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Officer Collin Rose, 29, was shot and killed while responding to different larceny calls in the area just off the Wayne State University campus in Detroit.

Rose was shot in the head and died when he attempted to stop a suspect. The suspect, DeAngelo Davis is now in custody and being charged with first-degree murder. –

Rose didn’t survive the shooting, but his K-9 partner, Wolverine lived and is now struggling with the death of his partner.

It was Wolverine that lead the procession into the massive Ford Field as hundreds of people came to pay their respects to the fallen officer on Wednesday.

The killing of such a well-liked officer was difficult for the community, but it was his partner, Wolverine that took it especially hard.

Wolverine had a hard time seeing his partner in the casket and tried to pull away according to reports. Officers and their K-9 partners create incredible bonds, and it was visibly stressful and difficult for Wolverine to lose his partner.

Wolverine wasn’t alone, the K-9 Unit came out in full force with over 100 other dogs to support and honor their fellow fallen officer, Collin Rose.

Rose also left behind a girlfriend he wanted to marry and is the third police officer killed in Detroit in less than two months.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help with the funeral expenses for the Rose family that reached the goal of $70,000 in one week. –

Do you have any stories of the bond between man and his best friend? Share with us in the comments below.

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Since Donald Trump joined the race for President, the American people have learned a lot about the billionaire businessman.

What we are learning now is that Trump does impersonations, and this is the best one.

Trump is playful and he looks like he is having fun and that is a stark contrast to most still shots of Hillary’s face in the past couple of months.

If it does come down to Trump vs Hillary for President, I think we are going to start seeing a lot more of these impersonations.

Possibly even Trump’s best Hillary coughing impersonation. We’re pretty sure that one is coming soon.

One thing is for sure: Hillary is scared of the Donald and does not want to face him or his attacks this fall.

Did you think Hillary wants to face these kinds of attacks from Donald Trump in the general election? Let us know in the comments.

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Do you think the GOP should nominate someone or should Donald Trump’s millions of votes count for something?

In a recent interview, the Republican frontrunner for the presidential nomination started opening up to his thoughts on having a brokered convention.

Donald Trump says that the millions of people who voted him should mean something to the Republican National Committee.

If Donald Trump fails to get the 1,237 delegates before the convention, do you think the GOP should ignore his voters and nominate someone else?

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San Francisco State University was home to an incident where a racist African American woman tells a white man that he can’t have a hairstyle because it is part of “her” culture.

The African American woman made her point, but then she tried to block the young man from leaving. She then grabbed him a couple of times.

The young man is Cory Goldstein, and after the event he filed a police report. He is reported saying he doesn’t want to press charges, but would like to have a “respectful discussion” regarding his hair and the meaning of dreadlocks.

Cory has had dreadlocks since he was 17 and he said, “They are powerful and helped amplify myself and helped me connect to this world,” as reported by local KGO-TV.

The incident is now being investigated by the University, which released the following statement:

“San Francisco State University promotes the rights of the campus community to engage in free speech, but does not condone behavior that impedes the safety or well-being of others. We are taking the matter seriously and will promptly and thoroughly investigate this incident through applicable University channels, including our campus student conduct procedures.”

This type of thing is happening more and more. White people are being called racist while at the exact same time are actually the victims of racism. And if you are a Trump supporter you are automatically deemed a racist, even if you are black or Latino.

Our country better clam down or this so called “race war” is going to turn into a real thing.

What are your thoughts of racism in America?

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Susan Sarandon is an actress and has been a very vocal supporter of Democrats, but this year she is seeing something different.

During an interview with Chris Hayes on MSNBC, the Hollywood star went into politics and shocked the Hillary supporting reporter.

When asked if she thought Bernie Sanders’ voters have come to despise Hillary and if she gets the nomination they won’t support her in the general election, Susan responded with, “That’s a legitimate concern because they are very passionate and very principled.”

The reporter is shocked and can’t understand why Democratic Party fans of Bernie won’t rally behind Hillary, but Susan sets him strait. She explains why Hillary doesn’t believe in what Bernie believes in because she has taken money from Wall Street, Monsanto and fracking companies, and she doesn’t even fight for a $15 minimum wage.

Susan points out the fact that Hillary is part of the status quo and the status quo isn’t working.

The MSNBC reporter who is clearly behind his station in promoting the “greatness” of Hillary Clinton at any opportunity was shut down time after time by the former Dead Man Walking star.

The differences between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are many. Bernie makes Hillary shift her policies more to the left than she is comfortable with and he is winning in many respects.

Bernie has won ten out of the last twelve primaries and is poised to win a lot of the more liberal leaning states coming up. But will it matter?

Simply, no! The Clinton machine is going to win the nomination one way or another. The Super Delegates will side with Clinton because they have a great long-standing relationship and Hillary will make sure she takes care of them.

Bernie just wants them to vote for the candidate that the people vote for, but that doesn’t seem like it is going to happen.

Everyone is talking about how bad the Republican convention could be in selecting a nomination with the battle for Trump to win the delegate count outright. If he doesn’t, we are going to see a brokered convention where anything could happen.

On the left, though, things could be much worse. If the majority of the people who vote select Bernie, and he is then snubbed by the Democratic elite and Hillary is given the nomination, then the Democratic Party could fracture as well.

This election season is really heating up and it is going to go down in history one way or another.

What do you think? Will both parties have crazy convention this year? Let us know in the comments.

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Leave it to a late night talk show host to rationalize the candidacy of Ohio Governor John Kasich.

Jimmy Kimmel did Kasich a massive favor by producing a compelling ad that appeals to those who can’t sway toward Trump or Cruz.

Watch and comment.

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Two ladies were rocking out with their boom box and minding their own business when neighbors asked them to turn down the music. The request wasn’t too out of line, considering they were all on a plane.

The two women decided that they didn’t care and turn up the music. Even waived the boom box in the air as an act of defiance. They asked, “What are you going to do?” to one of the annoyed passengers.

Tight spaces, tight security, bad peanuts and the rude behavior caused three other women, coincidentally in very tight pants, to lose it.

While the plane was pulling up to the LAX gate from the long flight from Baltimore, which is when the punches started being thrown.

The five women went at it. Throwing hail Marys, pulling hair and screaming at each other was the best way they all decided to resolve their problems.

The fight attendants were able to pull them off of each other before anyone got seriously hurt.

Local authorities and the FBI were waiting for the future MMA fighters at the gate and decided to have a little chat. All parties were released and as of this publication, nobody was charged.

The video of the fight is going viral so even though they just arrived in LA, the home of Hollywood, they are enjoying their fifteen minutes of Internet fame.

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Last night Donald Trump put on an event to thank the voters from Mississippi and Michigan and something happened. It was a different Trump. See for yourselves.

Last night the Trump Train continued to steam through the GOP primary in what has become a historical and unprecedented campaign. Hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of broadcast hours have been dedicated to mock, marginalize and downright make fun of Donald Trump. It hasn’t worked.

Standing on a stage with 10 American flags standing in front of a presidential blue backdrop, Trump held and event to discuss his wins from Tuesday’s voting.

Trump has become both loved and hated for his brash demeanor on stage and with interviews. He makes fun of people who attack him and he doesn’t sound like any president we have ever had in America.

That mold was shattered on Tuesday night when he spoke to members and supporters at Trump National Golf Club in Florida. His voice was calm, he was poised and he thanked a lot of people to start his speech.

His tenacity was still there, his confidence was still there, but with his tone and the way he delivered this speech, it is clear that Donald Trump is turning a corner.

No longer is Trump worried about rising to the top out of 17 GOP candidates, but now he is shifting his focus to the general election. His on stage persona is toning it down and getting more inline with the real Donald Trump.

There were a lot of candidates that looked presidential during the primary, but most of them are gone and Trump’s personality has solidified himself as the frontrunner.

Now it looks as he is going to work to bring the party together and that starts with a change from Trump. Toning down the anti-GOP rhetoric and he did that last night. Speaking very highly and complementary of Speaker Paul Ryan, and calling for the party to rally behind Trump’s leadership.

Trump is without a doubt bringing in new people to vote republican for the first time, and if he can continue to move towards the path of “looking” more presidential, then we might see the GOP party rally behind Trump.

It that happens, then there is no way Hillary would be able to stop the Trump Train. Heck, she can’t even stop coughing.

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In between going to Black Panther parties and studying Alinsky, young student Chelsea volunteers at a phone bank for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.

After a night of calling, the young woman had a real, tear-filled breakdown that she recorded and posted to Facebook.

Bernie’s data operation is clearly deficient as she ended up speaking to many supporters of Donald Trump who she described as “sick people” who believe the South won the Civil War.

Chelsea’s state of shock is normal for those who live in Rainbow Land.

From the communist manifesto of Cam Brady:

Please come with me to Rainbow Land.
Where unicorns are made of fudge and cotton candy,
And everything is free.

Chelsea quickly found out that Trump supporters “DO NOT want to live in Rainbow Land” and she can’t make them “live in Rainbow Land!”

Watch the tears flow and comment below.

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Captain Clay Higgins of St. Landry Parish in Louisiana has a new nickname; they call him “Cajun John Wayne.”

The cop has gained national notoriety for his videos calling out criminals and thugs who are stirring up trouble in his community.

The latest video, targeting the “Gremlin” street gang, was nothing less than a challenge for the thugs to “come at” the cop.

While Americans may laugh at the video, including late night host Jimmy Fallon, the Gremlins are no laughing matter.

For nearly the last decade, members of the Gremlins have made a literal living off of terrorizing St. Landry and surrounding areas. They deal in guns and drugs like typical thugs but take it a step further with home invasions, shake downs and intimidation.

Watch and comment below:


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