Twitter.”

Milo makes a good point. Twitter has not done enough, or hardly anything, to stop ISIS from recruiting members on Twitter and using the platform to coordinate attacks.

Twitter doesn’t ban the people that say they want to #KillTrump or the people that want to kill cops.

Twitter has been flooded with anti-police tweets and people celebrating when cops died in Dallas and Baton Rouge. Those people are still on Twitter.

It is clear Liberals don’t know how to react when a minority defends conservative thought, but this is the wrong way. Banning free speech is wrong.

Twitter is in a tough spot in more ways than one. The company is financially unstable and is failing as a stand-alone company. Twitter is expected to be acquired by another larger company by the end of the year. If Twitter is not purchased, it won’t last much longer.

If Twitter continues to ban conservatives for reviewing a movie while allowing people to cheer for dead cops and to join ISIS, then they have much bigger issues than money.

What do you think about Twitter and how they support liberal causes while silencing conservatives? Let us know in the comments below.

Here is Milo’s speech at the Gays For Trump. It is a rough video.

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dirty cops

Miami resident Claudia Castillo is no saint, but she was bold enough to chase down a speeding cop on a Miami highway who was cruising home at 100 miles per hour.

With her cell phone camera rolling, Castillo, followed the police officer, Daniel Fonticiella, flashing her lights behind him until he pulled over.

Once the cop stopped, she starts to tell him, “The reason I pulled you over today . . .”

Hilariously bold.

And Castillo wasn’t even drunk.

Fonticiella apologized to the women for his recklessness. Castillo published the video on YouTube and filed a complaint with the Miami police.

Union cops didn’t find any humor or respect for Castillo’s “good citizen” actions.

Instead, the Miami Fraternal Order of Police actually published Claudia’s personal cell phone number and business card on their twitter feed. They have since removed the post but also cited Claudia’s driving record and posted a picture of her in a bikini.

The Twitter feed representing Miami’s union cops also posted this ominous tweet, insinuating that Claudia Castillo will no longer get the life-and-death support of the police.

The outcry and self righteousness display by a representative of Miami’s Fraternal Order of Police is reprehensible by any account.

The post brings further attention to the “righteous indignation” that is displayed by local police, including the Manitowoc’s Sheriff’s office who many believed framed Wisconsin man Steven Avery for the murder of a local woman.

Avery previously served 18 years in prison after the Manitowoc police incorrectly pinned a sexual assault on him. He was eventually found innocent and released . . . but now remains in prison for a murder many say he did not commit.

Miami’s Claudio Castillo is cautioned to watch her back. If union police representatives are willing to publish her personal photos and cell phone number on a social network, they’re not above targeting her with an even more outrageous act.

Here’s Claudia’s video:

Comment below.


Environmental Disaster

The feds believe that spending $200,000 on a video game that focuses on the importance of clean water can be a total game changer...