Do White Lives Matter?

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Black Lives Matter

As the wave of racial tension rises due to the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, the mantra “Black Lives Matter” has evolved into a rapidly growing movement.

The newly formed organization has mixed race, economic status, gender and gender identity to support shocking figures.

They claim that . . .

. . . every 28 hours a “black man, woman, or child is murdered by police or vigilante law enforcement.”

. . . 25% of “black American women live in poverty.”

. . . 35 years is the average life expectancy of a “black transgendered woman.”

The organization also has a list of demands that include forcing the federal government to discontinue supply of military weapons and equipment to local law enforcement and a call on Eric Holder to “release the names of all officers involved in killing black people within the last five years.”

What this group does leave out is the reality of crime statistics.

While the African American population only accounts for 14.1% of the population (including those who identify as “mixed”), they account for 28.1% of all reported crimes.

Even more shocking, according to a 2012 report by the FBI, African Americans are responsible for 49.4% of all reported murders and 32.5% of all reported rapes and 54.9% of all reported robberies.

While the government does a very poor job of tracking crime and victim by race, the Department of Justice does release a victimization study in which the results are even more shocking.

In the same reported year, 2012, nearly 1.5 million “whites” were victims of “serious violent victimization.”

African Americans accounted for 372,973 of victims of serious violent crimes in 2012.

In doing that math, that means that 75% of victims of violent crimes are White while 38.5% of those arrested for violent acts are black.

White Americans represent 77.7% of the population, and are responsible for 58.7% of all known violent offenses and 75% of the victims of violent crimes.

Black Americans represent 14.1% of the population, and are responsible for 38.5% of all known violent offenses and 25% of the victims of violent crimes.

There is a significant amount of disparity there. One could argue that African Americans are unfairly targeted or prosecuted more aggressively than Whites, however those arguments could go on for days due to so many factors that the government fails to measure.

The reality is that deaths caused by law enforcement average 400 per year while over 400,000 violent crimes occur with 8,500 of them being homicides in 2012.

While those chanting the mantra, “Black Lives Matter” are justified in their outrage, that nation as a whole should be chanting “All Lives Matter” while looking for a way to reign in crime that is disproportionately committed by the black community.

This is an issue that few want to address due to the fears of being labeled a “racist” by examining numbers, but it’s a conversation that President Obama along with black leaders like Al Sharpton need to have.

Morgan Mayhew
Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.
  • J.B. Young

    All lives matter! The police are not the ones doing all the killing.

  • Gail Cohen

    Facts do not matter – the leaders in these “movements” are Marxist/Communist and will lie and twist statistics for their own ends. And the endgame is a Communist dictatorship – if people do not wake up and start looking for truth instead of agendas it will come sooner than we think – it is very close now.

    • Yadja


    • cactus joe

      the most worrisome “Agenda” on the horizon is “Agenda 21” which will establish the Unites Nations as the ruling body of the worlds population.

    • Hall Rick

      You are correct and this did not start with obama ,it started back with the weather underground and bill ayers revenge for his wife being put in prison. Obama is his tool, to divide and to destroy the goverment today. On a recent Tv interview with megan Kelly ,he clearly stated that the goverment of this country is the problem. his feelings and beliefs have not changed and with obamas help ,who feels the same way,bill ayers can bring down this once great country.

    • shamu9

      Welfare will STOP Then!! Commies don’t pay Slackers to Smoke Dope and Breed more of their ILK!

  • Yadja

    Lives that matter today are those with money and those with clout and those who can make a political statement so let us be honest here.

  • Actually the numbers are not correct. the African population is about 10%, not 14,1%, and it is dropping. Also, blacks are responsible for 90% of the violent crimes. Blacks are 7 1/2 times more likely to commit a violent crime against whites than whites against blacks. Also, at an average, blacks will rape 100 white women a day in the U.S. white’s do not rape. Even the FBI says this. It is so small that the FBI has no statistics for it, Also, there are other variables involved, which make white rape rare.

  • Statistics can be argued endlessly so I don’t get into that. But I see more crime everyday in large eastern cities or places like LA, San Francisco and Seattle. These large metro areas have a higher percentage of non white population. The two go together. Why is that? People have collected in urban areas because that is where most of the jobs are. But now there are more people without jobs and have nowhere else to go. No jobs means that these people have no other way of gaining financial support except through crime. Thus they engage in it daily. The police the get involved with criminals who are armed with mostly illegal firearms and shootings occur. Meanwhile the police get edgy when trying to arrest someone in such racially charged and poor neighborhoods and shootings occur. I see no end to this situation anytime soon unless those living in these less than desirable places either move away or change their attitude and become more responsible citizens. But poverty drives them and the rest of the nation does not care enough to help correct the situation. I see plenty of black people and even more Hispanics lately who are moving up the food chain. They are taking charge of their lives and are now living better than many others. That means that no minority group is less capable of moving up in society if they apply themselves. That is the real game changer. The poor in this country have the same opportunities for education and become better citizens if they choose to do so. The issue is that they don’t.

  • slypuffers

    “Black Privilege” started with LBJ’s socialist Great Society….40+ Trillion later, we have today………..sweethearts.

  • Lorraine E

    And who is responsible for labeling those who they decide are in opposition to their agenda as “racist”? The lying CFR corporate media. They twist the truth, omit facts which don’t fit with their agenda, and broadcast outright lies. Read “The Invisible Government” by Dan Smoot.


    There is no question that a Leninist revolutionary cadre of white decadents and black militants, in collaboration with the Marxist oligarchy attempting to establish a permanent dictatorial regime and with the assistance of a worldwide mohammedan crusade aiming for hegemony, have embarked upon a war against anglophone Judeo-Christian European-Americans. The people who settled the continent, founded the nation and have worked and fought and died for it from 1607 to 2009 are to be displaced, dispossessed and decimated if not exterminated, and replaced by an obedient proletariat imported from central america. A national self-defense struggle for our cultural, political, economic and even physical survival may be necessary sooner rather than later.

  • Sgt. York

    Why in the hell don’t they and the damn media speak up on black on black murders do these lives not matter ? Bham Al for an example has a nightly murder with out marches Alanta ga the same. The race riots are a cover up for ovomits stay in power plan.