Taiwan Sides with North Korea over Sony Film Flap

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A video is going viral on YouTube produced by a group, “Taiwanese Animators.”

The video, watched nearly half a million times, is subtitled in English and pans fat Americans being duped by Hollywood. The video poses the question whether this entire fiasco was setup to put money into the pockets of Sony.

Sony Entertainment was hacked by what the FBI has confirmed as a crime originating from North Korea.

Over the weekend, North Korea denied involvement and demanded a joint investigation into the hack. The communist government threatened repercussions if the U.S. refused cooperation.

The video going viral now, is a clear indicator of how the United States is seen by least in Taiwan along with their admiration for the “great leader,” Kim Jung Un.

The United States provides over $2 million in direct economic aid to Taiwan each year. The Taiwanese government, now close with China over shared interests, holds $196 billion of the United State’s growing debt.

  • Yadja

    Ahhhhhhhh let Taiwan beware they need us if they are attacked.

    • Abacktoourrootsamerican

      They could have at least have English subtitles.
      And, yes, Taiwanese
      should beware unless they are waiting for Kim Jung-un to come to their
      rescue and that “ain’t” gonna happen; at least, not against the

      • Yadja

        How quickly they forget. If China decides to take them they have the best opportunity ever we have a little commie in the WH.

        But they have been too busy threatening the islands of the seas that are they byways for trade. He who owns the Seas Owns the World.

        • Jim M

          WATCH THE VIDEO before commenting.

          • Yadja

            I watched the video the article still claims Taiwanese connection with China etc.

            Maybe you should read the article.

          • Jim M

            The article is horseshit written by someone who didn’t watch the video either.

            The country of Taiwan didn’t produce the video. Some people from there did. That doesn’t mean the entire country agrees with what’s in the video.

            There is no attacking of the USA in the video.

            There IS attacking of Sony, but les you forget, Sony is a Japanese company, and most of Asia still has problems with Japan stemming from WWII.

            Finally, they DO make fun of Glorious Leader in it.

            The headline, and the article, are all horseshit. And no one besides me apparently actually watched the video.

          • Yadja

            LOLOL well with a country like America that has the Horses A$$ sitting in the highest position in our country I concede a few do not a country make.

            Might very well have been a hoax, who knows about anything anymore in the world.

  • Jim M

    Um, everything about that title, and what you wrote, is pretty misleading.

    Maybe everyone should WATCH THE VIDEO before commenting?

    Hahahaha, nahhhhhhhhh…