Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Vice President

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Tim Kaine

Tim Kaine is the safest choice for a running mate for Hillary. He speaks Spanish, has a history of a hands on approach to racial reconciliation, and is generally known as a good guy. So, he pretty much exemplifies everything that Hillary isn’t. Considering how while governor he shirked the hand off approach of his predecessor, we can only assume that he’ll do the same to the position of Vice President, a title that is usually a career killer and known for its lame duck responsibilities.

What can we expect from this man who seems to be as interesting as a stack of carpet swatches? We’ve done a little homework and found that Kaine may be boring, but for Hillary, he makes the perfect lapdog, like a sleepy toy poodle.


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VP Pick

Last week was a horrible week in America, and for a brief time period, we all focused on the five fallen officers in Dallas.

As we move forward from that tragic event, people are focusing back in on the elections as Donald Trump plans to make his VP pick this week.

Donald Trump spoke to the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday and announced that he has narrowed it down to three potential candidates.

The final three are Indiana Governor Mike Pence, former Speaker Newt Gingrich and surprisingly, Chris Christie is still one of his top picks.

Donald Trump recognizes his lack of political experience and wants to have a running mate that has experience as a governor and a leader.

Donald likes Chris Christie because he is a tough guy and Trump even called him a “fighter”. Chris Christie is also the first of the GOP primary opponents to back Trump during the campaign.

Governor Mike Pence could be the front-runner according to some close to Trump. Pence is relatively unknown to the masses, but again Trump likes his “fighting spirit” and he could be fresh face with a lot of experience.

Mike Pence has been on the campaign trail this week with Donald Trump in what some are calling a tryout.

His last pick of this top three is Newt Gingrich. The former Speaker is a guy that knows how to fight the Clintons. He did it in the 1990’s.

Newt is a smart guy and some of the top GOP donors and members are pushing Trump to take Newt.

With the GOP Convention starting next week, Donald Trump said he will make a decision and announce his VP pick before the weekend. Most people close to the campaign, think the decision will happen Friday.

This is a big moment for Trump. He is closing the gap on Hillary in the polls and the right VP choice could really help bring new people to his camp. This is a big decision.

Who do you think Trump should pick? Take the poll below and then let us know why you picked that person in the comments below.

Who do you think Trump should pick for his running mate?

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Vice President

Donald Trump has eliminated all 16 other GOP candidates for president and all he needs now is to be given the nomination at the convention in July.

Now that Trump has solidified his run in the fall for president, the world is trying to guess who he will pick for his VP. Donald has said he wants someone loyal and who is political. Loyalty is hard to find in politics so it is going to be tough finding the right person.

After poring through news reports and comments by the Trump campaign, Liberty News Now has put together a list of 12 real potential candidates for Trump’s vice presidential pick.

Look through the list and let us know at the end who you think will be Trump’s VP.


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Ivanka Trump

It would be a brazen and bold move by presidential contender, Donald J. Trump, to name his own daughter, Ivanka Trump, as his running mate in 2016, but what’s new in the world of Trump?

The Trump campaign has been putting the attractive 34 year-old business woman by his side throughout the campaign.

Ivanka appeared by his side in a Saturday Night Live appearance and now the Trump campaign us running ads featuring the daughter in Iowa.

The former model, born in Manhattan, will turn 35 in 2016, making her an eligible running mate.

As the Executive Vice President of Development and Acquisitions for the Trump Organization, Ivanka has built a name for herself with the help of her father, appearing on countless episodes of The Apprentice over the years.

And it’s clear her father has no issues with nepotism.

In December, Trump joked about naming his daughter for the slot saying, “I’m thinking about making Ivanka vice president.” Trump quickly added, “I’m kidding, I’m kidding.”

Maybe not so much.

Earlier last year, Trump gave his thumbs up to a female VP stating, “Having a woman as a running mate is certainly a consideration. A very good consideration,” Trump told the Chicago Sun-Times. “It would be something I would strongly consider.”

But Trump is not alone.

A following of support for Ivanka has emerged on Twitter, generated mainly by her smitten followers.

Presidential candidates choose their running mates shortly before the party’s convention. While the vice presidential candidate must go through the nominating process, historically the candidate’s preferred “ticket” goes through and competes in the general election.


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