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The wife of the deputy director of the FBI who oversaw the Clinton email investigation was given a lot of money from this Clinton ally.

Terry McAuliffe, the Virginia Governor, is in some hot water again for helping the Clintons.

First he made it so felons could vote in the presidential election, potentially giving Hillary thousands of new voters.

Now McAuliffe is in trouble for giving the wife of the deputy director of the FBI $675,000 for her senate campaign.

Dr. Jill McCabe is the wife of the FBI deputy director, and a third of her campaign funds came from McAuliffe’s own personal Super PAC and from the Virginia Democratic Party.

McAuliffe gave $467,500 to McCabe’s campaign and the Virginia Democratic Party, which is heavily influenced by McAuliffe, gave an additional $207,788 in support.

McAuliffe said he gave because he thought McCabe would be a good state senator. Despite losing the election to Republican Dick Black, her husband still had his job to do.

Mr. McCabe became the deputy director of the FBI and was put in charge of Hillary’s email scandal.

McCabe was involved in the investigation that did not recommend criminal charges to the DOJ for Hillary’s “reckless” attention to classified information.

McCabe’s wife isn’t the only one to see a bunch of money come from the Clintons; James Comey’s brother is paid by the Clinton Foundation to audit their books.

There is no smoking gun right now proving that the FBI did something wrong, but there is a lot of money surrounding the top investigators. At the very least it seems to be a blatant case of conflicts of interest. Conflicts of interest happen a lot around the Clintons.

Do you think the money was a pay off? Let us know in the comments below.

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voter fraud

Hillary picked Tim Kaine to help her win Virginia, but with a widespread epidemic of voter fraud in his state, she apparently doesn’t need his help.

Just last week we ran an article that pointed out at least 20 cases of dead people showing up on the Virginia registration lists.

Now we have discovered that at least 1,046 voters in just eight localities had non-U.S. citizens on the registration lists as well.

Most of these people registered in Virginia since it is a state that does not require voters to offer proof of citizenship when registering.

The irregularities show that many of these 1,046 voters voted in the last two presidential elections. In 2008 and 2012 they voted for Obama.

Coincidentally, Tim Kaine was the Governor of Virginia during the 2008 election and Chairman of the Democratic National Committee during the 2012 election.

The report released by the Virginia Voters Alliance exposed the voter fraud, but also shows that this might just be the tip of the iceberg.

In the report, only eight areas were inspected and all eight had issues.

The evidence that voter fraud is happening in Virginia is undeniable at this point, but how extreme and widespread is it?

Just recently, the Governor of Virginia restored the right to vote for over 200,000. Most felons are Democrats so it gives the left a greater advantage.

Virginia is a major swing state and if Hillary loses the home state of her running mate Tim Kaine, then she would most likely lose the election.

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With October starting and Halloween coming, it makes sense that dead people in key battleground states are registering to vote.

Virginia is turning into a big battleground state. Hillary picked Tim Kaine from Virginia to help carry the state, but now she might need some more help.

The polls are getting close in the Commonwealth and so far, investigators have found at least 20 potentially fraudulent registrations. In other words, 20 dead people have registered to vote.

The Republican Virginia House Speaker William Howell said, “Often times we hear our Democrat colleagues suggest that voter fraud doesn’t exist in Virginia or is a myth. Well it does indisputably exist.”

Details are scarce after a family member of a dead man went to the authorities after she noticed that the deceased registered to vote.

The FBI is investigating, but not only in Virginia.

Colorado has had a slew of dead people register to vote recently. Colorado is also a state that Hillary is losing ground in as well. It will be a close state that comes down to the wire.

There are more and more cases of voter fraud popping up this year and hopefully the feds can get it under control before the election.

Do you think they will? Let us know in the comments below.

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Remember that Mayor from Canada that was arrested for doing crack? Well, we can’t make fun of Canada (for that) anymore, because we have our own druggie mayor.

Richard “Scott” Silverthorne is the mayor of the City of Fairfax Virginia, near Washington DC, and he was arrested for allegedly giving an undercover detective methamphetamine in exchange for a sexual “encounter”.

Silverthorne was at the swanky Crown Plaza Hotel in Tysons Corner when he was arrested.

Back in July, a person told the police that the mayor was possibly providing meth for sexual acts with men. The meetings were arranged on a website that connected men with men.

The police pulled a Chris Hansen from To Catch A Predator, and created a fake profile on the website to attract the mayor.

It only took a couple of days for the mayor to take the bait and said he would trade meth for some sex acts. Of course the undercover detective agreed to meet.

On Thursday, the mayor showed up to the hotel with the meth and sexy expectations only to find the police there to arrest him.

Police have not identified the website nor have they released information about how long the mayor was trading drugs for sex.

This is one democrat that won’t get re-election… we hope.

How long should this man stay in jail? Let us know in the comments below.

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Donald Trump is not your average politician, we all know that, but even the most basic rule of politicians is to kiss babies and shake hands. Trump doesn’t follow the basic rules.

Trump shook some hands in Virginia at a rally, but instead of giving a baby a kiss, he kicked the crying child out. We think…

What just happened? Did he really just kick out a baby?

Was he upset or wasn’t he? Did he kick her out or didn’t he? Does he like babies or not?

Trump is a master “complicator”; he complicates communication when it doesn’t need to be confusing.

At the end it is apparent that he really did want the baby out.

If we are really honest with ourselves we would admit to wanting that baby to leave too if we were speaking. The only difference between most people in the world and Trump is that he actually says what he thinks. It doesn’t matter how inappropriate a thought might be, he runs with it.

When doing this, it is hard to get a read on what he really believes. Look at his exchange in Virginia, he was unclear and we are sure the mom didn’t know what to do.

Trump is a wild card. He is called racist by the left, but in his actual actions as a businessman and in the public life, he isn’t a racist at all.

He is a wild card because he can’t be bought. He likes to verbally attack people and what will happen when Kim Jong-Un mocks Trump? Will Trump respond by calling him names and start a war?

Who knows what a politician Trump will really be like, but there is a good chance we will find out soon enough. As long as he stops kicking out babies and Hillary keeps lying and more emails surface.

Just buckle up because it is going to be a bumpy ride to November. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments below.

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T.J. Williams was logged onto Facebook and streaming live while hanging out with two friends in a car listening to music when gunshots rang out.

As three young men described to be in their 20’s, were chilling in a parked car when a couple of unknown assailants shot at least 30 shots into the car.

T.J. was shot and dropped his phone trying to dodge the relentless firing. The entire event unfolded live on Facebook.

As the gunshots stopped, panic broke out. Neighbors shouted for help as others tried to comfort the three victims.

The shooting happened in Norfolk Virginia. The area is no stranger to violence, but seeing it live on Facebook really hit home for everyone.

The video recorded the paramedics that responded to the call. There were about a dozen neighbors heard trying to help in some way. The outpouring of support and care given to the victims was remarkable.

The video continued to stream for a full, two hours. It captured the entire crime. The visual evidence won’t help the police catch the shooters probably, but the audio should help.

This is a new age we are entering. Just about everyday we are hearing about a different crime that was streamed live online.

This crime was recorded totally by accident, and hopefully the video will help police make a swift apprehension and conviction.

At the time of publication, the names of the victims have not been given to the public. What we do know is that they sustained “significant injuries”, according to the police.

This tragic story is developing, so check back soon.

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Target has had its share of news recently. They got rid of gender colors and displays in the kids toy sections, they allow anyone to use any restroom they want, and now they are back in the news for a very unfortunate incident.

A Virginia father called police after his 11-year-old daughter was violated inside of a Target store in Fairfax, Virginia.

The father of the alleged victim claimed that a man inappropriately touched his daughter and the police were called in to investigate.

After reviewing the surveillance video, the police came up with a suspect and arrested him over the weekend.

Brendon Jennings Cordova, a 19-year-old, was arrested for the incident. Currently the police are looking into his background and trying to discover any other incidents like the one at Target.

The police are asking the public for any information regarding the suspect and if you happen to know of anything please call Fairfax County Police at (703) 691-2131.

Incidents like this are happening in Target more and more.

The new bathroom law that allows people to use the bathroom they identify with has caused a lot of controversy and incidents of children being molested inside Target stores is the last thing the company needs right now.

Do you think the crazies go to Target because they think it is safe, or could this incident have happened anywhere? Let us know in the comments below.

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At one time in February, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe said he wouldn’t rule out the possibility of becoming Hillary Clinton’s running mate. It broke late Monday that he is under criminal investigation by the FBI for illegal campaign donations.

The FBI is looking into donations to his 2013 campaign for governor and one in particular from an influential Chinese businessman who lives in the United States but is not a citizen.

The investigation is also focusing on the time Governor McAuliffe sat on the board of the Clinton Global Initiative. Think what you want, but there are no claims that the Clintons or the nonprofit organization did anything wrong.

Hillary said the same thing about her email over a year ago and they she is still under investigation.

The fact that the investigation into Terry McAuliffe started after the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server is suspicious, to say the least. Did the Hillary investigation help the FBI discover other criminal acts by her political allies?

Governor McAuliffe is a Democrat and carried a lot of clout in the Democratic Party. His name has even been thrown around as an option for a potential running mate for Hillary Clinton.

There are over 100 people who donated to both the Clinton Global Initiative that also donated to Terry McAuliffe.

Coincidentally, both Terry and Hillary are under a criminal investigation by the FBI. What do you think, is it all a coincidence or is all part of the same investigation? Let us know in the comments below.

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If you live in Virginia, the next time you get pulled over, instead of being written up by Officer Smith, you may face a code-named cop like “Maverick,” “Hawk,” or “Major Laser” who decides to fine you.

The Virginia State Assembly is considering a bill already passed by the Senate that will classify the names of police officers in the state.

Legislators pushing the move cite increased tension between the law enforcement community and the public, resulting in the need to classify the names of officers for further public safety.

Critics of the bill say that it goes against the principles of community policing which puts officers on the front lines in a positive manner. Advocates of community policing such as Spotsylvania Sheriff Roger Harris put a vast amount of time and resources into gaining the public’s trust and shifting the dynamic of “fearing” the police to seeing them as a positive resource in the community.

The move is sure to decrease trust in confidence among the public.

Other cops around the nation are doing the opposite such as Louisiana’s Capt. Clay Higgins who has become known as the “Cajun John Wayne.”

Higgins regularly posts to YouTube, calling out thugs and even telling them where they can meet him.

The increased exposure for Higgins has resulted in the public coming forward to help with locating fugitives and making the community safe.

There’s not doubt that Higgins is placing his safety on the line, but that’s what he signed up for and there’s no doubt this guy is down for a fight.

As for Virginia’s officers, if they want hide behind code names and badge numbers, the move will not only will be seen as cowardly, but will also further reduce the faith and confidence the community has in their efforts.

If they are not doing anything wrong, what’s there to hide?

Watch Higgins and action and Comment below.

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Culture War

Proponents of gay marriage and most of the LGBTQ community have failed to look at the core of their arguments for well over a decade. The result is, that instead of looking for equal treatment, they now demand preferential treatment.

Transgender bathrooms; demands for services that are not normally available and forcing business owners to do things outside of their comfort zone – that’s the new gay way.

But in Virginia, state legislators have had enough.

On Tuesday, the House of Delegates passed a bill that protects individuals and businesses that refuse service or tell people they don’t like to “get lost.”

Across the nation, a war dubbed the “Cake Wars” has lit up where bakers and photographers refuse service to gay couples getting married. Many businesses have lost their fight and several have shut down.

The position of the LGBTQ community is that they should not be discriminated against, but their argument is the equivalent of saying that a 12 year old lawn boy should be forced to mow the lawn of the town pedophile who peers at him through the window in his tightly-whiteys.

Business owners and individuals should be free to refuse business or associate with anyone.

That’s the free market.

Yes, even if it pertains to race.

The community has the power to respond be refusing to give business to owners who have bigoted or unnatural views of others.

The Virginia bill must still pass the State Senate and be signed by Democratic Clintonista, Governor Terry McAuliffe.

Comment below.


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