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Saturday Night Live has seen a ratings boost through the elections, but is the the constant bashing of the president Trump and his administration going too far?

The only memorable sketches coming from the NBC studio are ones that are politically charged. SNL doesn’t even know how to start a show anymore without attacking some aspect of Trump and his administration.

Some people love what Saturday Night Live is doing now, while a lot of other have started to tune out, but what do you think.

Is Saturday Night Live attacking Trump and his administration too much?

Let us know your thoughts below.

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Several American citizens remain captive overseas by hostile groups and governments around the world.

Unlike the hordes of criminal immigrants within the borders of the United States, our Americans being held overseas committed . . . at most . . . minor offences, if anything.

Twenty-two year old American, Otto Frederick Warmbier, is doing hard labor in a North Korea prison camp and is only one year into his 15-year sentence.

His crime? The University of Virginia student attempted to steal a propaganda sign from a hotel as a “trophy” for his student trip.

While Otto is likely being starved and forced to work in a harsh and cold prison, the United Nations is seeking $28.2 million from the United States to assist North Korea.

The funds would be in addition to $122 million the United Nations is providing the DPRK . . . and make no mistake, the United States Taxpayer is footing the bill for that $122 million as well.

North Korea and the United Nations are requesting the “emergency” funds due to massive flooding that killed at least 138 people and impacted 140,000 people.

Call me cold-hearted, but tough shit. That’s not our problem.

Our concern remains with Otto Frederick Warmbier.

One American man is worth the lives of 140,000 North Koreans.

While Otto made a poor decision to even visit North Korea, he is nothing more than a political prisoner being held by the chubby kid who currently leads the Hermit Nation.

Thirty-three year old Kim Jung-un is the “Supreme Leader” of North Korea and the obese child of MC Hammer wannabe Kim Jong-Il.

In between his obsession over a collection of pornography (reportedly the world’s largest), Kim Jong-Il was busy ignoring the basic needs of his people who were starving in the mud.

When Kim Jong-Il died in 2011, his youngest son took the helm with the only difference between the two being their personal obsessions. While the father was obsessed with Hollywood and porn, the son is interested in video games and basketball.

Both father and son share their irrational hatred of the United States.

When an opportunity arose to imprison a young American man, Kim Jung-un pounced on it knowing that President Obama would do nothing and the hostile act would been seen as a victory for North Korea.

A year later, there’s a new sheriff in town, and his name is Donald Trump.

If Trump walks the walk he has promised voters, Kim Jong-un would be wise to clean Otto up, put him on the next first class flight to America and give him the sign he stole with an autograph that says, “Sorry Donald, here’s your boy back.”

To send a Tweet to President Trump asking him to cut funding to the UN until Otto is freed, just click here.

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In case you missed this one, House Speaker Paul Ryan met with the press last week to discuss President Trump’s refugee ban.

The Speaker, who appeared a bit annoyed by the questions and the position he was placed in as an establishment politician that does not agree with Trump’s policies, let his true feelings slip as he left the room.

Watch the clip until the end and comment below.

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Before Lady Gaga took the stage on Sunday night for the Super Bowl halftime show, anxiety levels among conservatives were high with the expectation that the liberal performer would politicize her time in front of millions.

The concern was not unwarranted given Hollywood’s time hogging during awards speeches in order to bash President Trump and his policies.

But to the surprise of many, Lady Gaga, aside from one known lyric, was nearly apolitical, and arguably patriotic in her performance before the unwashed masses.

The lyric in question, from her song, “Born This Way” included the line, “no matter gay, straight, or bi, lesbian, transgendered . . .” wasn’t anything new as the song has been on repeat since its release in 2011.

While the lack of outrage in her performance raised some eyebrows among some in her fan base, even Out Magazine praised the performance as “light, upbeat and positive.”

For the controversy plagued National Football League, Gaga’s performance was a two-fer. Not only did the singer not cause any embarrassment to the league, the performance was reportedly free with costs only related to the production of the show. Lady Gaga supposedly was paid $0.

Despite the near-apolitical performance, Democrats read between lines in Gaga’s high-flying act to see what they thought were “hat tips” to their side.

Lady Gaga’s opening of “This Land is Your Land” was seen as clear support for Democrats as Nancy Pelosi has been singing it at her events.

Others saw the opposite in her performance:

Regardless of politics, it appears Lady Gaga has done what no one else has been able to do – entertain the nation without overtly taking sides.

Comment below.

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While comedian Melissa McCarthy’s Super Bowl ad for Kia was one of the favorite ads of the night, her best performance from the weekend was from another show, Saturday Night Live.

McCarthy appeared as White House Spokesman Sean Spicer and nailed the performance for what was one of the funniest skits of the season – which arguably is a very low bar with as Trump bashing takes priority over laughs for the producers.

Watch the clip above.

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And we thought he was gone.

Comedian Jon Stewart who built the Daily Show with his dry humor and fake news, appeared on Stephen Colbert’s new show to read off a batch of “Executive Orders.”

The skit, which is the most popular thing on YouTube today, shows the long-tied Stewart depicting . . . well, we really don’t know.

Watch above and comment below.

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Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz reacted to President Trumps temporary travel ban from refugees from seven nations by vowing to hire 10,000 refugees.

The move, which was clearly political in nature and designed from a supporter of Hillary Clinton, did not go over well with “red state” Americans.

One of those Americans is Evan Hafer, founder of Black Rifle Coffee Company.

Evan started out in the National Guard then transitioned to active duty as a Special Forces operator. The coffee lover then went civilian and contracted with the State Department and the CIA throughout the War on Terror.

Today, Evan and the veterans and patriots who work for him, are busy growing a coffee empire that draws away coffee lovers who don’t care for the “hipster” mentality of Starbucks and simply want to enjoy a strong cup of coffee without the pretense of Italian-named brews and cup-sizes.

While Starbucks sells Cascara Latte’s and Espresso Con Panna’s, Black Rifle Coffee Company sells roasts that go by the name, “Caffeine and Hate”, “Blackbeard’s Delight”, and “Murdered Out.”

Following Starbuck’s announcement about their refugee hiring plan, Black Rifle announced on a social media channel, “Black Rifle Coffee Vows to Hire 10,000 Veterans.”

We had to edit the original… We want to shift the conversation away from foreign policy to domestic issues that hit closer to home. We need to keep in mind that the four things we care about at BRCC are Family, Business, Veterans and country. And when we say "country", the taxpayers. Everyone else can take a hike. [email protected]

A photo posted by Black Rifle Coffee Company (@blackriflecoffee) on

While BRCC is unlikely to have a need for 10,000 new employees this year, the commitment to hiring veterans is not new and has been a bedrock of their hiring practices since Evan founded the company, “Black Rifle Coffee has [always] vowed to hire Veterans and Patriots, we didn’t adopt this vow on the heels of anything to drive a bullshit touchy feely false sales projection!”

While Starbucks hipsters may say that Black Rifle Coffee is a gimmick, for those who have tried their roasts, those would be fighting words as the coffee (and this author has consumed BRCC on more than one occasion), is exceptional and as fresh as shipped coffee can be.

For those veterans looking to work hard for a paycheck, they can apply by emailing [email protected]

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While nostalgic Americans will cringe at the thought of cutting out a government operation that has been broadcasting “freedom” for 75 years, the time may have passed for Voice of America (VOA) as a government-funded institution.

VOA is America’s propaganda network for the rest of the world. It is one arm of the “Broadcasting Board of Governors” (BBG), which is funded by a $751 million allocation that is approved each year by Congress.

VOA’s budget is $218.5 million of the $751 million each year.

The BBG’s stated goals using Voice of America contains talking points like:

Countering Russian Aggression in Europe and Around the Globe
Invest in Africa’s Future
Deepen Cooperation in the Americas
And “International Order”

How do they do this?

Through Voice of America, that claims over 2,500 affiliate stations and a weekly viewing audience of 236 million, they mix popular culture of each nation’s interests with “American” news.

However, dependent upon the partisan interests of any given administration, the definition of “American” varies greatly.

They have been accused of airing interviews that serve as recruitment tools for terrorists and regularly report on issues such as “Black Lives Matter” and liberal protests.

A headline on VOANews.com just this week directed viewers to a segment of an interview on the “90 Day Travel Ban” that interviews a Somali presidential candidate and others with a sympathetic view.

VOA then aired the complaints of the Muslim group, CAIR.

What began as a voice of freedom to the world through a form of propaganda, has turned into a taxpayer-funded voice of dissent against American policy objectives.

Time to defund?

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When President Trump imposed a temporary ban on travel from seven nations that lack vetting assistance from their respective governments, he and his advisors left out the nations with the most Muslims in their population.

Indonesia with 209 million Muslims, Bangladesh with 134 million Muslims, India with 167 million Muslims and Pakistan with 176 million Muslims were left off of the list.

The nations included on the “banned” list were Syria, Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Somalia.

The nations are known as hotbeds for terrorism and ironically, all but Somalia banned entry within their borders of any Israeli nationals.

But when it comes to the Hollywood liberals, facts like that simply don’t matter.

Powered by the Corporate Media, Hollywood celebrities, like Sen. Chuck Schumer, tearfully decry the executive action by Donald Trump as a “Muslim Ban.”

While you’ve likely seen the rants that took place at the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards over the weekend, here are a few others to view:

The View host Joy Behar positively reported that she’s lost a few pounds over the stress of the Muslim Ban:

Arrrnold, who played a Republican Governor, thinks the move is “crazy”:

Brit and host of the Late-Late Show, James Corden, pre-taped his shows for the week and headed back to London in disgust (hopefully Trump will ban his reentry):

Pothead “actor” and Obama staffer Kal Penn and took advantage of a “mean” social media comment and raised half a million dollars for “Syrian refugees”:

The most entertaining post on the Muslim Ban comes from the “Liberal Redneck” who, of course, you can only find on YouTube:

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During a weekend of protests after President Trump’s decision to limit travel from known terrorist states, protesters attempted to takeover an airport in Portland Oregon.

As the crowd literally rushed through the airport doors, a lone Trump supporter stood in their way and was immediately knocked out by one of the protesters.

He remained unconscious for minutes after the assault while protesters mocked him by saying, “That’s right Nazi boy, whose your f’ing Fuhrer now, bitch!”

The attack was captured on tape and posted to YouTube.


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