Obama’s Immigration Order Going Supreme?

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Barack Obama is banking on the Supreme Court to save his amnesty executive order, which many conservatives have argued is unconstitutional.

Last month, a U.S. District Judge ruled to temporarily stop Obama’s issuance of work permits for up to 5 million illegal aliens–claiming that such a unilateral action directly violates existing congressional laws.

Since then, the Obama White House has been convinced that the decision will be overturned by a higher court.

But last week, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit in New Orleans rejected the Justice Department’s attempt to lift the hold on amnesty–showing that, contrary to Obama’s previous explanations, this executive order isn’t under attack by just one judge.

Recently, Obama has set his sights higher. Realizing amnesty has little chance of survival in lower courts, he’s hoping to take this fight all the way to the Supreme Court.

Republicans, however, have a very different view of what’s happening.

“We now have an exit sign,” said Sen. John McCain, succinctly.

With amnesty tied up in the courts, Obama is attempting to launch a massive smear campaign to discredit the judges who ruled against him. Obama’s own press secretary, Josh Earnest, has even joined the fray–circulating a letter from various “legal scholars” to attack the judges’ rulings and credibility.

Despite Obama doing everything he can to save his amnesty plans, it’s clear that he’s in for an uphill battle at best, even if the lawsuits go all the way to the Supreme Court.

Morgan Mayhew
Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.

  • Salty old vet

    Haven”t we had enough of the game playing that continues to corrupt the Law of the Land, ignore the Constitution of our nation and drag our country down the path to destruction? Our Supreme Court must uphold their commitment to guard our constitution and not make new law that ignores their duty and responsibilities because some cunning political scheme is working to jam in something that fits their agenda but goes beyond the limits of the law.

  • Wiseguy

    Send every one of them back. They refuse to assimilate, learn English, and accept our culture.

    • Rosalie

      I agree with you totally !! At least immigrants from the early 20th century made it a priority to learn english and become american in every way, not only because they were grateful to be here, but also because their corrupt, poor, home country (mexico) did nothing for them but make life worse hell. Now, these illegal immigrants not only expect us to be bilingual in spanish to interact with them, they also expect stores to do exactly what they have begun to do, and that is change all labels to spanish too. And all the while, they hang the mexican flag outside of their homes here!!!! Here, where we are pay taxes to pay for their homes, food (stamps) and welfare, they proudly hang that flag. I wonder why they don’t stay there in that wonderful country if they love it so much.

      • With an illegal in the White House, this is what you get.

  • Phil

    It’s the Obama/leftist democrats plan for a coup and complete takeover of the election system. This is the same way they do things in black rules Africa. We are no venturing into jungle law…not constitutional law.

  • Jack

    You have more than enough for the whole country, I wonder how John McShame stays in office?

  • sgtyork

    If this Mexican neighbor doesn’t speak English best he stay on his side. But he will be at least two miles away

  • snowyriver

    Just another case where obama is shredding our constituiton. He has been shredding it from the time he was one week old. When he came to the States from British East Africa Protectorate. (now Kenya). Then he did a major shred when he ran for president when he is not a natural born citizen. Hell he is not even a citizen. Been living under the wire all of his life.

  • Ralph

    No thanks as my part of Phoenix Arizona already is over quota for number of Illegal Aliens,Somali Cab Drivers and Hispanics/Cubans/Mexicans/South and Central American Border Jumpers! So, I guess I need to open a shuttle bus to our Arizona-Mexico Borders to send all of them back home on a one way no return ticket….Plus Good Old Maricopa County Sherriff Joe & his MCSO are still doing the jobs that ICE and the US Border Patrol are too busy changing dirty anchor babies dirty diapers to have much law enforcement time left right now!

  • Robert A Kaufman


  • KingDon

    Obama will get his way in the end. John McCain will do another one of his legendary flip-flops when the time is ripe and he and Obama’s favorite son, Boehner, will join arms in lock-step to help Obama on towards victory as always. You’re living in a dream world if you think the empty suits in the republican Party will solidly join together to bring Obama to defeat.

  • Richard

    Nobody want’s to know my opinion about B.O. because it would probably get me thrown in prison or maybe even worse I would come up missing I have no kind words or thoughts about Barack Obama or his man wife

  • Annette

    There’s tons of Spanish speaking people here in San Antonio that it feels as if we’re in Mexico! Americans are having a hard time finding jobs because employers are hiring bilingual speaking people so they can can communicate with these immigrants. What’s more infuriating is that people are stupid enough to learn Spanish because these immigrants refuse to learn English! I hear many Hispanics/Immigrants stating it’s because Americans are too lazy to work hard so this is why they are getting our jobs. I call this BS, they are getting Americans jobs because employers are looking for cheaper labor and bilingual employees. I am so sick of hearing and seeing nothing but freaking Mexicans. I am a Hispanic woman and am stating the facts.

    • Shield

      All American citizens need to stop buying anything from people who hire all these illegal aliens. When you go into a place of business and see all illegal aliens working don’t buy anything. Go to a place of business where there is American citizens. Send these employers a message and let them know that we the American People are the ones keeping them in business. I have begun to do this. Our neighborhood is crawling with these illegal aliens now in Popeye and Subway. These places used to be mixed with blacks and white. Now they are only illegal aliens. I don’t even go into their business any more. I buy from business that employs blacks and white Not these illegal aliens. If people would start doing this the employer would begin to realize they would not be making any monies and it would be the beginning of change!

  • no comment!

  • no comment!

  • Erik

    Sorry annete the way you feel but sadly you have betrayed yourself.
    I read most of the comments above and all seem to hate Cubans, Mexicans, South Americans, well; as long as they speak Spanish.
    There are many things to consider before hating all instead of the one that is the real criminal and posting an awkward picture as how this culture looks like.
    Not everyone is the same!
    Illegal Mexicans taking over work? That somehow is true for some but I cannot believe that an executive or programmer for Microsoft, Adobe, gmc, or just Walgreens employees would be worried about.
    Unless we are talking that there is a new landscaper in town that it’s named ” Jose landscaping”.
    Instead worry about Indians that are taking over Microsoft and getting the big bucks and Asians owning this country as they were doing to canada until they were stoped.
    I am a Mexican married to Chinese we have a doughter 14 going to UW and she is into law.
    Better everyone gets worried for what is coming after Obama because there are many more things to be prepared for than buying a bus to take illegals to the border. Who knows Asians may send you in your own bus.

  • we have people and kids starving, homeless and sick and we cant afford to keep on taking water on the ship of america it doent matter to the government about the live and suffering of the legals in country so they want to bring in more and more from outside country , they need to close bordersto all and get there country usa in order before taking more in

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