The Woman Behind the Worst Anti-Gun PSA Ever Made

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An odd group calling itself “Sleeper 13 Productions” has released a three-minute public service announcement that has been panned by both 2nd Amendment supporters and their opposition as grossly irresponsible.

Within the PSA, a teenaged boy is seen sneaking into his parent’s bedroom and taking a semi-automatic handgun out of a dresser drawer.

The boy then takes the firearm, stuffs it into his backpack, then goes through a full-day of school with the weapon in his possession.

At what appears to be the close of the school day, the child plops the firearm on a shocked teacher’s desk and asks her, “Can you take this? I don’t feel safe with it at home.”

In the real world, that’s when a burly resource officer tackles the boy, tazes him while a swat teams screams to the school.

In the world of some gun-control advocates, they see the act as endearing.

The video, which has been viewed nearly 185,000 times at the time of this writing, thankfully has nearly 10,000 “thumbs down” and nearly 4,000 comments that sway strongly negative.

While released as a “Sleeper 13 Production” the controversial PSA appears to be the work of one individual, Rejina Sincic, from San Francisco.

Rejina, posted on her Twitter account, “Lot of people are afraid to share my PSA! If you are not a coward, please share.”

While the revelation will undoubtedly come as no surprise, Rejina Sincic, cheered the reelection of President Obama by tweeting, “4 more years!!!! #Obama” on November 6, 2012.

Morgan Mayhew
Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.
  • NYGino

    This is so wrong on so many levels. The height of irresponsibility. This woman needs to be institutionalized.

  • Randmo

    If a kid can get suspended for making a gun with his thumb and forefinger, this kid should be taken outside and immediately and gruesomely executed.

  • henrybowman

    “QueenSincic,” eh? Wow, doesn’t that say it all.


    I’d charge the parents with raising a stupid kid and put the whole family in jail. On a more serious note, if you’ve got firearms and have raised a wimpy little cheesedick son who thinks they’re yucky, either get him some gun safety training & range time, or put your Glock in a gun safe.

  • brewby

    She left out the part where her kid gets stomped into the floorboards by overzealous school officials/guards/local LEOs and then suspended or expelled, then incarcerated and given mental evaluations, all before going before a judge to be charged with possession by a minor, carrying in a school and brandishing a weapon in public.

    His life is ruined by felonious charges that will follow him to his grave and the inability to get an education anywhere because of his “anti-social, deviant” behavior.

    Way to go, Mom.

  • frankenbiker

    What a crock of sht. My daughters have been raised around my guns since they were of an age to know what they were. I bought them their first Daisy pump action BB gun when they were 6&8, two years later a Marlin Mod.64 .22. Now they shoot my M1 Garand, my AK, all my pistols with proficiency and safely. Raise your kids right about guns and you won’t have a problem, raise a limp wristed little faggot ass wimp like in this so called PSA, then your in a world of sht because they’ve already been brainwashed. Better to wash your hands of the kid, send him off to military school…..

  • Ibcamn

    my kids are all well versed in the use and care of guns!