Will the Senate reject Loretta Lynch?

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Will Lynch get the votes?

Loretta Lynch, Barack Obama’s choice to replace Eric Holder as America’s attorney general, might not have the votes to get confirmed by Congress.

Right now, just days before her nomination goes to the Senate floor, she has only 50 votes on her side, the bare minimum needed for confirmation–so bare, in fact, that it would even require Vice President Joe Biden to break a tie.

Worse, Republicans who previously committed their support are beginning to turn away from her–and many more could follow over the next few days, which would scuttle her nomination.

Some of the anxiety comes from their lingering anger towards outgoing attorney general, Eric Holder. Holder had a famously acrimonious relationship with Congress, becoming the first attorney general in American history to be held in Contempt of Congress for refusing to sufficiently answer questions related to the Fast and Furious debacle.

But most Republicans are outraged at her stance on immigration–she believes Barack Obama’s executive orders on amnesty are legal.

“I think it’s a big issue,” Sen. Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia explained. “I think that’ll weigh on the decision that I would make too.”

Capito has not yet made her decision on whether to confirm or reject Lynch’s nomination.

Sen. Lamar Alexander from Tennessee, who is also undecided, had even more pointed criticism: He’s “deeply concerned about her refusal to put limits on the president’s executive power” on issues like immigration.

Despite Republican opposition, Lynch currently has just enough votes to get confirmed–if Joe Biden steps in–but, either way, this confirmation fight will be a nailbiter.

Adam Campbell
Adam Campbell is a former military brat, who grew up all over the world--but considers Milwaukee, WI, where he and his wife currently live, to be his home. He enjoys reporting the real news, without bias.
  • John

    Lynch should NOT be AG! In fact she should NOT be in our
    government at all! If obama is for it, America should be against it!
    We should look for someone that loves America! She is like obama:
    Wants to see America destroyed with all these illegals coming in!
    Believe me, there are better people out there!

    • James Maxwell

      Just another Anti American Utopian Socialist Liberal who wants to destroy our nation and
      make it over into their image of a toilet.

  • DAY


    • wildeagleone

      Do not approve of another anti American to the post of law. They break them all and write their own

  • Wayne Rollis

    We don’t need a second Erick Holder as A G

  • No way do I approve of her be AG!! Her views on abortion, she’s a carbon copy of Obana & Holder!!!!!! Please no!!

  • Matt VanCamp


  • Diana

    Anyone obama wants I don’t and they better block her and any other person he wants are No No No, can’t trust a Treasonist that is what obama is and come on how many more times dose he have to be caught before he is thrown out of office.

  • If she is backing Obama in any way she should not even be considered. hasn’t America been torn apart by Obama and his krones. As it stands now our grandchildren children will still be suffering.
    OBAMA has to be stopped NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chuck

    I believe in “limited” Government! We are instead in a dictatorial,tyrannical,time where class warfare and racism are in fact policy!
    America is Failed,corrupt in all three branches of government who are complicit in tyranny. The Constitution and with it Federal,State and Civil law have been eviscerated as opposed to the very reason America was born.

    Lynch,by her own words is against “limited” government and for that reason alone she should be rejected!

    The race game,the class warfare game is the device of extremists and NOT in the interest of the Constitutional Republic they are sworn to defend,the Constitution they have betrayed!

    • Robert

      Support a call for a Convention of States.

  • No way , all she is is Eric Holder in a dress. Has all the same beliefs as him and his boss Obozo. Never should be sworn to any post. Just because Guiliani likes her doesn’t cut it! As for Biden nobody listens to that moron anyway. Next thing you know she will be up for the Supreme Court then we will be screwed for sure! We will lose more of our rights with her on Obozos side. He only wants her because she’s black and she’s smarter than him !




  • Charlie

    The public servitude job of Attorney General should always be held by an attorney that will honor above all the laws of our nation. The holder of the AG’s office should have ethics , morality , honor , total respect for their oath of office , stay within the bounds of power granted via constitution . Personal believes should never be a part of the job of A.G.. An A.G. should always put our constitutional / bill of natural rights above any political agenda the POTUS .
    Loretta Lynch has walked a tight rope as a judge. She has the educational qualifications , but she has a personal believe system that enables her judgment to be swayed to the point of bending the law for her personal believes . This shows a lack of fortitude on her part to honor our constitutional republic’s laws. Therefore she is not qualified to be our highest law officer the Attorney General .

  • No way should she be the new AG. Holder was / is bad enough. She is worse.
    We need someone who believes in the Constitution and will up hold its meanings and not be
    Obummers new nightmare. We have enough now with Obummer on the hill. she has already said she believes everything Obummer says or does is the way it should be. So we know she could care less about our country and the Congress had better make sure she does NOT take over for Holder/
    Thre is enough crap on the hill already and we surely do not need more.

  • Reform School

    It’s about time Obama fessed up that his bigest backers are a Lynch Mob!

  • TexMo

    If you think Eric Holder was bad, this woman will end up being much, much worse than EH.

  • Jerome from Layton

    When I called my Senator’s SLC office, the staffer treated me to a line “she’ll be more independent than Holder.” Just how in the world would someone on Senator Hatch’s staff know that? What we do know is that she has said that her intentions are to continue the existing policies. Does that include stonewalling evidence about the IRS scandals, Fast & Furious, BATFE infringements of the Second Amendment, and so on? What about her kid glove treatment of HSBC executives who received modest fines for money laundering acts that would have us doing hard time in Florence, CO? Comity is a vile disease and some Senators understand that.

  • Everyone is against Loretta Lynch. Looks to me like she should
    not be confirmed. If your representatives confirm her they need
    to be replaced in the next election.

  • Scott Todd

    Why is nobody pointing out she’s also a big fan of civil forfeiture? That’s another reason not to let her anywhere near the reigns of power.

  • This nation has been run by traitor, liars and thieves since Obama got elected based on his rac, even though he does not meet required standards. Holder is a crook that does anything he’s told by the race based President Obama. The newly selected joke is a carbon copy of Holder, she should be rejected by both houses of congress. She’s a clone and doesn’t even know the US Constitution, how can she lead of Screwed up Justice Department? Those that vote for her will be voting away any hope of re-election.

  • No no but heck no. We do not want her. Period. Not even a smidgen!

  • Jon Exner

    Based on her one answer that illegal aliens have a right to work in this country she should not be confirmed.
    The black community should be outraged to think that she puts illegal alien invaders on the same level as them.

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