Whole Foods Looted in Berkeley Riots

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Berkely Riots
Photo courtesy of Jessie Lau

It was only a matter of time before rioting began in Berkeley, California over the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

The town, known for leading the nation in socialist policies, began to see the damage of outraged citizens over the weekend who protested under the mantra, “No Justice, No Peace.”

In stark contrast to rioting and looting in Ferguson and New York, the Berkeley protesters took the opportunity to loot their local Whole Foods and Radio Shacks.

There’s no word if the local Birkenstock dealer has been the victim of yuppie looting.

Police deployed tear gas on a crowd of 500 that marched along MLK Jr. Way.

In response, protesters pelleted law enforcement officers from the California Highway Patrol with projectiles and even with what has been described by police as an explosive.

The rioting that has resulted in widespread damage to the town, could not even be stopped by the Dalai Lama who visited Berkeley over the weekend.

Berkeley which was a haven for protests and riots in the 60’s hasn’t seen a good looting in quite some time.

One of the most significant protests took place in September of 1964 when 1,500 students occupied Sproul Hall in protest of the expulsion of an activist student. 773 of the students were arrested.

  • Wiseguy

    Protesting against violence with violence. These are insane thugs.

  • jyuma

    All Looters should be Shot. That would STOP the Looting.I do not care that people protest. I do care when they break the Law. Violence CAN ONLY be Stop by Stronger Violence. May be you will live Long enough to find that OUT.
    Ex. If I walked up to you told you to give me All your Money, Care keys, Girl or boy friend.With a Base Ball Bat in my hand, what would you DO? Mind you more people are Killed in this country every year BY Base Ball Bats than another instrument. FBI (stats.) The reason that we are having all this Stuff[better word to use than Shit] is for ONE reason. There were two people that had so LOW regard for Law , Rules Or any thing or any one but themselves they DID NOT obey the Law, or Lawful orders of or by a Law enforcement Officer. That AND only that is what got them Kill.

  • Charlotte

    These people don’t give a fat rats back side about what white done what to what black all they care about is distorting what some poor black or white person has worked day and night for who knows how many years to give there family a better life.

  • Elisabeth

    Ok, I just had to laugh out loud at some of your lines, all seriousness aside. Sometimes you just got to laugh about it and your Birkenstock line was hilarious